Answer Findings for the Mirror Quick Crossword Clue Puzzle on April 4th 2024

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Updated Apr 04, 2024

Answer Findings for the Mirror Quick Crossword Clue Puzzle on April 4th 2024

We all will learn what Mirror Quick Crossword puzzle and how to solve with this content. Generally,crosswords are those puzzles which can be played when you want a kind of break from the normal routine life. So, you should use these crossword puzzles as entertainment when in need of it and try playing it.  These puzzles range from simple to hard levels, so people can try what best suits them. Enjoy solving crossword puzzles.

Mathematical device (5,4)


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This clue refers to a tool that was historically used for performing mathematical calculations before the advent of electronic calculators. The answer is SLIDE RULE, a device consisting of two graduated scales that are adjusted relative to each other, enabling multiplication, division, and other mathematical operations through the manipulation of sliding components. It is a classic example of a mathematical device due to its utility in performing complex calculations.

Jousting weapon (5)

Answer: LANCE

In the context of medieval combat or chivalry, this clue points towards a specific type of weapon primarily associated with jousting tournaments. The answer is LANCE, a long weapon with a pointed tip, typically used by mounted knights during jousting competitions to unhorse their opponents. It fits the description of a weapon used in the sport of jousting

Rascal (5)

Answer: CHILD

This clue refers to a term used to describe a mischievous or playful person, often in an affectionate or teasing manner. The answer is CHILD, which fits the description of a young person, especially one who is known for being playful, naughty, or mischievous. The term "rascal" is often used in a light-hearted manner to refer to such individuals, particularly children.

Obtained (3)

Answer: ARE

This clue pertains to the action of acquiring or gaining possession of something. The answer is ARE, which serves as the past tense of the verb "to be." In this context, it implies the act of obtaining or acquiring something in the past tense, such as acquiring knowledge, possessions, or achievements

Male cat (3)

Answer: GIB

In this clue, "Male cat" refers to a neutered male cat, which is often referred to as a "gib." It's a term commonly used in veterinary and animal husbandry contexts.

Spotted (4)

Answer: LENT

"Spotted" in this context doesn't refer to physical spots but rather to the act of spotting something, particularly in the sense of lending or temporarily providing something. "LENT" is a past tense of the verb "lend," fitting the clue.

US state (6)

Answer: HAWAII

This clue straightforwardly refers to one of the 50 states in the United States, specifically "Hawaii," which is comprised of six letters

Scandinavian (5)

Answer: KRONE

The term "Scandinavian" is a hint toward the currency used in Scandinavian countries. "KRONE" is the currency used in countries like Norway and Denmark. Though the clue is slightly misleading as it suggests a nationality rather than a currency, the answer fits because "KRONE" is the currency associated with Scandinavia.

Holiday destination (6)

Answer: RESORT

A "holiday destination" often implies a place where people go for vacation or leisure. "RESORT" is a common term used to describe such destinations, typically offering amenities and activities for relaxation and entertainment.

Tumble (4)

Answer: LEAP

"Tumble" suggests a sudden, energetic movement, often associated with jumping or leaping. The word "LEAP" fits this description perfectly as it denotes a sudden movement involving a jump or bound.

Beer (3)

Answer: OIL

This clue might seem a bit misleading at first glance, as "OIL" is not typically associated with beer. However, in some contexts, particularly in brewing terminologies, "OIL" can refer to hop oil, which is used in the brewing process to add flavor and aroma to beer.

Moroccan cap (3)

Answer: FEZ

A "Moroccan cap" refers to the iconic red felt hat with a tassel, known as a "FEZ." This headgear is often associated with Morocco and has been a part of its cultural identity for centuries.

Frequently (5)

Answer: OFTEN

"Frequently" implies something happening or occurring regularly or repeatedly. The word "OFTEN" perfectly captures this meaning, as it denotes a high frequency or recurrence of an action or event.

Embellish (5)

Answer: LAYER

"Embellish" means to decorate or enhance something, often by adding layers or intricate details. The word "LAYER" fits this description, as it implies adding successive levels or coatings to enhance the appearance or richness of something, such as in art or design.

TV presenters (9)


"TV presenters" refers to individuals who host or anchor television programs, particularly news broadcasts. The term "ANCHORMEN" specifically denotes male TV presenters who hold a prominent role in delivering news and other content on television

Thrust (5)

Answer: ONSET

"Thrust" can imply a sudden forward movement or forceful action. "ONSET" fits this description as it denotes the beginning or start of something, often characterized by a sudden or forceful initiation

Song for two (4)

Answer: DUET

A "song for two" refers to a musical composition or performance featuring two singers or musicians. The term "DUET" precisely describes this musical arrangement, where two individuals perform together, often harmonizing or alternating vocals or instrumental parts.

Paused (6)

Answer: BROKEN

"Paused" suggests a temporary halt or interruption in an ongoing activity or process. While "BROKEN" might seem like an unusual fit at first glance, it can be interpreted in the context of something being disrupted or interrupted, akin to a pause in its normal flow or function. So, in this case, "BROKEN" metaphorically represents the state of being paused or interrupted.

Beast of burden (5)

Answer: MULES

A "beast of burden" refers to an animal that is used for carrying loads or performing other heavy work. "MULES" specifically fit this description as they are hybrids of male donkeys and female horses, known for their strength and endurance, often utilized as pack animals.

Place of learning (9)


While "Hermitage" typically refers to a museum in Saint Petersburg, Russia, it can also be interpreted in this context as a place of learning. A "hermitage" historically refers to a secluded dwelling or retreat, often associated with religious or scholarly contemplation and study, hence indirectly serving as a place of learning.

Nightmarish (9)


"Nightmarish" describes something resembling a nightmare, often characterized by fear, dread, or distress. "TROUBLOUS" fits this description, conveying a sense of trouble, distress, or disturbance, which can be likened to the unsettling qualities of a nightmare.

Comfort (7)


"Comfort" suggests a state of ease, contentment, or satisfaction. "DELIGHT" aligns with this concept as it denotes a feeling of great pleasure or satisfaction, often bringing comfort or joy to someone.

Shrouded (7)


"Shrouded" implies being covered or concealed, often in a mysterious or protective manner. "ENCASED" fits this description as it suggests something being enclosed or encased within a covering or container, thus metaphorically representing the idea of being shrouded or hidden

Mesh (3)

Answer: MIX

"Mesh" typically refers to a network or interlaced structure, often used for filtering or separating particles. "MIX" fits this description as it involves combining different elements or substances together, creating a blended or intermingled mixture.

Hand tool (6)

Answer: LANCET

While "LANCET" might seem unusual as a hand tool, it can be interpreted in the context of a sharp-pointed instrument used for various purposes, including medical procedures or crafting. Historically, lancets were small, pointed surgical instruments used for making incisions, fitting the definition of a hand tool.

Glossy material (5)

Answer: SATIN

"Satin" is a type of fabric known for its smooth and glossy surface. It's often used in clothing and upholstery to add a luxurious or elegant touch. Therefore, "SATIN" fits the description of a glossy material.

Form of oxygen (5)

Answer: OZONE

"OZONE" refers to a molecule composed of three oxygen atoms bonded together. It is a form of oxygen that exists as a pale blue gas with a distinct odor. Ozone plays a crucial role in the Earth's atmosphere, particularly in the ozone layer, where it absorbs most of the Sun's ultraviolet radiation.

Blonde (4)

Answer: GIRL

This clue is a bit tricky as "blonde" typically describes a hair color rather than a person. However, "GIRL" can be a fitting answer as it's a common term used to refer to young females, and it also aligns phonetically with "blonde."

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