Answer and Explanation for The Irish Independent Simple Crossword April 3, 2024

Check here the answer for the Irish Independent Simple crossword clue and get the full explanation.

by J Divya

Updated Apr 03, 2024

Answer and Explanation for The Irish Independent Simple Crossword April 3, 2024

Today’s crossword puzzle is here and these puzzles contain clues, and you need to find the answers based on the given clue. Try solving today’s clue which is an excellent method to pass the time. You can do it if you put effort and take some time to solve the crosswords.

Principles (6)


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ADAGES are concise expressions conveying timeless wisdom or Principles. They serve as guiding beliefs or maxims passed down through generations, offering insights into life's complexities and moral truths.

Steal (cattle) (6)


RUSTLE refers specifically to the act of stealing cattle, typically associated with the American Old West. It involves the clandestine movement of livestock, often conducted by cattle thieves known as rustlers.

Line dividing north and south (7)


The line dividing north and south EQUATOR is an imaginary line encircling the Earth, dividing it into northern and southern hemispheres. It represents the point of zero latitude and serves as a reference for navigation and climatic zones.

Number (5)


Number A SCORE typically refers to a numerical value representing a specific quantity or total. It can denote twenty units, as in the case of a "score," or it may represent a rating or assessment, such as a musical score or a sports score.

Girdle (4)


Girdle LOOP A is a circular or oval-shaped structure that encircles or binds something. In the context of girdling, it can refer to a band or belt-like formation used to wrap around the waist or to enclose or secure an object.

Clever (5)


Clever The answer is "CAMPY," describing something deliberately exaggerated or theatrical, often with humorous or kitschy elements. "Clever" suggests ingenuity or resourcefulness, while "CAMPY" fits the description of something that is cleverly exaggerated or overdone.

Cabin (5)


Cabin The answer is "HOVEL," indicating a small, crude, or poorly constructed dwelling, often associated with poverty or destitution. "Cabin" suggests a small shelter or lodging, while "HOVEL" specifies a type of rustic dwelling, accurately describing a cabin.

Ostrich-like bird (4)


Ostrich-like bird The answer is "EMUS," referring to a flightless bird native to Australia known for its long legs and neck. "Ostrich-like" suggests similarity to another large flightless bird, while "bird" specifies the type of animal, fitting the description of an "EMUS."

Tardier (5)


Tardier "LATER," indicating a comparative form of the word "late," meaning occurring after the expected or usual time. "Tardier" suggests being more late or delayed than something else, while "LATER" accurately describes something happening at a subsequent time.

Crime (7)


Crime "LARCENY," refers to the unlawful taking of someone else's property with the intent to permanently deprive them of it. "Crime" specifies an illegal act, while "LARCENY" describes a specific type of theft involving the unlawful appropriation of another's belongings.

Send back (6)


Send back answer is "REJECT," indicating the act of refusing or declining something. "Send back" suggests returning or refusing an item, while "REJECT" accurately describes the action of refusing or declining.

Trafficker (6)


Trafficker is "DEALER," referring to someone who engages in the buying and selling of goods, often illicitly or on the black market. "Trafficker" suggests involvement in trade or commerce, while "DEALER" accurately describes someone involved in the buying and selling of goods, including illegal substances.

Illness (7)


Illness "RELAPSE," indicating a deterioration or recurrence of a medical condition after a period of improvement. "Illness" suggests a state of poor health or disease, while "RELAPSE" describes the worsening or recurrence of symptoms after an initial improvement or recovery.

Ask (7)


Ask The answer is "BESEECH," referring to the act of earnestly and fervently requesting or pleading for something. "Ask" suggests making an inquiry or request, while "BESEECH" describes a more intense or urgent form of asking, often involving pleading or imploring.

Fabric (5)


Fabric "CROSS," refers to a woven material made by intersecting threads. "Fabric" suggests a textile or material used in making clothes or other items, while "CROSS" describes a type of fabric made by interweaving threads in a perpendicular manner.

Rear (7)


Rear The answer is "FETCH UP," indicating the act of bringing something to a halt or conclusion, especially abruptly or unexpectedly. "Rear" suggests the back or hindmost part of something, while "FETCH UP" describes the action of bringing something to a stop or conclusion, often unexpectedly.

Austere (5)


Austere The answer is "SOBER," describing someone or something that is serious, solemn, or without excess or frivolity. "Austere" suggests a lack of ornamentation or extravagance, while "SOBER" accurately describes someone or something characterized by seriousness or sobriety.

Indulge (5)


Indulge The answer is "TREAT," referring to something special or enjoyable given or done as a reward or pleasure. "Indulge" suggests giving in to a desire or allowing oneself to enjoy something, while "TREAT" describes something enjoyable or special that provides satisfaction or pleasure.

Burning (9)


Burning The answer is "EXHAUSTED," indicating a state of extreme fatigue or depletion of energy. "Burning" suggests intense heat or energy, while "EXHAUSTED" accurately describes a state of extreme tiredness or depletion, often as a result of physical or mental exertion.

Direction (7)


Direction "RUNNING," indicating the act of moving swiftly or continuously in a particular direction. "Direction" suggests the way or path in which something moves, while "RUNNING" accurately describes the continuous motion in a specific direction.

Coarse gravel (7)


Coarse gravel "SHINGLE," refers to small, loose stones or pebbles typically found on beaches or riverbanks. "Coarse gravel" suggests rough or uneven terrain, while "SHINGLE" accurately describes the type of loose stones or gravel.

Rushes uncontrolled (7)


Rushes uncontrolled The answer is "CAREERS," indicating the action of moving swiftly and uncontrollably, often in an erratic or out-of-control manner. "Rushes uncontrolled" suggests moving hurriedly and without restraint, while "CAREERS" accurately describes the action of moving rapidly and recklessly.

Startle (5)


Startle The answer is "START," referring to the sudden beginning or commencement of something. "Startle" suggests a sudden shock or surprise, while "START" accurately describes the initial action or movement.

Mark (5)


Mark The answer is "LABEL," indicating a small piece of paper, fabric, or other material attached to an object to identify or describe it. "Mark" suggests a distinguishing feature or sign, while "LABEL" accurately describes the act of attaching a marker or identifier to something.

Following (5)


Following The answer is "SUING," referring to the legal action of bringing a lawsuit against someone. "Following" suggests pursuing or trailing someone or something, while "SUING" accurately describes the legal action of initiating a lawsuit against someone.

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