Anime Dreams Simulator Codes, Everything You Need to Know

Let’s deeply explore all the codes that are active and expired, how to claim them, and how to get more codes

by S Bargavi

Updated Mar 22, 2024

Anime Dreams Simulator Codes, Everything You Need to Know

Anime Dreams Simulator Codes

Anime dream stimulator codes offer Crystal, Wood Keys, Various Potions, and many more valuable free rewards. These rewards can be used to increase the player's strength and can be more powerful so that you can take up a challenge with the enemies who are the strongest easily. Fight with powerful nemesis so that can get the loot and cute pets that boost your strength. For this, You can use these codes to make your challenge easier make sure you redeem them when they are fresh.      

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Active Codes 

The codes listed below are the active codes you can redeem them as you wish. 

  • release-Redeem for 50 Crystals 
  • Srrydelayupd1-Redeem for 2 Wood Keys 
  • 100likes-Redeem for 2 Wood Keys and 1 Energy Potion 
  • 500likes-Redeem for 2 Demon Keys and 1 Lucky Potion 
  • 1klikes-Redeem for 2 Wood Keys, 2 Demon Keys, 1 Lucky Potion, and 1 Energy Potion 
  • upd1-Redeem For 2 Wood Keys

Expired Codes

  • Currently, there are no codes that have expired. 

Steps to Redeem Codes 

If you guys want to redeem the codes in Anime Dream Simulator then you have to follow all the steps correctly. The most important thing is to check the codes that you are going to enter are right, they are not expired then follow the steps listed below:

  • In Roblox open the Anime Dream Simulator game.
  • In the upper left of the screen there is a shopping basket icon, click on it to open the shop.  
  • You have to scroll down till you see the codes.
  • There you will see the insert here option in that enter the code correctly. 
  • After entering the code you need to click on redeem to obtain the reward. 

Ways to Get More Codes

After you redeemed all the codes and want more codes then, you can go to official sites to get updates on when will more codes be released, the upcoming event for you can go to these sites: Anime Dreams Discord, YouTube (@Heyyyo221), and X (@Guuraito). Other than this you guys can get rewards like playtime rewards that can be obtained when a player plays the game for a particular period you can unlock the free rewards. Check the Anime Dreams Discord server as much as possible to know the ways to get rewards. 


In Roblox, you can play Anime Dream Simulator by clicking if you need to gather energy. If once you are ready to move on then face the strongest nemesis and win them to get rewards. These rewards can be used to buy pets which make your progress a lot easier and quick. In this game, players are free to choose whatever character they want, and you need to understand their ability and use it optimally. When buying a pet if you buy Girmoire that will raise the rank of a player easier, and you can go to Blacksmith for upgrades.  

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