All Post-Game Boss Rematches, How to find and win all post-game rematches?

All Post-game boss rematches in Super Mario RPG involve revisiting specific bosses after completing the game, each battle in unique locations requiring different strategies and rewarding distinct prizes for victory.  

by Damodharan N | Updated Nov 18, 2023

All Post-Game Boss Rematches, How to find and win all post-game rematches?

Super Mario RPG

Super Mario RPG is an adventure available on the Nintendo Switch from November 17, 2023. Developed and published by Nintendo, it brings Mario and friends together in a quest to collect seven Star Pieces and save the world's wishes. This classic RPG game combines colorful environments, quirky characters, and turn-based battles.

It offers updated visuals, a Breezy mode for newcomers, and new features like the powerful Triple Move attack involving the whole party. Additionally, players can challenge tougher boss versions after completing the game and switch between updated and original soundtracks for added nostalgia.

All Post-Game Boss Rematches in Super Mario RPG

In the Super Mario RPG remake, completing the game unlocks post-game boss rematches after watching the credits. Mario's return home initiates a short quest to Merrymore and Star Hill, paving the way for revisiting certain bosses for new, distinct battles with altered mechanics from the original fights. Strategic team equipment becomes pivotal for overcoming these refreshed challenges.



Strategy Summary



Belome’s Temple

Equip gear to prevent status ailments; use Princess Peach's abilities wisely.

Mallow - Sage Stick

Mario-Style Jinx

Monstro Town Dojo

Time your attacks and defenses to build up the gauge; use a Triple Move to end the battle.

Teamwork Band


Moleville Mines

Redirect Bob-ombs' attacks; timing is crucial to block attacks.

Bowser - Wonder Chomp



Use Peach's Sleepy Time to put enemies to sleep and focus on Bundt while keeping enemies asleep.

Enduring Brooch


Booster Tower

Interrupt Booster consistently to prevent a devastating attack.

Geno - Stella 023


Sunken Ship

Focus on timing blocks and attacks while unable to use items; equip proper gear for defense.

Mario - Extra-Shiny Stone


Monstro Town

Gear up with strong armor and resistances; defeat crystals to manage Culex's powerful attacks.

Crystal Shard (as proof)

These encounters offer new challenges with different strategies required to overcome each boss in the Super Mario RPG remake's post-game content.

How to find and win all post-game rematches in Super Mario RPG?

To find and winning all post-game boss rematches in Super Mario RPG follow the steps below:

  • Clear the Main Story: First, defeat the final boss, Smithy, at the Weapon World. After this victory, the game's credits will roll, signaling the start of the post-game content.
  • Start Post-Game: Begin the post-game by returning to Mario's Pad. Toad will offer a Stay Voucher for the Marrymore Hotel. Stay there for free, and Geno will direct you to Star Hill upon noticing a bright light there.
  • Star Hill Exploration: In Star Hill's 2nd room, Geno will mention pink stars containing the wishes of bosses available for rematches.
  • Optional Jinx Rematch: Head to Monstro Town for an optional rematch with Jinx. Winning rewards you with the Teamwork Band accessory.
  • Consult the Frog Sage: Talk to the Frog Sage at Tadpole Pond, who hints about bosses open for rematches. Defeat the bosses mentioned by the Sage.
  • Boss Rematch Sequence:

    • Fight Scratchy-Throat Belome at Land's End to obtain the Sage Stick for Mallow.
    • Confront Leveled-Up Punchinello at Mole Mines, leveling up Bowser's Chain Chomp to the Wonder Chomp.
    • Challenge Engine 023 Booster at Booster Tower to obtain the Stella 023 for Geno.
    • Face Extra-Fancy Bundt & Raspberry at Marrymore to receive the Enduring Brooch for Peach.
    • Defeat Culex to progress to the next boss rematch. Culex's door is in Monstro Town and defeating him earns the Crystal Shard.
    • Duel-Ready Johnny at the Sunken Ship grants the Extra-Shiny Stone.
    • Use the Extra-Shiny Stone to rematch Culex as Culex 3D at Monstro Town for the toughest battle in the game.

Final Interaction: Once all boss rematches are completed, return to the Frog Sage. He acknowledges your completion by referring to you as 'Mario Sage,' signifying the end of the boss rematches.

Each victory rewards you with unique items and progresses the post-game storyline.

What is Unique About this Post-Game Boss Rematches in Super Mario RPG?

What sets apart the Post-Game Boss Rematches in Super Mario RPG is their structured sequence and diverse challenges. After completing the main story, a systematic approach emerges, starting from revisiting Mario's Pad and Marrymore Hotel, players journey through Star Hill, obtaining wishes from pink stars representing boss rematches. Each boss battle, from Scratchy-Throat Belome to Culex 3D, requires unique strategies and rewards specific items or enhancements for characters.

An optional encounter with Jinx and the sequential guidance from the Frog Sage add depth, ensuring a methodical progression through the rematches. The culmination of defeating each boss results in significant upgrades and acknowledgments from the Frog Sage, marking the completion of the boss rematches and offering distinct rewards for every triumphant fight.

Super Mario RPG Gameplay 

In the revamped Super Mario RPG, gameplay mirrors the original: players navigate an isometric 3D world and engage in turn-based battles with three characters chosen from a group of five—Mario, Bowser, Peach, Geno, and Mallow. Battles are initiated by encountering enemies. New elements include Action Commands filling an Action Gauge for powerful attacks upon perfectly timed moves.

At 100%, a Triple Move—a potent three-person attack—can be executed, varying based on the character combination. Post-game, players can face tougher versions of select bosses, contingent on specific criteria. The addition of a Monster List, akin to a Pokedex, catalogs encountered monsters and their traits, while Easy Mode facilitates a smoother journey by simplifying leveling and combat without altering the storyline.

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Super Mario RPG Game trailer 


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All Post-Game Boss Rematches - FAQs

1. When will the game Super Mario RPG be released? 

Super Mario RPG was released on November 17, 2023.

2. How do I access the post-game boss rematches in Super Mario RPG?  

Clear the main story by defeating Smithy. After the credits, return to Mario's Pad, visit Star Hill, and engage in sequential boss rematches outlined by the Frog Sage.

3. What are the unique challenges in these boss rematches?  

Each boss fight demands distinct strategies and rewards specific character enhancements or items upon victory, contributing to the post-game storyline.

4. What is the sequence to rematch bosses in Super Mario RPG?  

Follow a structured sequence, starting with Belome, then Jinx, Punchinello, Booster, Bundt & Raspberry, Culex, Johnny, and Culex 3D. Defeating them progresses the story.

5. How do I progress after completing all boss rematches?  

Once all rematches are done, return to the Frog Sage to earn the title 'Mario Sage,' signifying completion and receiving unique rewards for each victory.

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