Monopoly Go Event List Today, All Monopoly GO Events

Monopoly GO Events present a range of challenges, from competitive tournaments to cooperative milestones, catering to various playstyles and fostering dynamic interaction among players.

by Madhumitha

Updated Nov 30, 2023

Monopoly Go Event List Today, All Monopoly GO Events

Monopoly Go Event List Today 

  1. Uncharted Adventures (Main Event): This seems to be an ongoing event where players collect Compasses by landing on Corner tiles with multipliers to earn rewards. It's a time-limited event that encourages players to strategize their moves for better rewards.

  2. Camelot's Tournament: This is another event where players collect Crown tokens by landing on specific tiles (Shutdown, Bank Heist) with various multipliers. The aim is to gather these tokens within a set timeframe to claim rewards.

Events in Monopoly GO often involve various objectives, challenges, and ways to earn in-game rewards, such as dice rolls, money, shields, stickers, characters, etc. The events mentioned earlier (Tournaments, Cash Grab, Partner Events, Milestone Events, Landmark Rush, Board Rush, Property Wheel Boost, Prize Drop, Rent Frenzy, Mega Bank Heist, and Free Parking Event) may rotate or appear at different times throughout the year.

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All Monopoly GO Events

Monopoly GO features a variety of events and tournaments to keep the gameplay dynamic and rewarding. Here's a simplified explanation of these events:

  1. Tournaments: Competitive events where players compete against each other to earn special prizes. Rewards are granted based on reaching certain goals or milestones, and players may receive prizes at the tournament's conclusion.

  2. Cash Grab: Doubles the rewards and penalties from regular gameplay activities, providing an opportunity to earn more in a shorter time.

  3. Partner Events: Cooperative competitions where players collaborate to enhance their game boards within a set time limit.

  4. Milestone Events: Cooperative events where players work together to achieve specific objectives or goals.

  5. Landmark Rush: Limited-time events where players earn rewards for completing landmarks, which are unique properties that can be upgraded for additional rewards.

  6. Board Rush: Limited-time events where players receive rewards for completing spaces or tiles on the game board.

  7. Property Wheel Boost: Provides additional spins on the color wheel when completing a set and landing on Hotel tiles.

  8. Prize Drop: A mini-game event offering prizes and special tokens that can be used in the in-game store during the event's duration.

  9. Rent Frenzy: Increases the number of players on the board, allowing for more earnings from rent.

  10. Mega Bank Heist: Limited-time event where players can earn rewards by finding three gold bars within the game.

  11. Free Parking Event: This regular event occurs every few days, offering free Dive Rolls when landing on the Free Parking tile.

These events offer diverse ways for players to engage with Monopoly GO, providing various challenges, opportunities for cooperation or competition, and chances to earn rewards or bonuses. Players can choose to participate in events that align with their preferences and playstyle to maximize their enjoyment and progress in the game.

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All Monopoly GO Rewards

Monopoly GO, the mobile game, offers various rewards to players for participating in events, and tournaments and accomplishing specific milestones within the game. These rewards enhance gameplay and provide incentives for players to engage actively. Here's an overview of the different types of rewards available:

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  1. Dice Rolls: Vital for movement around the game board and purchasing properties. Players can earn dice rolls by completing events, milestones, and challenges, or by playing the game regularly.

  2. Money: Similar to the classic Monopoly game, in Monopoly GO, money is essential for buying properties, constructing houses or hotels, and conducting various in-game transactions.

  3. Shields: These items can mitigate the impact of actions by other players on your city or properties, offering a level of protection against certain negative events.

  4. Stickers: Customizable decals that allow players to personalize their characters and boards. These stickers provide a fun way for players to add flair to their in-game appearances.

  5. Characters: Unique avatars representing players in the game. These characters often have distinct appearances and personalities, allowing players to choose their preferred representation during gameplay.

These rewards are usually earned by participating in events, winning tournaments, completing milestones, or achieving specific objectives within the game. Some rewards might be exclusive to certain events or tournaments, while others may be obtainable through regular gameplay.

All Monopoly GO Dates

Monopoly GO regularly features events and activities that occur on specific dates to keep the game engaging for players. Here's a breakdown of the various types of dates and events in Monopoly GO:

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  1. New Event Releases: Monopoly GO frequently introduces new events, challenges, or tournaments. These are typically launched daily or on a regular basis. Players can check the in-game calendar to stay informed about the dates and details of these fresh events.

  2. Landmark Rush Events: These events usually span a week, giving players time to complete specific tasks related to landmarks on the game board. It's essential to aim to complete the given assignments during this week to earn rewards or bonuses.

  3. Board Rush Events: Lasting around seven days, Board Rush events focus on encouraging players to complete tiles or spaces on the game board. By fulfilling these objectives within the given timeframe, players can earn rewards.

These dates and events offer players opportunities to earn dice rolls and additional rewards, essential for playing and progressing in Monopoly GO. Participating in these events and completing tasks within the specified timeframes is crucial to collecting rewards and enhancing gameplay.

Monopoly Go 

Monopoly Go is a fresh online board game developed by Scopely, released globally on April 11, 2023. It marks the first-ever mobile app adaptation of the classic Monopoly game. The game revolves around players striving to amass wealth by engaging in stylized economic activities, including property buying, renting, and trading, all conducted with play money.

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The objective is straightforward: drive opponents into bankruptcy by acquiring ownership of every property. The game's name is inspired by the economic concept of monopoly, reflecting the domination of a market by a single entity.

Monopoly Go Gameplay

In Monopoly Go, players advance their tokens based on the dice's rolled number. Landing on properties earns rent, while landing on tax penalties reduces cash. To enhance gameplay, players can use Roll Multipliers to gain extra dice rolls, leading to more rewards like property rent, tournament points, item pickups on the board, and more.

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Chance tiles may provide additional cash and rolls, while Community Chest tiles add to a shared fund. The game introduces mini-games like Bank Heist and Shut Down when tokens land on specific tiles. Players collect stickers from events, tournaments, Quick Wins missions, and gifts. Completing sticker sets in the Sticker Album results in significant rewards, and completing the entire album unlocks massive rewards and a new token for the player's collection.

Monopoly Go Trailer

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All Monopoly GO Events- FAQs

1. What are Monopoly GO events?  

Monopoly GO events are limited-time occasions where players engage in various challenges and activities to earn special rewards and bonuses.

2. How many types of events are available in Monopoly GO?

Monopoly GO offers a range of events, including tournaments, cash-grab opportunities, cooperative milestones, rush events, property upgrades, and mini-game challenges.

3. How can players benefit from Landmark Rush events?

Landmark Rush events allow players to earn rewards by upgrading special properties known as landmarks on the game board.

4. What's the objective of Board Rush events in Monopoly GO?

Board Rush events incentivize players to complete spaces or tiles on the game board within a specific time frame to earn rewards.

5. What happens during the Free Parking Event in Monopoly GO?

During the Free Parking Event, players can earn free Dive Rolls by landing on the designated Free Parking tile in the game.

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