All Answers Revealed for NYT Crossword Clues (April 04, 2024)

Are you stuck with today’s crossword? No need to worry, as we have provided all the answers for today’s NYT Crossword Clues on this page.

by Ashnath

Updated Apr 05, 2024

All Answers Revealed for NYT Crossword Clues (April 04, 2024)

Today's NYT Crossword Clues and Answers

If you encounter difficulty while solving crossword clues, you need constant practice and determination to complete the grid. You need to begin with the clues that are straightforward or those about topics you are familiar with. Some clues might be tricky with wordplay. You need to break them down into parts as clues require you to think about individual words or phrases in a new way. If you’re stuck, move on to another clue. Filling in other answers might help you find the answer to other tough clues.

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Here, we have revealed the answers for all clues from today’s NYT Crossword. Use this guide to complete the puzzle easily.

They're Good to Know (1 Across)

In this clue, the phrase suggests something beneficial to be aware of. It is not clearly defined. At first glance, this clue might seem broad as it is not explained what is good to know.

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Answer: INS

Here, the answer “INS” might mean many things. It can be an abbreviation. However, based on the clue, it appears that “Ins” refers to having inside knowledge, connections, or access to information that is advantageous to know. It describes beneficial knowledge or connections you might have.

Apt Name for a Feb. 14 Baby? (4 Across)

This clue is asking for a name that would be fitting or appropriate for a baby born on February 14, which is celebrated as Valentine's Day. It is a day associated with love and affection. It suggests that a baby born on this date might have a name that reflects love.

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Answer: VAL

The answer, "VAL," is a short form of Valentine. It is directly linked to Valentine's Day. It suggests that naming a baby born on this day, "Val" would be especially suitable or appropriate.

Pressure Meas. (7 Across)

This clue is asking for a standard abbreviation used in the measurement of pressure. Based on the clue's format, it is clear that the answer is in an abbreviated form. It is a scientific or technical term.

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Answer: PSI

"psi" stands for Pounds per Square Inch, a common unit for measuring pressure. 1 psi is approximately equivalent to 6,895 pascals. A thousand psi is equivalent to 1 ksi (kilopound per square inch).

Coastal Retreat? (10 Across)

The word ‘retreat’ typically refers to a place where you can relax or the action of moving backwards in order to get to a safe place. In the military sense, it means leaving a battle. Notice the question mark. It indicates a play on words or an unconventional interpretation, suggesting the answer isn't straightforward. The clue also has ‘Coastal’ which indicates that it is about the ocean.

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Answer: EBB

The term "EBB" refers to the tidal phase when the sea water moves away from the shore. It is the backward movement of water. The sea water is actually retreating from the shore and it is called ‘Ebb’.

What Was Written as "(Annoyed Grunt)" on Early Scripts of "The Simpsons" (13 Across)

This clue is about a well-known television show. It requires the solver to connect the description of a sound effect used in the script to the actual sound made by a character.

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Answer: DOH

"D'oh" is the iconic catchphrase which is used by Homer Simpson. It is an exclamation of frustration or realization of a mistake. Initially it was described in the script as "annoyed grunt," rather than spelling it out. The term is so popular and has become common among many people. 

Dolly, e.g. (14 Across)

This clue requires you to think about who Dolly is. You need to find out whether it is a person, thing or animal. You should have good knowledge about science and trivia to crack this.

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Answer: EWE

Dolly was the first cloned sheep in scientific history, which was cloned by Ian Wilmut, Keith Campbell, and others at the Roslin Institute. It is a female sheep. An ewe is an adult female sheep. So, it is the correct answer.

___ Specs (Sports Eyewear Brand) (15 Across)

This clue is about the name of a brand that is associated with sports eyewear. The blank indicates where the brand name should be filled, hinting that you are supposed to find the first term of the specific name of a brand.

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Answer: REC

The answer "REC" fits because “Rec Specs” is a brand known for providing protective eyewear suitable for sports. People can use them while playing basketball, baseball, lacrosse, soccer, tennis, squash, and many other games.

Baseball Hall-of-famer Durocher (16 Across)

This clue refers to a specific person who is a baseball player, specifically someone who has been inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame, which is a significant honor in the sport. It can be easily cracked, if you find the player with the surname, ‘Durocher’.

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Answer: LEO

Leo Durocher was an American professional baseball player who played in the Major League Baseball for the teams such as New York Yankees, Cincinnati Reds, St. Louis Cardinals, and Brooklyn Dodgers. He also served as a manager and a coach. In 1994, he was inducted in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Landmark Legislation of 1972, for Short (17 Across)

This clue hints at significant legislation passed in 1972. It must be a shortened or abbreviated form of its name. Knowing historical legal milestones around this time can narrow down to the answer. 

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Answer: ERA

The answer is "ERA," standing for the Equal Rights Amendment, proposed to ensure equal legal rights for all American citizens regardless of sex. It remains a significant piece of legislation about gender equality.

What Scott Joplin Might Yell After a Spill? (18 Across)

This clue hints at a playful or humorous response that Scott Joplin might give, if he spilled something. It might be something related to his work.


Scott Joplin was a famous composer and pianist known for his ragtime music. He is popularly known as "King of Ragtime". His musical style is the answer to this clue.

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Org. Authorized by the 16th Amendment (20 Across)

This clue asks for the name of an organization that was officially allowed or created as a result of the 16th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Knowing what the 16th Amendment is about is crucial to answering correctly.

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Answer: IRS

The "IRS," is the abbreviation of Internal Revenue Service. The 16th Amendment, ratified in 1913, gave Congress the power to impose a federal income tax. The IRS is the government agency responsible for collecting these taxes and enforcing tax laws.

Hit Up (21 Across)

This phrase is often used in informal contexts to mean asking someone for something, whether it is an information or a favor. 

Answer: ASK

The answer "ASK" fits perfectly because to "hit someone up" conveys the meaning to ask them for something. It is a slang way of saying you are reaching out to make a request for help.

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Having Muscle Pain (22 Across)

This clue describes a condition related to discomfort in the muscles. The term is likely to be medical, referring to symptoms involving muscle pain.


The answer "MYALGIC" refers to muscle pain here. The term is derived from "myalgia," meaning muscle pain or aching, indicating a condition where someone is experiencing discomfort in their muscles. It might be caused due to an injury, trauma, or tension.

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Spot Markers (23 Across)

This clue is looking for something used to mark spots, possibly on a map or document. The plural form suggests a simple answer that signifies more than one marker.

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Answer: XES

"XES" is the answer, representing the plural form of "X," which is commonly used to mark specific spots or locations, such as on treasure maps or to indicate a signature spot on documents.

Deal With (24 Across)

This phrase suggests taking action to handle or manage a situation, task, or problem. It is about undertaking responsibility to ensure something is taken care of properly.

Answer: SEETO

The answer "SEETO'' refers to "see to" which means to make sure something is handled, or completed. It is related to dealing with or managing a situation or task.

Letters Associated With Joseph Smith (26 Across)

This clue refers to Joseph Smith, known for founding the Latter-Day Saint movement and Mormonism. The answer is likely to be the abbreviation of the religious organization he started.

Answer: LDS

"LDS" stands for "Latter-Day Saints," which is the part of the official name of the church Joseph Smith founded, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. These letters are directly associated with him and the religious movement he led.

Kind of Candle at a Wedding Ceremony (27 Across)

This clue hints at a specific type of candle used in wedding ceremonies, often symbolic of unity or the joining of two lives or families.

Answer: UNITY

The unity candle is used in wedding ceremonies to symbolize the coming together of two individuals or families into one. Lighting this candle is a common ritual, representing unity and shared commitment.

Like the German Article "Das" (29 Across)

This clue refers to the grammatical function or category of the German article "das." Understanding basic German grammar, specifically articles and their genders, is key to solving this.

Answer: NEUTER

"NEUTER" is the answer because, in German, "das" is the neuter definite article used for nouns that are neither masculine nor feminine. This term accurately describes the gender associated with "das."

Skier's Convenience (31 Across)

This clue is about something that makes skiing easier or more accessible, like a piece of equipment or facility used to assist skiers in moving up the slope.

Answer: TBAR

T-bar is a type of ski lift designed to pull skiers up the hill. The T-bar is named for its T-shaped carrier that two skiers can use side by side to be taken up the slope, making it a significant convenience for skiers not wishing to climb back up the hill.

Nancy in the Grammy Hall of Fame (32 Across)

This clue refers to a famous person named Nancy who has made a significant impact in music to be included in the Grammy Hall of Fame.


The answer is "SINATRA," referring to Nancy Sinatra, known for hits like "These Boots Are Made for Walkin'." She is the daughter of Frank Sinatra, who is one of the most iconic singers in American history.

Certain Soccer Kick (34 Across)

This clue is related to a specific type of kick used in soccer. Soccer knowledge is a must to solve this clue.


Toe poke is a technique where the player pokes the ball with the toe part of the shoe. It's often used for quick, direct shots at the goal and is effective in certain play situations.

"___ Back" (2004 Kenny Chesney Hit) (37 Across)

This clue hints at the title of a song by Kenny Chesney that was a hit in 2004, with the missing word to be filled in.

Answer: IGO

The answer is "IGO," completing the title of the song "I Go Back." This song is one of Chesney's most popular hits. It is a part of his album “When the Sun Goes Down” released in 2004.

Game Show Host John Michael (38 Across)

This clue is related to the game show host named John Michael. It can be the last name of this famous actor.


The answer is "HIGGINS," which is the last name of John Michael Higgins, who has hosted the game show, “America Says” and is known for his roles in movies and as a voice actor in various animated series.

Bog (40 Across)

Bog refers to something soft and watery. This clue is looking for a term that describes a wet, muddy ground which is too soft.

Answer: FEN

"Fen" is a type of wetland similar to a bog, characterized by its marshy, peat-filled land. Fens can often be confused with bogs, though they have different water sources and plant life.

Sounds of Disapproval (41 Across)

This clue refers to audible sound that convey a sense of disapproval or disappointment. 

Answer: TUTS

"Tuts" are the sounds made by clicking the tongue against the roof of the mouth, often used to express mild annoyance or disapproval by many people.

Garnish With an … (43 Across)

This clue suggests a common garnish item used in certain beverages or dishes. You need to find the name of this garnish.

Answer: OLIVE

"Olive" is often used as a garnish, especially in cocktails like martinis. Adding an olive or two to a martini is a classic touch, enhancing the drink's flavor and aesthetic appeal.

Gave a Red Card, Informally (44 Across)

This clue refers to the act of issuing a red card in soccer, signifying a major foul or misconduct, but seeks an informal term for this action.

Answer: DQED

"DQED" stands for "disqualified." In soccer, giving a player a red card effectively disqualifies them from the remainder of the game, and "DQed" is a term used in various sports and contexts for disqualification.

Social Stratum (45 Across)

This clue is looking for a term that describes a layer or level within a society, often based on social status or class. 

Answer: CASTE

"Caste" is a system of social stratification characterized by hereditary transmission of lifestyle, occupation, and social status. While it is most commonly associated with societies in South Asia, the concept can apply to any social stratification system.

Coiner of the Term "Ambient Music" (47 Across)

This clue is asking for the name of the person who first introduced or popularized the term "ambient music," a genre characterized by its focus on tone and atmosphere over rhythm.

Answer: ENO

The answer is "Eno," referring to Brian Eno. He is a British musician, composer, record producer, and visual artist known for his pioneering work in ambient music. Brian Eno's work in the 1970s, especially his album "Ambient 1: Music for Airports," played a crucial role in defining and popularizing the ambient music genre.

"Little Deuce ___" (Beach Boys Hit) (48 Across)

This clue refers to the title of a famous song or album by The Beach Boys, with the missing word that should be filled in the blank.

Answer: COUPE

"Coupe" completes the song title "Little Deuce Coupe," which is a tribute to a 1932 Ford Model B. The song celebrates car culture, which was especially prominent during that time.

Betting Recklessly, in Poker Slang (49 Across)

This clue seeks a term used in poker to describe a style of play characterized by rash, often unstrategic betting. 

Answer: ONTILT

On tilt is a poker term that describes a player making poor decisions and bets due to frustration or emotional upset, often after experiencing a bad beat or series of losses.

More Piddling (51 Across)

This clue is asking for a comparative adjective that describes something as being of even less significance or value.

Answer: PUNIER

"Punier" refers to something that is smaller, weaker, or less significant, emphasizing a lesser degree of importance or size compared to something else.

Things Sometimes Lined With Bubble Wrap (52 Across)

This clue points towards items used for packaging or shipping, which might be lined with bubble wrap to protect contents during transport. 


"Mailers" are envelopes or parcels designed for mailing items. Lining them with bubble wrap is a common practice to cushion and protect the contents from damage.

Derby Participants in July (54 Across)

This clue refers to individuals who take part in a specific event or competition known as a "derby" that occurs in July.


"Batters" are the participants in this context, specifically referring to the MLB Home Run Derby, an annual event where baseball players compete to hit the most home runs, traditionally held in July during the MLB All-Star Game festivities.

AMC Competitor (55 Across)

This clue is looking for the name of a company or chain that competes with AMC Theatres, a major movie theater chain.

Answer: REGAL

"Regal'' is another large chain of movie theaters in the United States, serving as a direct competitor to AMC in many markets across the country. It is the second-largest theater chain.

"My Gut Says …" (56 Across)

This phrase introduces an expression of intuition or an instinctual feeling about something, often used before making a speculative statement or guess.

Answer: IDBET

"I’d bet" fits as an expression of confidence or willingness to wager on an outcome based on one's intuition or gut feeling, emphasizing a belief.

Subject of This Puzzle (57 Across)

The phrase “Subject of This Puzzle” directly tells you that the answer is the main theme or topic around which the crossword is centered.


Since the answer is "MARTINI," it indicates that the subject or theme of this crossword puzzle revolves around the Martini, a classic cocktail.

Showmanship (59 Across)

The term “showmanship” refers to the skill of performing in an entertaining way. This clue will relate to something that is related to skilled performance.


The answer "Bravura" is a less common term that expresses the idea of brilliant, showy, and spirited performance, often used in the context of musical or theatrical performances.

Screening With a Lot of Characters? (62 Across)

This clue cleverly plays with the word "screening" to suggest a test or examination, while “a lot of characters” misleadingly suggests a story or film context but actually refers to something else.


This clue playfully uses the word "screening" to hint at a test involving visual assessment, while "a lot of characters" refers to the letters and numbers used in an eye test

Broke Off (63 Across)

“Broke off” suggests ending a connection or separating from something. So, the answer will be related to something that ended.


To "secede" means to withdraw formally from membership in a federal union, an alliance, or a political or religious organization. The term is often used in the context of territories or states declaring independence or breaking away from a larger governing body.

Second Chances (64 Across)

This clue indicates that a chance is given again to rectify a mistake. The answer would be a term that is related to the opportunities.

Answer: REDOS

The phrase “Second Chances” indicates opportunities to try again or correct previous errors. "Redos" is a straightforward term for such opportunities, particularly in the context of repeating a task for improvement

Work With One's Hands (65 Across)

This clue is looking for a verb that describes manual labor or a physical process, specifically something done by hand.

Answer: KNEAD

"Knead" is a precise match. It refers to the process of working dough or clay with the hands, applying pressure and folding to achieve the desired consistency.

Possible Solutions (1 Down)

This clue is about a general term that could refer to answers or proposals to address a problem. It is related to creative or practical solutions.

Answer: IDEAS

"Ideas" can refer to thoughts or suggestions aimed at solving a problem or addressing a situation, fitting the definition of potential solutions.

Origin of the Words "Reindeer" and "Husband" (2 Down)

This clue points to the linguistic origin of the terms "reindeer" and "husband". You need to find out from which language those words are derived.

Answer: NORSE

The terms "Reindeer" and "Husband" are derived from the Norse language, relating to the ancient Scandinavians. The Norse language and culture have contributed many words to the English lexicon.

Famous Specification for a 57-Across (3 Down)

Here, you need to find out the iconic scene from a popular movie, which is related to the answer to the clue 57-Across, “Martini”.


The answer “Shaken not stirred” refers to the iconic way James Bond, the fictional British spy, prefers his martini to be prepared. It's a specific and famous detail associated with the character's preference for martinis.

One Part … (4 Down)

This clue hints at a component of something. It should be related to the central theme of the whole puzzle.


Based on the theme of the puzzle, "Vermouth" is identified as a key ingredient in a martini. In a Martini cocktail, vermouth constitutes a significant part.

Out (5 Down)

The clue "Out" is looking for a word that means not present or not at a specific location.

Answer: AWAY

"Away" is a direct synonym for being absent or not at home or a particular place, fitting the clue precisely.

Court Hotshot (6 Down)

This clue refers to someone highly skilled or accomplished in legal matters, implying expertise in the courtroom.


"Legal eagle" is a slang term for a highly competent lawyer, who is skilled in legal matters and a successful person in court.

Self-Righteous Types (7 Down)

The clue seeks a word for people who show excessive confidence in their own virtue or righteousness.

Answer: PRIGS

"Prigs" refers to individuals who display or express an unwarranted moral attitude, thinking highly of their own morals and being proud about it.

Vehicle With an Underride Guard (8 Down)

This clue is looking for a type of large vehicle equipped with a safety feature to prevent smaller vehicles from sliding underneath in a collision.

Answer: SEMI

"Semi" is short for semi-trailer truck, which often has an underride guard at the back to prevent such accidents.

Chill With … (9 Down)

Here, "chill" is used in a literal sense, asking for something that cools or refrigerates. Think about something which is used to chill something.


"Ice cubes" are used to chill drinks, as they act as a cooling agent. Here, the theme of the puzzle is used again, as Ice cubes are used in Martinis.

57-Across, Per E.B. White (10 Down)

This clue uses the reference of the answer to 57 Across (which is "MARTINI") and ties it to author E.B. White's unique description of it.


"The elixir of quietude" is how E.B. White whimsically referred to a martini, emphasizing its calming, tranquil effect.

Accessory in Many Rembrandt Self-Portraits (11 Down)

The clue points towards a common item of clothing or accessory featured in the self-portraits of the Dutch artist Rembrandt.

Answer: BERET

"Beret" is a flat-crowned cap which is often seen in Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn’s self-portraits. He is seen wearing that in those paintings.

Giving Orders (12 Down)

This clue seeks a word describing a behavior characterized by commanding or telling others what to do.

Answer: BOSSY

"Bossy" is the perfect answer for this, as the term indicates someone who is inclined to give orders to others in a somewhat domineering manner.

"For Those Wanting a Summary," in Internet-Speak (19 Down)

This clue refers to an abbreviation used online to preface a summary or condensed version of a longer text.

Answer: TLDR

"TLDR," which stands for "too long; didn’t read," is commonly used online to introduce a summary for readers looking for a quick overview.

Leaves in Hot Water (25 Down)

This clue cleverly uses the phrase "in hot water" not in the sense of trouble but literally, about the leaves that are in hot water.

Answer: TEA

"Tea" is made by boiling dried leaves in water. This is a direct answer to the clue, which does not have any wordplay.

Alternative to an Energy Drink, Perhaps (28 Down)

This clue suggests looking for a natural or simpler way to rejuvenate oneself, as opposed to consuming a caffeinated beverage.

Answer: NAP

"Nap" is a restful alternative to getting an energy boost without consuming an energy drink. Taking a nap will make you get relaxed and you will wake up energetic.

Ben Folds Five, E.g., Oddly Enough (30 Down)

The clue hints at identifying the category to which the American rock band Ben Folds Five belongs. The answer can be different from the name of the band.

Answer: TRIO

 "Trio" is the correct answer because, despite their name, Ben Folds Five is actually a band consisting of three members, Ben Folds, Robert Sledge and Darren Jessee.

Soften, With "Down" (31 Down)

This clue is asking for a word that means to make something less severe or intense, with the phrase "with 'down'" indicating that "down" should follow the word.

Answer: TONE

"Tone" fits this description. When combined with "down" to form "tone down," it means to reduce the intensity or harshness of something.

"Abbott Elementary," for One (32 Down)

The clue refers to a TV show titled "Abbott Elementary" and asks what type of show it is. If you have watched this television show, you can easily answer this.

Answer: SITCOM

 "Sitcom" is the correct answer. "Abbott Elementary" is a sitcom, which is the short form of "situational comedy," which focuses on humor derived from situations that the characters are placed in.

Chuckwalla Relative (33 Down)

This clue seeks the name of an animal that is related to the chuckwalla, a type of lizard. The answer will be a reptile.

Answer: IGUANA

"Iguana" is a type of lizard and shares a similar habitat preference with the chuckwalla, making it a relative in the broad sense used here.

Early DVR (34 Down)

The clue asks for the name of a brand or device that was among the first to offer digital video recording (DVR) capabilities.

Answer: TIVO

"Tivo" was one of the pioneering DVR devices that allowed users to record and watch television programming on their own schedule.

Real Gem (35 Down)

Here, "real gem" is a metaphorical phrase indicating something or someone extremely valuable, wonderful, or reliable.

Answer: KEEPER

"Keeper" is a colloquial term used to describe someone or something that is worth keeping because of their value or quality, like a "real gem."

"___ Game" (Sci-fi Classic) (36 Down)

The clue refers to the title of a classic science fiction novel or story, requiring the missing word to complete the title.

Answer: ENDERS

"Ender's" completes the title of the novel "Ender's Game" by Orson Scott Card, which is also adapted as a science-fiction action film of the same name.

Five Parts … (39 Down)

This clue is likely asking for an ingredient or component that could be part of a recipe or mixture. It can be related to the main theme of the puzzle.

Answer: GIN

"Gin" is the answer, implying that gin makes up five parts of a particular cocktail or drink recipe, possibly referring to the classic martini mentioned earlier in the puzzle.

One is Seen on the Poster for "the Devil Wears Prada" (42 Down)

This clue refers to a notable object or item featured prominently on the movie poster for "The Devil Wears Prada."


"Stiletto" is correct because the movie deals with the fashion industry, and a stiletto shoe is an iconic item depicted in the movie's poster.

"You'd Better Not Go There …" (44 Down)

This clue hints at a phrase used to warn or divert someone from pursuing a certain topic or action.


"Don’t even" fits here as it is often used in a warning or dissuasive context, typically completed with "go there" or a similar phrase to caution someone against proceeding with a thought or action.

Lamenting Lines (46 Down)

The clue is looking for a word that describes poetic or literary works focused on expressing sorrow or mourning.


"Elegies" are poems or songs written in honor of someone deceased or to lament something lost. This answer fits best to the description of "lamenting lines."

Tighten the Purse Strings (48 Down)

This phrase should not be taken literally. It metaphorically refers to reducing spending or expenses.


"Cutback" is the action of reducing something, in this case, financial expenditures and making someone save money. “Tighten the Purse Strings” might mean not spending much.

Prefix With Fix (50 Down)

The clue is related to a prefix that, when combined with "fix," forms a new word.

Answer: TRANS

"Trans" is the prefix that, when added to "fix," creates "transfix," meaning to hold someone's attention completely as if by magic or to render someone motionless with awe, fear, etc.

Member of La Familia (51 Down)

"La Familia" is Spanish for "the family," so the clue is looking for a term for a family member in Spanish.

Answer: PADRE

"Padre" is Spanish for "father," making it a correct answer as a member of the family. Here, the clue is cleverly designed to incorporate something from another language. 

Vent Feature (53 Down)

This clue is looking for a word that describes a characteristic or part of a vent.

Answer: SLIT

"Slit" is a narrow opening or cut, which is a common feature in various types of vents, allowing air or liquid to pass through.

Racers' Wear (54 Down)

The clue refers to the type of clothing or accessory that participants in a race might wear.

Answer: BIBS

"Bibs" are worn by racers in many types of races. In racing, a bib is typically a piece of paper or fabric with the racer's number on it, pinned to the shirt.

Mission Involving Spirit and Opportunity, in Brief (57 Down)

This clue is asking for the abbreviated name of the space mission that included the Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity.

Answer: MER

"MER" stands for Mars Exploration Rovers, the NASA mission that sent Spirit and Opportunity to Mars to study the Martian surface and geology.

Homophone of a Body Part and a Letter (58 Down)

A homophone is a word that sounds like another word but has a different meaning. This clue is looking for a word that sounds like both a body part and a letter of the alphabet.

Answer: AYE

"AYE" sounds like "eye" (a body part) and "I" (a letter), making it the correct answer. "Aye" means "yes" or is used to express agreement or affirmation. It is often associated with formal or nautical contexts, such as in parliamentary votes or among sailors.

Stephen of "V for Vendetta" (60 Down)

This clue is looking for the surname of an actor who was in the movie "V for Vendetta." Stephen is the first name of the actor.

Answer: REA 

"Rea" is the surname of Stephen Rea, who played the role of Chief Inspector Eric Finch in the film "V for Vendetta".

Do a Simple Calculation (61 Down)

This clue asks for a verb that means to perform a basic mathematical operation.

Answer: ADD

"Add" is the simplest form of calculation, involving the combination of two or more numbers to get their total sum.

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