Acquiring the Total Roblox Drama Badge in The Hunt and Everything You Need to Know

Once you have earned the badge, you can show it off to your friends and enjoy the rewards that come with it. Just keep participating in Total Roblox Drama until the teams merge, and the badge will be yours!

by Madhumitha

Updated Mar 22, 2024

Acquiring the Total Roblox Drama Badge in The Hunt and Everything You Need to Know

About Total Roblox Drama

Total Roblox Drama is a fun game made by Mojo's Games, which was developed by Mojoue. It was a drama series-based game. In this game, you have to participate as a player and you must play the game to win rewards.

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It is like an excitement where you have to play against other players to be the best. It was created in April 2020 and has been very popular with 340 million plays. If you love adventures and challenges you can give this game a try you will definitely love it.

The game is based on the cartoon series and you have to play the game and accomplish the challenges after that you may receive rewards based on your play.

Acquiring the Badge in The Hunt

To acquire the Total Roblox Drama badge in The Hunt game, you have to play the game. Just play the game till the teams come together, and you will able to get the badge immediately.

It is very simple, after the merge, you will look at the badge in your collection. Then, you can select whether to play or leave with your shiny new play Survive and like the rewards that you have earned.

Then you can decide you want to continue with the play or else leave your shiny new badge. you just play, make yourself able to survive, and earn the rewards.

Uses of the Badge

In the Total Roblox Drama game, the badge is like a little reward you earn for playing well. Once you receive it you can show it off to other players. It is like a symbol of victory in the game.

Additionally, some badges can unlock some special things like new levels or items. By earning the badges you not only get recognition but also have access to cool stuff that can help you in the play, you have to keep on paying for getting badges.

It is also useful for exploring new areas or places before acquiring a badge you couldn't reach and after that, you can easily get through those areas.


The game is derived from a cartoon series known as Total Drama Island. In this game, the characters are similar to the one form that is shown but have different names from that.

Each player has to join with 10 members as a maximum and make a team. When the members of the team decrease they can merge. The teams play mini-games, and losing teams lose members. When it has only two members, others vote for winners.

In 2020, developers worried about the copyright issues from Fresh TV, so they replaced the game's name, music, and character names to avoid problems.

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