7 Little Words Crossword Clue Answer for April 3, 2024

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Updated Apr 03, 2024

7 Little Words Crossword Clue Answer for April 3, 2024

7 Little Words Crossword

Enjoy the quick puzzle-solving experience with 7 Little Words Crossword when you get bored or stressed with your work. The 7 Little Words puzzle suits players looking for a quick brain challenge. Finding a 7-letter Word is just a play that will improve your cognitive abilities to learn new vocabulary and problem-solving skills that result in finding the correct answer. Have a fun time playing crossword!

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Question: Encircling


Encircling refers to forming a ring or circling around something. Similarly, ringing involves encircling or surrounding with a ring-like shape, such as a ringing sound encircling an area.

Question: State of Nashville


While Nashville is famously known for being in the state of Tennessee, this question prompts a different state. Kentucky is the answer, indicating a different state and creating a playful twist in the question's context.

Question: Starting a conversation


Initiating a conversation often begins with a greeting, such as saying hello or introducing oneself. Greeting fits this description perfectly, as it denotes the act of saying hello or acknowledging someone to start a conversation.

Question: Unsophisticated


When someone is described as unsophisticated, it implies a lack of refinement or elegance. Likewise, graceless conveys a similar notion, suggesting a lack of grace or elegance in behavior or demeanor.

Question: Going and getting


Going and getting refers to the action of retrieving something, typically by traveling to acquire it. The word fetching aligns with this concept, as it implies the act of going to get something, often in a fetching or attractive manner.

Question: Got some rest and relaxation


When one takes time to rejuvenate and unwind, they emerge with newfound energy and vigor, feeling thoroughly recharged. This answer encapsulates the essence of revitalization after a period of rest.

Question: Butcher, baker, or chandler


This question refers to various professions, emphasizing the diversity of careers individuals may pursue. The answer, profession, neatly summarizes the overarching category these roles belong to, highlighting the breadth of occupational choices available.

Question: Candle part

Answer: WICK

Within the anatomy of a candle, the wick plays a crucial role in igniting the flame and sustaining it. Wick serves as the specific term for this component, succinctly pinpointing the part of the candle essential for its function.

Question: Within earshot


When a sound is close enough to be heard distinctly, it is described as being within earshot. Audible perfectly captures this concept, signifying sounds that are perceivable by the human ear within a certain distance.

Question: Simple machine

Answer: LEVER

Describing a fundamental tool in physics, the lever facilitates the amplification of force by applying it at a specific point. In this context, lever denotes a straightforward mechanical device, exemplifying the simplicity and efficiency of basic machinery.

Question: Faced up to


Faced up to refers to confronting a challenge or problem directly. When one confronts a difficult situation with courage and determination, they are facing it head-on, or in other words, they are CONFRONTING it.

Question: Power to act for another


Power to act for another signifies the authority granted to someone to make decisions or take actions on behalf of someone else. This authority could come from various sources such as legal delegation or trust, granting them the AUTHORITY to act as a representative.

Question: Getting by


Getting by implies managing to survive or maintain a certain standard of living, often with limited resources or under difficult circumstances. When one is SUBSISTING, they are finding a way to carry on and meet their basic needs despite challenges or adversity.

Question: Brownie ingredient


Brownie ingredient indicates a key component used in making brownies, a popular dessert item. Among the various ingredients used, one essential item is CHOCOLATE, which gives brownies their rich flavor and indulgent texture.

Question: Falsifying

Answer: FAKING

Falsifying refers to the act of making something false or deceptive, often to deceive others or misrepresent the truth. When someone is FAKING something, they are creating a false impression or fabricating information to deceive others.

Question: Crawler with lots of legs


In the realm of arthropods, there exists a crawler with an abundance of legs, not just a few or a dozen, but a multitude. This creature, often found hidden in the leaf litter of forests or the damp corners of basements, is none other than the millipede, known for its numerous pairs of legs that enable it to navigate its environment with remarkable agility.

Question: Holmes says this to Watson


When faced with a conundrum, the renowned detective Sherlock Holmes often uttered a phrase to his faithful companion, Dr. Watson, indicating that the solution was clear and straightforward. Elementary, my dear Watson, he would say, implying that the answer was obvious and easily deduced from the available evidence, a testament to his deductive prowess.

Question: The village smithy's tree


Standing tall and sturdy in the heart of the village, there stands a tree that has witnessed generations come and go. This tree, the beloved chestnut of the village smithy, provides shade in the scorching summer sun and serves as a gathering place for the community, its branches reaching out like welcoming arms to all who pass by.

Question: Nonstick coating

Answer: TEFLON

In the realm of culinary innovation, there exists a marvel of modern technology—a coating that prevents food from sticking to the surface of cookware, making cooking and cleanup a breeze. This miraculous substance is known as Teflon, a nonstick coating that revolutionized the way we approach cooking and kitchen maintenance.

Question: Forking off


Within the intricate network of nature, there exists a phenomenon where a single path diverges into multiple directions, each leading to new adventures and discoveries. This process of forking off, of branching out into new paths and possibilities, is essential for growth and exploration, allowing life to evolve and flourish in diverse and unexpected ways.

Question: Small canyons

Answer: GORGES

Small canyons, often characterized by steep walls and flowing water, are commonly referred to as gorges. These natural formations carve their way through landscapes, creating stunning geological features and providing habitats for diverse flora and fauna.

Question: Period of youth


During the period of youth, individuals experience a range of developmental milestones and transformations, known as boyhood. This stage of life is marked by growth, exploration, and the gradual transition from childhood to adolescence.

Question: Shopping mall gadget store


In bustling shopping malls, gadget enthusiasts can find a haven in stores like Brookstone. These specialty shops offer an array of innovative and cutting-edge gadgets, catering to the diverse interests and technological needs of modern consumers.

Question: Paid a call again


Paid a call again, which aligns with the answer REVISITED. This phrase suggests returning to a place or situation that has been visited previously. It implies a sense of repetition or reconnection, making REVISITED the suitable response in the crossword puzzle.

Question: Taking a quick look


In busy schedules and hectic environments, individuals often find themselves taking a quick look at various things around them. This action, known as glancing, involves briefly directing one's gaze towards something, often to gather a cursory impression or to assess its significance.

Question: Seating for diner patrons

Answer: BOOTHS

When it comes to accommodating diner patrons, one of the most popular options is booths. These enclosed seating arrangements offer privacy and comfort, making them a preferred choice for many diners seeking a cozy dining experience.

Question: Milk enzyme


In the realm of lactose intolerance, the key to enjoying dairy lies in a tiny yet powerful enzyme known as lactase. This enzyme works to break down lactose, the sugar found in milk, allowing individuals with lactose intolerance to digest dairy products more comfortably.

Question: Vandykes

Answer: BEARDS

When it comes to facial hair fashion, vandykes are a distinctive style characterized by a carefully groomed combination of a mustache and a goatee. These stylish beards add a touch of sophistication and flair to the wearer's appearance, often becoming a signature feature of their look.

Question: Like some parents


Among the diverse ways families are formed, some parents choose the path of adoption to expand their families and welcome children into their lives. These adoptive parents demonstrate boundless love and commitment, providing nurturing homes for children who may not share their biological lineage.

Question: Con man


In the realm of deception and fraud, a con man, also known as a grifter, employs cunning schemes and manipulative tactics to swindle unsuspecting victims out of their money or valuables. These skilled tricksters operate with charm and deceit, often leaving their victims with a sense of betrayal and financial loss.

Question: Whiskers near the ears


Whiskers near the ears are commonly referred to as SIDEBURNS. These patches of facial hair, located alongside the ears, contribute to a person's overall appearance and style, often framing the face in a distinct manner.

Question: Units of resistance

Answer: OHMS

Units of resistance are measured in OHMS, denoted by the symbol Ω. This fundamental unit in electrical engineering signifies the opposition to the flow of electric current in a circuit, crucial for understanding and designing electrical systems.

Question: Bulletin board fasteners


Bulletin board fasteners, known as THUMBTACKS, serve as simple yet effective tools for affixing papers, notices, and other materials to a board or wall. With their sharp ends and broad heads, thumbtacks securely hold items in place, facilitating organization and communication in various settings.

Question: Leveled off


When something has leveled off, it has PLATEAUED, reaching a stable and consistent state after a period of growth or change. This term is often used to describe trends, graphs, or even personal progress, indicating a period of relative stability or equilibrium.

Question: Element #52


Element #52 on the periodic table is TELLURIUM, a metalloid with various industrial applications. Found primarily in minerals, tellurium is used in the production of alloys, solar panels, and semiconductors, contributing to advancements in technology and manufacturing.

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