4th April 24 : Solution for Crossword Puzzle Irish Daily Mail Quick

Get ready to solve the crossword puzzle for Irish Daily Mail Quick which is one of the types of crossword and we will help you solve it.

by Gayathri

Updated Apr 04, 2024

4th April 24 : Solution for Crossword Puzzle Irish Daily Mail Quick

Crossword puzzles are enjoyable because they let you find clues and solve a puzzle, giving your brain a good workout. They don't take up much time, so you can solve them whenever you have a break from work. So, take a break and start solving a crossword to refresh yourself.

Question: Zodiac sign (11)


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Zodiac sign prompts us to think of the constellation associated with individuals born between November 22 and December 21. The answer is SAGITTARIUS, symbolized by the Archer, reflecting traits of adventure, optimism, and independence.

Question: Greek spirit (4)

Answer: OUZO

Moving to the domain of Greek culture, the question Greek spirit evokes the distinctive alcoholic beverage known for its anise flavor. The answer, OUZO, is a traditional Greek spirit often enjoyed as an aperitif, carrying a cultural significance and a strong presence in Mediterranean cuisine.

Question: Odourless flammable gas (7)


Odourless flammable gas directs our attention to a compound prevalent in natural gas and numerous organic processes. The answer, METHANE, is a colorless, odorless gas crucial in various industrial applications, energy production, and as a potent greenhouse gas.

Question: Tease (3)

Answer: RIB

Tease hints at a playful action often involving light-hearted jest or gentle mockery. The answer, RIB, signifies the act of teasing or making fun of someone in a good-natured manner, commonly observed in social interactions and friendly banter.

Question: Bird's tweet (5)

Answer: CHIRP

Bird's tweet alludes to a characteristic sound synonymous with avian communication. The answer, CHIRP, encapsulates the melodious and often rhythmic vocalizations of birds, serving various functions such as mating calls, territorial signaling, and social interactions.

Question: Angora (6)

Answer: MOHAIR

Angora typically refers to the soft, luxurious wool obtained from Angora rabbits. Mohair, on the other hand, is derived from the hair of Angora goats. This six-letter word aptly fits the clue, representing a type of fabric known for its warmth and softness.

Question: Springiness (6)

Answer: BOUNCE

When we think of something springy, we often think of its ability to bounce back or rebound. This six-letter word perfectly encapsulates that quality, describing the resilience or elasticity of an object, such as a rubber ball or a trampoline surface.

Question: Throws dice (5)

Answer: ROLLS

In games of chance or strategy, players often roll dice to determine outcomes. The action of rolling dice involves tossing or throwing them onto a surface, which is precisely what this five-letter word implies. It succinctly captures the motion involved in initiating gameplay with dice.

Question: Impudent talk (3)

Answer: LIP

When someone speaks impudently or disrespectfully, they are often said to be giving lip. This three-letter word succinctly captures the essence of impudent talk or insolent remarks. It's a colloquial term used to describe someone's audacity or cheekiness in speech.

Question: Vegetable type (7)


Among the myriad of vegetables, cabbage stands out as a distinct type known for its versatility and nutritional value. This seven-letter word serves as an apt descriptor for a vegetable that comes in various varieties, each offering unique culinary possibilities and health benefits.

Question: Mother's sister (4)

Answer: AUNT

Mother's sister leads us to think about familial relations. In this case, we're specifically looking for a word that refers to the female sibling of one's mother. With four spaces to fill, the answer fitting this description is AUNT.

Question: Having made a loss (3,2,6)


Having made a loss suggests that the answer will likely involve words related to financial deficits or monetary setbacks. With three, two, and six spaces respectively, the answer OUTOFPOCKET fits the bill, indicating a situation where expenses exceed income or resources.

Question: Artist's workroom (6)

Answer: STUDIO

Artist's workroom one may envision a space dedicated to creative endeavors. The answer, STUDIO, refers to a room or workspace where artists produce their work, often equipped with tools and materials.

Question: __ Hunniford, TV presenter (6)

Answer: GLORIA

__ Hunniford, TV presenter directs attention to a specific individual in the realm of television. The answer, GLORIA, corresponds to Gloria Hunniford, a well-known TV presenter.

Question: Wood as a building material (6)

Answer: TIMBER

Wood as a building material focuses on a construction element. TIMBER is the fitting solution, representing wood used for structural purposes in various architectural projects.

Question: Room under the roof (5)

Answer: ATTIC

A common feature of many houses, this space is often used for storage or as an extra room. It's located directly under the roof, typically accessible via a ladder or small staircase. The answer to this clue is ATTIC.

Question: European language (7)


This language is spoken in a country renowned for its rich cultural heritage and delicious cuisine. Its roots trace back to Latin, with influences from various regional dialects. If you're fluent in this language, you might find yourself conversing in Italian.

Question: Spire (7)


Rising majestically into the sky, this architectural feature often adorns churches and other religious buildings. It's a symbol of aspiration and spiritual elevation, reaching towards the heavens. The answer to this clue is STEEPLE.

Question: African country (7)


Nestled in North Africa, this country boasts a diverse landscape, from the Sahara Desert to the Atlas Mountains. Its vibrant cities, ancient medinas, and bustling markets draw visitors from around the world. When thinking of a country in Africa with seven letters, you might land on Morocco.

Question: Flatfish (7)


Found in both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, this type of fish is prized for its delicate flavor and flaky texture. It's commonly served grilled, baked, or pan-fried, often accompanied by lemon or creamy sauces. When looking for a seven-letter word describing a delicious flatfish, HALIBUT fits the bill.

Question: Spanish dance (6)

Answer: BOLERO

Spanish dance prompts the answer BOLERO. This dance, characterized by its slow tempo and dramatic movements, originates from Spain and holds cultural significance within its music and choreography.

Question: Empty a suitcase (6)

Answer: UNPACK

Empty a suitcase corresponds to the answer UNPACK. When you unpack a suitcase, you remove its contents, often after returning from a trip or when organizing belongings. It signifies the act of decluttering and organizing one's possessions.

Question: Brass instrument (6)

Answer: CORNET

Brass instrument to which the answer is CORNET. A cornet is a musical instrument similar to a trumpet but with a slightly different shape and tone. It's commonly used in brass bands and orchestras for its distinct sound.

Question: Neckwear item (5)

Answer: SCARF

Neckwear item yields the answer SCARF. A scarf is a versatile accessory worn around the neck for warmth, fashion, or both. It adds flair to outfits while serving a practical purpose in colder climates.

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