4th April 2024 Crossword Puzzle Answer for Irish Daily Mail Cryptic

With our article you will get some time to relax from your routine life and enjoy playing the Irish Daily Mail Cryptic crossword game.

by Gayathri

Updated Apr 04, 2024

4th April 2024 Crossword Puzzle Answer for Irish Daily Mail Cryptic

Crossword is a game that will allow you to play from the comfort of your home , anywhere and at any time. By playing this game you will be introduced to many new words that can be learned and also will help you gain knowledge. With crosswords, you are not limited to a certain topic and on the other hand you are only made to know many new topics.

In favour of supporting patient


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When it comes to healthcare, it's crucial to advocate for practices that prioritize patience and understanding. Being forbearing towards patients means showing empathy and tolerance, which fosters a better doctor-patient relationship and ultimately leads to improved health outcomes.

Final part of airport?


In the context of an airport, the final part is often referred to as the terminal. It's the area where passengers arrive, depart, and transfer between flights. The terminal serves as a hub for various services including check-in, security, and boarding, making it an essential component of air travel infrastructure.

Neat bit of carpet I dyed


This clue cleverly combines the idea of tidiness with wordplay. TIDY refers to cleanliness or neatness, and in this context, it suggests a well-kept portion of carpet that has been dyed to maintain its appearance and quality.

Double act that's now extinct


Double act refers to a pair of performers or entities known for working together. The dodo, a flightless bird native to Mauritius, became extinct in the late 17th century due to human activities. Once a unique part of the ecosystem, the dodo serves as a poignant reminder of the irreversible consequences of habitat destruction and overexploitation.

Dead men chopped and changed- 


Dead men chopped and changed suggests alterations or modifications made to something that has already been concluded. In this context, amended denotes the act of revising or correcting a document, agreement, or law. Amendments are often made to improve clarity, address errors, or reflect changes in circumstances, ensuring that systems remain relevant and effective over time.

Study pattern and reflect


The word contemplate suggests a reflective process, often involving deep thought or consideration. In the context of a crossword clue, it implies the need to carefully analyze and think about the solution. Broken potty could indicate a broken or damaged object, requiring one to visualize and ponder potential answers.

Broken potty


CRACKED implies something that has been damaged or broken. The clue hints at a word that fits the description of a break or fracture. Drink supplied by doctor in the morning suggests a beverage, possibly medicinal, provided by a physician, particularly in the early hours of the day.

Drink supplied by doctor in the morning


Dram typically refers to a small drink of liquor or medicine. The clue provides a hint related to the source or context of the drink. Drink supplied by doctor in the morning indicates a beverage provided by a medical professional, possibly indicating a specific term for a morning medicinal drink.

Small car in jam in Ireland


The clue suggests a small car stuck in a traffic jam, with the additional hint of the location being Ireland. This implies the need for a word that describes a compact vehicle, fitting for congested city streets. Mini aligns perfectly with these criteria, as it denotes a small, efficient car often associated with urban driving.

Providing education can make it change


Providing education is a fundamental aspect of this process, suggesting a role where information is shared to facilitate growth and development. The answer teaching encapsulates this concept, as it denotes the act of educating and guiding others towards change and improvement.

Garment that's not right for my wardrobe


In my closet filled with tailored suits and formal attire, a bodywarmer sticks out like a sore thumb. Its casual and sporty nature clashes with the refined elegance of my wardrobe, making it an odd choice for any occasion that I might attend. Despite its practicality in colder climates, its style simply doesn't align with my sartorial preferences.

Pal exorcising right devil


In the battle against inner demons, having the right ally is crucial. A pal who understands the nuances of our struggles can act as an effective exorcist, banishing the fiendish thoughts or behaviors that haunt us.

Some fear a mad animal if it's fast


Misunderstanding can lead to irrational fear, such as associating speed with aggression in animals. Similarly, some may misconstrue the fasting of Ramadan, perceiving it as a form of extremism rather than a spiritual practice rooted in discipline and reflection.

Lots of time with broken nose?


Time's passage is often measured by significant events or experiences, not by the triviality of a broken nose. Eons, vast stretches of time, dwarf the significance of such transient injuries, highlighting the insignificance of individual moments in the grand scheme.

Fishy food discovered by cleaner in expensive car


A rollmop, a pickled herring fillet rolled around a savory filling, seems out of place in the opulent setting of an expensive car. Its discovery by a cleaner amidst luxury highlights the stark contrast between the humble origins of this dish and the extravagant surroundings it's found in.

No weight is unacceptable


In the world of fitness and health, the idea that no weight is unacceptable rings true. It emphasizes the importance of incorporating resistance training or weight-bearing exercises into one's routine for optimal health and strength.

Stick notice in this location


When we talk about sticking a notice in a particular place, we're referring to adhering it. This could be on a bulletin board, a wall, or any other designated spot where the notice can be easily seen and accessed.

Coin put in trust not long ago


When a coin is put in trust not long ago, it implies that it has been recently entrusted. This phrase suggests a recent occurrence, highlighting the freshness of the action or event being described.

Girl heard bear


The clue suggests a play on words, where heard phonetically resembles the name herd. So, girl heard bear translates to girl herd bear, phonetically sounding like Carrie, a common female name.

Garment held by a poor actor in Lincoln?


Garment held by indicates that we're looking for something associated with Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States. The answer is ABRAHAM, and the garment referred to is the Lincoln coat, famously associated with the iconic leader.

Capital appearance in outskirts of Chicago


In the outskirts of Chicago, the appearance of capital letters spells CAIRO. This hints at the Egyptian capital, Cairo, which shares its name with a city in Illinois. The clever wordplay leads solvers to the solution, drawing a connection between the two locations through the use of capitals.

Underground worker has short time with queen


A worker toiling underground briefly encounters royalty, forming MINER. This clue utilizes wordplay, suggesting a person who works below the surface, commonly known as a miner, having a brief encounter with a queen. The word short time hints at the brevity of the encounter, guiding solvers to the solution.

A convict turns up for the festival


A festival attendee emerges unexpectedly from a convict, leading to GALA. This clue cleverly plays with the idea of a convict turning up, which implies an unexpected appearance. By associating this with a festival, solvers can deduce the word GALA, which typically denotes a festive gathering or event.

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