3rd April 2024: Know the Answer for Irish Smallest Hardest Crossword Puzzle

Hey crossword enthusiasts, we are here again to test your skills with a crossword puzzle named Irish Smallest Hardest.

by Thamizhalagi B

Updated Apr 03, 2024

3rd April 2024: Know the Answer for Irish Smallest Hardest Crossword Puzzle

The crossword type we have here is Irish Smallest Hardest, which is a little harder than the normal crosswords. In these puzzles where the clues use tricky words instead of just giving simple synonyms. So, these crosswords may take more time, for you to get to the solution, but will be useful in improving your thinking skills.

Geographical region (abbr) (3)


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"(abbr)" indicates that we're looking for an abbreviation. "Geographical region" suggests that the answer is likely a shortened form of a word related to a specific area or location. "TER" fits these criteria as it's the abbreviation for "territory" or "territorial," which is a geographical region or area of land.

Former college (4)


Former" suggests that we're looking for a term that indicates something that existed previously or in the past. "College" indicates an educational institution. "POLY" fits these criteria as it's often used as an abbreviation for "polytechnic," which is a type of college that offers courses in a variety of subjects, particularly technical and vocational fields.

Minor (4)


"Minor" could refer to someone who is under the age of majority or someone of lesser importance or significance. However, given the context of the crossword puzzle, "Minor" here is likely referring to the ancient region of Minor Asia, which is now known as Anatolia or modern-day Turkey. So, "ASIA" is the answer, as it represents the historical geographical region of Minor Asia.

Apiary insect (3)


"Apiary" indicates a place where bees are kept or raised. "Insect" suggests that the answer is a type of small invertebrate animal. "BEE" fits these criteria perfectly, as it is a common insect found in apiaries and known for producing honey.

Pulled apart (4)


"Pulled apart" suggests that something has been separated or divided forcibly. "TORN" fits these criteria, as it means to be ripped or separated by force, such as tearing a piece of paper.

Besides (4)


Besides" suggests an alternative or additional option. "SAVE" fits these criteria in the context of saving or preserving something, as in keeping it safe or aside for later use. While "SAVE" may seem somewhat unrelated to "Besides" at first glance, it can be interpreted as an action taken in addition to or apart from something else. For example, "I'll keep this money aside (save) besides the money I have in my wallet."

Scandinavian rug (3)


"Scandinavian" specifies the origin or style of the rug. "Rug" indicates the type of item we are looking for. "RYA" fits these criteria as it refers to a type of Scandinavian rug known for its long, shaggy pile.

Tavern (colloq) (3)


"Tavern" refers to a place where alcoholic beverages are served, often with food. "(colloq)" indicates that the term is informal or colloquial. "PUB" fits these criteria perfectly as it is a common colloquial term for a public house or tavern.

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