Gold Rate Today, Gold Price in India Updated on 30th November 2020

Today's Gold Rate in India: Gold Price updated on 30 Nov 2020 discern Gold Rate in India for 24 karat and 22 karat gold. Identify Gold rate across India in rupees per gram as well as per 8 grams. Discover accurate Gold rate which are verified and updated up to this minute. Perceive all essential details and latest updates on Gold rate across India in a jiffy.

Last Modified: Nov 30, 2020 01:30 IST

Today Gold Price in India 22 Carat and 24 Carat Per Gram

Location22k (Standard Gold)Change24k (Pure Gold)Change
Bangalore ₹ 4,501 NIL ₹ 4,910 NIL
Chennai ₹ 4,575 NIL ₹ 4,991 NIL
Delhi ₹ 4,716 NIL ₹ 5,145 NIL
Hyderabad ₹ 4,501 NIL ₹ 4,910 NIL
Kerala ₹ 4,550 NIL ₹ 4,965 NIL
Kolkata ₹ 4,982 NIL ₹ 5,202 NIL
Mumbai ₹ 4,725 NIL ₹ 4,825 NIL
Agra ₹ 4,663 NIL ₹ 4,895 NIL
Ahmedabad ₹ 4,821 NIL ₹ 5,021 NIL
Allahabad ₹ 4,664 NIL ₹ 4,893 NIL
Amritsar ₹ 4,664 NIL ₹ 4,893 NIL
Aurangabad ₹ 4,649 NIL ₹ 4,882 NIL
Bareilly ₹ 4,663 NIL ₹ 4,895 NIL
Belgaum ₹ 4,506 NIL ₹ 4,727 NIL
Bhubaneshwar ₹ 4,501 NIL ₹ 4,910 NIL
Chandigarh ₹ 4,793 NIL ₹ 5,178 NIL
Coimbatore ₹ 4,765 NIL ₹ 4,783 NIL
Cuttack ₹ 4,699 NIL ₹ 4,939 NIL
Dehradun ₹ 4,664 NIL ₹ 4,894 NIL
Faridabad ₹ 4,664 NIL ₹ 4,892 NIL
Ghaziabad ₹ 4,662 NIL ₹ 4,897 NIL
Gurgaon ₹ 4,664 NIL ₹ 4,896 NIL
Guwahati ₹ 4,910 NIL ₹ 5,365 NIL
Howrah ₹ - - ₹ - -
Indore ₹ 4,650 NIL ₹ 4,886 NIL
Jabalpur ₹ 4,649 NIL ₹ 4,887 NIL
Jaipur ₹ 4,716 NIL ₹ 5,145 NIL
Jalgaon ₹ 4,649 NIL ₹ 4,884 NIL
Jammu ₹ 4,914 NIL ₹ 5,303 NIL
Jamnagar ₹ 4,653 NIL ₹ 4,881 NIL
Jamshedpur ₹ 4,705 NIL ₹ 4,936 NIL
Jodhpur ₹ 4,650 NIL ₹ 4,881 NIL
Kanpur ₹ 4,658 NIL ₹ 4,892 NIL
Kochi ₹ 4,414 NIL ₹ 4,793 NIL
Kolhapur ₹ 4,648 NIL ₹ 4,882 NIL
Kota ₹ 4,654 NIL ₹ 4,883 NIL
Lucknow ₹ 4,716 NIL ₹ 5,145 NIL
Ludhiana ₹ 4,664 NIL ₹ 4,894 NIL
Madurai ₹ 4,575 NIL ₹ 4,973 NIL
Malappuram ₹ 4,503 NIL ₹ 4,727 NIL
Mangalore ₹ 4,501 NIL ₹ 4,910 NIL
Meerut ₹ 4,663 NIL ₹ 4,893 NIL
Mysore ₹ 4,501 NIL ₹ 4,910 NIL
Nagpur ₹ 4,725 NIL ₹ 4,825 NIL
Nanded ₹ 4,655 NIL ₹ 4,881 NIL
Nasik ₹ 4,725 NIL ₹ 4,825 NIL
Noida ₹ 4,662 NIL ₹ 4,896 NIL
Panaji ₹ 4,502 NIL ₹ 4,726 NIL
Patna ₹ 4,725 NIL ₹ 4,825 NIL
Pondicherry ₹ 4,580 NIL ₹ 4,806 NIL
Pune ₹ 4,725 NIL ₹ 4,825 NIL
Raipur ₹ 4,654 NIL ₹ 4,880 NIL
Rajkot ₹ 4,649 NIL ₹ 4,882 NIL
Ranchi ₹ 4,699 NIL ₹ 4,936 NIL
Ratlam ₹ 4,653 NIL ₹ 4,882 NIL
Sangli ₹ 4,649 NIL ₹ 4,884 NIL
Shimla ₹ 4,659 NIL ₹ 4,895 NIL
Siliguri ₹ 4,702 NIL ₹ 4,933 NIL
Solapur ₹ 4,648 NIL ₹ 4,885 NIL
Srinagar ₹ 4,658 NIL ₹ 4,891 NIL
Surat ₹ 4,821 NIL ₹ 5,021 NIL
Thane ₹ 4,649 NIL ₹ 4,881 NIL
Tiruchirapalli ₹ 4,574 NIL ₹ 4,954 NIL
Udaipur ₹ 4,650 NIL ₹ 4,884 NIL
Udupi ₹ 4,503 NIL ₹ 4,728 NIL
Vadodara ₹ 4,821 NIL ₹ 5,021 NIL
Varanasi ₹ 4,662 NIL ₹ 4,894 NIL
Vijayawada ₹ 4,501 NIL ₹ 4,910 NIL
Visakhapatnam ₹ 4,501 NIL ₹ 4,910 NIL
Warangal ₹ 4,576 NIL ₹ 4,809 NIL
Aligarh ₹ 4,661 NIL ₹ 4,895 NIL
Ambala ₹ 4,664 NIL ₹ 4,894 NIL
Amravati ₹ 4,651 NIL ₹ 4,881 NIL
Bellary ₹ 4,505 NIL ₹ 4,731 NIL
Bhilai ₹ 4,649 NIL ₹ 4,885 NIL
Bhopal ₹ 4,653 NIL ₹ 4,885 NIL
Dindigul ₹ 4,576 NIL ₹ 4,806 NIL
Erode ₹ 4,581 NIL ₹ 4,810 NIL
Gulbarga ₹ 4,506 NIL ₹ 4,726 NIL
Guntur ₹ 4,580 NIL ₹ 4,811 NIL
Haldwani ₹ 4,665 NIL ₹ 4,895 NIL
Hisar ₹ 4,662 NIL ₹ 4,892 NIL
Hosur ₹ 4,580 NIL ₹ 4,805 NIL
Kakinada ₹ 4,579 NIL ₹ 4,804 NIL
Kannur ₹ 4,501 NIL ₹ 4,730 NIL
Karnal ₹ 4,660 NIL ₹ 4,896 NIL
Karur ₹ 4,576 NIL ₹ 4,806 NIL
Kozhikode ₹ 4,503 NIL ₹ 4,732 NIL
Kurnool ₹ 4,576 NIL ₹ 4,809 NIL
Nagercoil ₹ 4,580 NIL ₹ 4,806 NIL
Nellore ₹ 4,577 NIL ₹ 4,808 NIL
Proddatur ₹ 4,578 NIL ₹ 4,804 NIL
Rajahmundry ₹ 4,582 NIL ₹ 4,810 NIL
Salem ₹ 4,577 NIL ₹ 4,808 NIL
Shimoga ₹ 4,502 NIL ₹ 4,730 NIL
Thanjavur ₹ 4,580 NIL ₹ 4,805 NIL
Thiruvananthapuram ₹ 4,414 NIL ₹ 4,793 NIL
Thrissur ₹ 4,507 NIL ₹ 4,733 NIL
Tirunelveli ₹ 4,582 NIL ₹ 4,806 NIL
Tuticorin ₹ 4,582 NIL ₹ 4,806 NIL
Vellore ₹ 4,579 NIL ₹ 4,808 NIL

Latest Gold News and Gold Updates for the Week

Trend of Gold Rate in India

In India, demand for Gold, a precious metal has been increasing day by day. Gold is not only considered as highly auspicious, but also a matter of pride and prestige. Gold Rate play a vital role in influencing the demand for gold in India. Gold rate fluctuates according to market conditions and availability. In 1965, the average price of 10 grams of gold was Rs. 71.75, now it has been increased up to 400 times. Grasp Gold Rate accurately from this page.

22 Karat Gold Rate VS 24 Karats

Karat refers to the purity of gold. 24 Karat (24K) gold is considered as pure gold, i.e. 100% gold. 22 Karat (22 K) consists of some portion alloy mixed with gold, which means, 91.7% of the composition is pure gold and the remaining is alloy in 22K Gold. In order to make ornaments, it is very difficult to use 24K pure gold because it is very soft in nature. Thus gold is mixed with other metals like copper and silver (which is 22 K gold) for making ornaments. Pure Gold (24 K) is always slightly higher in price when compared to Standard Gold (22 K). Grab exact Gold Rate for both 24 K and 22 K gold from this page.

Determining factors of Gold Rate

Gold rate is determined by the following factors:
1) Value of Indian Rupee - If the Indian Rupee slides against the US Dollar, Gold rate in India per gram becomes expensive.
2) Central Bank Reserves - Reserve Bank of India hold paper currencies and gold in reserves. Recently, RBI has started buying more gold than selling, to diversify its monetary reserves. This increases the prices of gold.
3) Global price changes - India is one of the largest importers of gold. When the import prices change due to global movement in price, the same is subsequently reflected in the Gold Price
4) High Demand for Gold - Also demand plays an important role in determining the Gold rate. If the demand for gold increases, gold rate also rises and vice versa.
5) Interest rates: Usually gold prices increases with decrease in the interest rates as it helps people investing a large amount at lower prices.

In India, Gold as a safe investment

This is the golden era for excellent investment in gold. Gold is always a safe source of investment. Gold investment is more liquid than investments in other forms (easily transformed into cash when needed). Few tips on how to invest in gold correctly is presented below:
1) Jewellery buying: Traditional way of gold investment is Jewellery buying where one can buy gold ornaments, bars or coins. This method accounts for a major portion of gold investments in Location. The main advantage of this method of investment is that Jewellery can be sold or exchanged easily if the need arises.
2) Investment in Gold coins: Investment in gold bullion coins is also a better option for people in Location over jewel buying, because there is no wastage or making charges involved to purchase them. These coins are available in different weights, ranging from 1 g to 10 g or more.
3) Investment in Gold Bullion Bars: A gold bullion bar is generally 99.5% pure and weighs around 1 kg. Bars generally carry lower price premiums than gold bullion coins.
4) Gold Accumulation Plan: This allows people in Location to invest in gold through regular monthly Installments. Through this plan, physical gold can be accumulated over the tenure of the scheme ranging from 1 year to 15 years, with the minimum monthly subscription being as low as Rs. 1000 per month.

BIS Hallmark Gold Jewellery in India

In India, national standards organization named Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) certifies the purity of the Gold. The BIS hallmarking Scheme of gold jewellery began in April 2000. Gold jewellery is hallmarked only by BIS recognized "Assaying and Hallmarking Centre". Only BIS certified jewellers can get their jewellery hallmarked from any of these centres.

Buy only BIS hallmarked gold jewellery from a registered jewellery store. KDM is not Hallmarked jewellery. So KDM can not assure the purity of Gold. Before purchasing gold jewellery, One must check hallmark which comprises of five components viz,
1. BIS Logo,
2. The purity grade (Fineness) number (corresponding to given caratage as mentioned below),
3. Assaying and Hallmarking Centre's Logo,
4. Jeweller's identification Mark (Logo/ code),
5. Year of Hallmarking denoted by a code letter and decided by BIS (e.g. code letter `A' was approved by BIS for year 2000, `B' being used for the year 2001 and `C' for 2002 and 'J' for 2008).
In India, the Hallmarked Gold jewellery is available in various Karatage which denotes the purity of the gold as:
  • 999 - 24 carat Pure Gold
  • 958 - Corresponding to 23 Carat Gold
  • 916 - Corresponding to 22 Carat Gold
  • 875 - Corresponding to 21 Carat Gold
  • 750 - Corresponding to 18 Carat Gold
  • 708 - Corresponding to 17 carat Gold
  • 585 - Corresponding to 14 Carat Gold
  • 417 - Corresponding to 10 carat Gold
  • 375 - Corresponding to 9 Carat Gold
  • 333 - Corresponding to 8 carat Gold

Gold ETF and E-Gold - A Better Investment to Make

Across centuries, gold is considered as a universal indicator of wealth and as the better investment option. This precious metal has never lost its importance in the global market till this very date. Any political tension or economic imbalances around any part of the world has a direct effect on gold rate and its demand, especially countries where gold is imported and exported in larger scale. Gold in other words is a Global Currency.

From 1975, the rate of gold has been constantly surging up with its peak reaching 2011. Any unsafe and tensed atmosphere around the world/global economy has direct influence toward gold rate fluctuations. The fluctuations in the global market in turn have major effect on countries importing gold at larger rate.

Among other investment options, gold is considered to be safer though it yields lesser investment returns. There are contradictory opinions for investing in gold, but it depends on return rate an individual/investor expects. Also with its constant rise and demand in global market, gold has never let down its investors. In the past few decades, gold always has a steady rise in value with its peak in 2011, recorded the highest in last nine years.

Gold ETF and E-Gold

It is always good to have a part of investment in gold whether it is going to rise or fall. Looking for ways to invest in gold rather than purchasing physical form of gold? Apart from the older and traditional way of purchasing gold ornaments, gold biscuits and gold coins, investment in gold has taken up new levels. Gold ETF and E-gold are the trending alternates for investing in gold with good investment returns when compared to physical form of gold.

Gold ETFs are open-ended mutual fund schemes where the money is invested in Standard Gold Bullion and are like the shares of a Company as investor can buy and sell units of Gold ETF. E-gold is held in demat form electronically and can be converted to physical form of gold easily. E-gold has taken up Gold ETF as it gives more investment returns compared to the latter.

  • Physical delivery can be done anytime investing in E-gold, while in few ETFs it is not possible.
  • Gold ETfs can be converted to physical gold only after it has reached a certain size (500gms or 1 kg), which will not be the case of E-gold.
  • One year is considered as long term for Gold ETF and is exempt from wealth tax, while it is taxable for E-gold and it has a long term of three years.
  • Both E-gold and Gold ETF has brokerage fee.
  • E-gold has higher rate of returns when compared to Gold ETF.
During economic instability, investors take up safer investing options like gold, Gold ETF, and E-gold. But once the market standardizes or gains strength, they take up on riskier investment forms like stocks and shares as they yield very higher returns. But any time of the year, it is good to have few investments in the Gold basket too.
Gold Rate in India - FAQ
Q1. What is Hallmark Gold?

Hallmark gold is the certificate issued for the purity of gold. Buyers of gold should always check the purity of gold while purchasing. Hallmark, 916, etc indicate the purity of gold and it helps both the buyers and sellers. Hallmark certification is done by the Bureau of Indian Standards(BIS) and is recognised by the Government of India. The certification of gold is done based on the rules and regulations of BIS Act. The laser engraved details are available in the hallmarked gold.

Q2. Is Gold a safe investment?

Gold is not a much safer thing to invest upon. Gold investment sometimes seems to be a risky investment to be made. Gold rates fluctuate even to a larger extent at times. Though the stock market performs well, there is still a chance for the price of gold to lag behind. So the gold investment turns out to be a riskier one comparatively.

Q3. How to buy Gold in India?
When one decides to purchase gold, he or she must be aware of certain information. Firstly, one should decide upon what form of gold, he or she wishes to purchase. Gold can be purchased in the form of coins, bars or ornaments. The buyer should search for the best dealers and compare by checking the reviews. It is always advisable to buy gold through online for safety reasons. The gold rates are influenced by various factors like the economy, rise or fall of the other products in the economy. Gold rates are influenced by other factors directly as well indirectly and so buyers should check the status of the economy to decide when to buy gold. Also buyers should check through the daily gold rates to get an idea of when to invest in order to buy gold at a best price.

Q4. Will there be a fall in the price of Gold in cutYear?

Gold rates may even rise upto Rs.45000 in this year. In 2019,u00a0there was high fluctuations in the rate of gold. But due many government policies related to gold, the price started to rise during the end of 2019. So far, this trend is still continuing with gradual increase in the gold rate in 2020.

Q5. What is the reason for an increase in the gold rate in India?

Gold rates in India have steadily increased over the past few years. There are many reasons for the increase in gold rates. People in India buy gold mostly in the form of jewelleries for almost all the occasions like wedding, birthday and other auspicious days. Some of the other reasons for increase in gold rates are inflation, global movement, government policies and interest rate trends.

Q6. How can we check the purity of Gold?

The purity of gold is identified through the certification of gold. The different certification like 916, Hallmark BIS mark that show the purity of gold and it is engraved in the gold. This way the buyers as well as the seller will be able to identify the purity of gold.

Q7. How much is the GST on gold?

One has to pay GST while purchasing gold. GST charged on gold is 3% in case of jewelleries. Earlier when one buys gold, he or she has to pay 1% VAT and 1% service tax. But now with the introduction of GST in India, purchasing gold turned out to be expensive.

Q8. Which is the best month to buy Gold?

Based on the data of the past few years, it is advisable that buyers can get gold in the month of January, March or April and late June. Buyers should go through the gold rates everyday and invest when the rates are low.

Q9. Which is the best form of gold for purchase?

Buyers who wish to purchase gold for the purpose of investment can proceed by purchasing gold in the form of bars. The advantages of purchasing gold bars are easy storage, easy to buy and sell and high volume diversification.

Gold Promotion

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