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TS CPGET Syllabus 2020 (Available) - Download PG Entrance Test Subject Wise Syllabus PDF, Exam Pattern Here

Hari Aditya | Updated: Nov 02, 2020, 12:29 IST

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TS CPGET Syllabus 2020 (Available) - Download PG Entrance Test Subject Wise Syllabus PDF, Exam Pattern Here
TS CPGET Syllabus 2020 - Osmania University (OU) officials had released the TS CPGET Syllabus 2020 for the Common Post Graduate Entrance Tests (TS CPGET 2020), Latest Updates of TS CPGET 2020, Changes of TS CPGET 2020 Syllabus, Exam Pattern, Marking Scheme, Exam mode on its official Website tscpget.com. Before attending the TS CPGET, 2020 Examination candidates must go through the TS CPGET Syllabus 2020. The detailed information on TS CPGET Syllabus, 2020, Subject Wise PDF, and Exam Pattern 2020 are provided here.

TS CPGET Syllabus 2020 (Available) - Download PG Entrance Test Subject Wise Syllabus PDF, Exam Pattern Here

TS CPGET Syllabus 2020 Released

New Update: TS CPGET 2020 Exam can be accessed from the official website. It will have the Faculty of Arts and Social Science from Ancient Indian History Culture and Archaeology (AIHCA), Economics, Hindi, Islamic Studies, Persian, Political Science, Public Administration, Sociology, Telugu, Urdu, Arabic, English, History, Kannada, Marathi, Philosophy, Psychology, Sanskrit, Tamil Subjects. Faculty of Science for Botany, Chemistry, Computer Science, Electronics, Geography, Geo-informatics, Geology, Mathematics, Physics, Statistics, Zoology, Biochemistry/ Biotechnology/ Environmental Science/ Forensic Science/ Microbiology/ Genetics, Nutrition and Dietetics Subjects.

Check TS CPGET Syllabus 2020

TS CPGET Syllabus 2020  Overview


TS CPGET 2020 Details

Organization Name

Osmania University (OU)


Common Post Graduate Entrance Tests (CPGET 2020)

Application Form issue date

June 2020 (Tentative)

Application Form submission date

June 2020 (Tentative)

Application mode


Category of exam

Entrance Exams

Sub Category of exam

Arts Entrance Exams, Commerce Entrance Exams, Education Entrance Exams, Computer Applications Entrance Exams

Admission Test purpose

PG Courses

Exam Level

State Level

Official Website of University

www.osmania.ac.in / www.tscpget.com

The TS CPGET Exam Dates 2020 are given below, and the basic details of the entrance exam are provided for reference to the applicant in the above section.

What are the Important dates related to TS CPGET Syllabus 2020?

TS CPGET 2020 Events

TS CPGET 2020 Exam Dates(Tentative)

Issue of application forms

June 2020

Last date to submit the application form

To be declared

Last date to submit the application form with a late fee of Rs 500

To be declared

Last date for submission of application form with a late fee of Rs 2000

To be declared

Release of Hall Ticket/Admit Card

To be declared

TS CPGET 2020 exam

To be declared

Publish of answer key

To be declared

Result declaration

To be declared

Verification of Documents

To be declared

The onset of TS CPGET 2020 web option

To be declared

TS CPGET First Seat Allotment List

To be declared

TS CPGET Second Seat Allotment List

To be declared

TS CPGET Final Seat Allotment List

To be declared

Last date for payment of the admission fee

To be declared 

What is TS CPGET Syllabus 2020?

TS CPGET Syllabus 2020 for various Degrees has been given below in gist and split into 2 parts as per the exam pattern. The students can access the official link for more details or access to the TS CPGET Syllabus 2020 source.

  • MA AIHCA (Ancient Indian History, Culture & Archaeology)

Part A (40 marks) - Fundamentals of Indian Archeology, Indian Art and Architecture

Part B (60 marks) - Indian History from the earliest time to the present day into political, social, economic, religious, and cultural aspects

  • MA Arabic

Classical Prose - 20 marks

Modern Prose - 20 marks

Poetry - 20 marks

Grammar - 20 marks

History of Arabic Literature - 20 marks

  • MA English

Part A (40 Marks) - Spelling & punctuation, vocabulary, grammar, correction of sentences, exercises in jumbling

Part B (60 Marks) - Literary (Terms & Forms), Books & Authors, Comprehension (Poetry & Prose)

  • MA Hindi

Part A (40 Marks) - Spelling of Words, Correct form of sentences, Basic Grammar (Gender, Case, Tense, Number), Meaning of the words.

Part B (60 Marks) - History of Hindi Literature; Basic Hindi Grammar (Theory); Hindi, Prose, Poetry and Fiction, etc.; General Awareness about Hindi Language and Literature.

  • MA Kannada

Part A (40 Marks) - Finding of correct form of words and sentences, meanings of words, basic grammar and composition

Part B (60 Marks) - History of Literature, Literary works and authors, grammar, Prosody and general awareness about the language

  • MA Marathi

Part A (40 Marks) - History of Marathi Literature.

Part B (60 Marks) - Forms of Literature: Poetry, Short Story, Novel, Drama, Essay, Biography, Autobiography

  • MA Persian

Part A (40 Marks) - Grammar

Part B (60 Marks) - Life histories of the following Poets and Authors: Rudaki, Firdausi, Unsari, Nizami, Attar, Rumi, Khayyam, Amir Khusro, Saidi, Hafiz, Iqbal, Chahar Maqala by Nizami aroozi Samarqerndi, Anwar-e-soheli by Mulla Waiz Kashif

Translation - Lessons prescribed for second language

  • MA Sanskrit

Part A (40 marks) - Declensions: Marking the correct declensional form as indicated, Marking the correct Vibhakti as indicated, Conjugation: Marking the correct Tinganta verbal forms, Marking the correct lakara-tense and mood. Samasas – Compounds: Marking the correct vigrahvakya, Marking the correct samasas against given vigrahavakya.

Part-B (60 Marks) - Sandhis: Joining the words, Disjoin the sandhis, Kridantas: Marking the correct Kridanta form, Alankaras: Identify alankara, Define alankara. History of Literature: Identifying the poet, identifying the text.

  • MS Telugu

Part A (40 marks) - Principles of Sociology, Indian society

Part B (60 marks) - Social anthropology

  • MA Urdu

Part A (40 marks) - Poetry, prose, ghazals

Part B (60 marks) - Poetry, prose

  • MA in Islamic Studies

Part A (40 Marks) - Fundamental beliefs and practices of Islam. Prophethood, Revelation. Compilation of the Quran, Economic, Political and Ethical teachings of the Quran, Hadith: Definition, Compilation, and types of Hadith, Source of Islamic Law, Schools of Islamic Law, Marriage, Dissolution of marriage, Inheritance

Part B (60 marks) - Pre-Islamic Arabia: Geo-political, Social and religious conditions, Life of the Prophet and Early caliphate, The Umayyads and the Abbasids, Administration, Society, Contribution to Science, Literature, Fine Arts & Architecture, Petty Dynasties, Concepts of Ummah, Khilafah and Imamah. Muslim Philosophy: Mutalzilities, Asharites, Sufism: Origin and development, Sufis and Sufi orders

  • MS Linguistics

Part A (40 marks) - Popular ideas and beliefs about language, countries/States and their official languages, languages and the scripts in which they are written, names of the language families to which a given language belongs to, largest/Second largest spoken language in a country/region, awareness of language-related subjects, famous authors of the world and the language in which they wrote/have been writing, world-famous books and the language in which they are written

General English - awareness of English alphabets and the sounds they represent, spelling, basic knowledge of English grammar, synonyms and antonyms

Part B (60 marks) -This section consists of 60 bits based on the natural/hypothetical language data to test the candidate's analytical ability.

  • MA Philosophy

Part A (40 marks) - Definition of philosophy, characteristics of Indian philosophy

Part B (60 marks) - Problem of substance, modern western philosophy, Hegel’s dialectical method

  • MA Theatre Arts

Part A (40 marks) - World Theatre – History and Development of World Theatre (Greek, Britain, German, France, Japan, Russian, Poland, American), Sanskrit Theatre – The History of Sanskrit Theatre, Major Playwrights and their contribution

Part B (60 Marks) - Folk Theatre Forms of Andhra Pradesh – Major and Marginal folk forms of AP with special reference to Veedhi Natakam, Burra Katha, Oggu Katha and Puppetry, Telugu Theatre: History and development of Telugu Theatre (1860 to up to date) – Major Playwrights, Plays, Associations, Actors, Directors, and their contribution, Origin of Telugu Theatre, Padya Natakam (Musical Theatre), Modern Telugu Theatre and Modern Street Theatre, Indian Theatre

  • MA Economics

Part A (40 marks) - Indian Economy and Economic Development, Structure of the Indian Economy, Indian Agriculture, Industry, and Services, Telangana State Economy

Part B (60 marks) - Microeconomics- Introduction, Consumer Behaviour, Theory of Production and Costs, Market Structure, Factor Pricing

Macroeconomics - National Income, Theories of Employment

  • MA History

Part A (40 marks) - History of Modern Europe (1789 – 1960 A.D.)

Part B (60 marks) - History and Culture of India up to 1950 A.D.

  • M Lib and Information Science

Part A (40 Marks) - Books, Periodicals, Reasoning, Mental Ability, and Arithmetic

Part B (60 Marks) - General Knowledge, Awareness, and Current Affairs

  • M Social Work

Part A (40 Marks) - Social Work profession, philosophy and concepts social science concepts for social workers

Part B (60 Marks) - Social work intervention – methods, strategies, and fields of social work practice

  • MA Psychology

Part A (40 marks) - Introduction, Biological basis of behavior, sensation, and perception, Motivation, Emotion, Learning, Memory, and Forgetting, Thinking, Development of Behavior, Intelligence, and Aptitude

Part B (60 marks) - Personality, Psychology of Adjustment, Abnormal Behaviour, Altered states of consciousness, Statistics, Social Perception, Attitude, Prejudice and Discrimination, Pro-Social Behaviour, Aggression, Groups, Group Dynamics, Leadership, Issues, Challenges and Problems in Adolescence

  • MA Sociology

Part A (40 marks) - Principles of Sociology - community, social institutions, social stratification and mobility, sociological stratification and mobility, sociological thought

Part B (60 marks) - Indian society – the advent of Islam, tribes in India, the caste system in Indai, social problems in India

  • MA Gender Studies

Part A (50 marks) - Concept and theories

Part B (50 marks) - Women empowerment, gender and development

  • Journalism & Mass Communication

Part A (40 Marks) - Comprehension of a passage (10 marks) Sentence Construction (5 marks) Identifying Grammatical Errors (5 Marks) Spelling (5 marks) Antonyms and Synonyms (10 marks Logic and Reasoning (5 marks)

Part B (60 Marks) - Media Awareness (20 Marks) Current Affairs (20 Marks) General Awareness (10 Marks) Words Frequently used in Media (10 Marks)

  • Master of Human Resource

Part A (50 marks) - Synonyms, Antonyms, meaning identification, verbal analogies, sentence completion, English usage

Part B (50 marks) - Management aptitude, organization theory and management, industrialization in India, Indian working class

  • MA Political Science

Part A (30 marks) - Political science – theories, concepts and institutions

Part B (40 marks) - Indian government and politics

Part C (30 marks) - Political thought

  • MCom

Part A (40 marks) - Business Laws, Financial Accounting, Corporate Accounting, Auditing, Fundamentals of Information Technology

Part B (60 marks) - Business Economics, Business Organization And Management, Business Statistics, Financial Services-Banking and Insurance, General English, General knowledge and current affairs

  • MPEd

MCQs - 75 marks

Note: 25 marks to be granted by the department of physical education for candidates' sports achievements.

  • MSc Botany

Part A (40 Marks) - Microbial Diversity of Lower Plants, Bryophytes, Pteridophytes, Gymnosperms and Paleobotany, Taxonomy of Angiosperms, Medicinal Botany

Part B (60 marks) - Plant Anatomy, Embryology, Palynology, Cell Biology, Genetics, Plant Physiology

  • MSc Computer Science

Computer Fundamentals - (15 Marks), Programming in C++: (18 Marks), Data Structures: (17 Marks), Database Management Systems: (20 Marks), Programming in Java: (15 Marks), Computer Networks (15 Marks)

  • MSc Electronics

Part A (40 Marks) - Digital Electronics – Introduction, Combinational and Sequential Circuits, Digital Communication

Part B (60 marks) - Circuit Analysis and Electronic Devices - AC Fundamentals, Passive networks, Network theorems (DC and AC), Cathode Ray Oscilloscope, RC an RL Circuits, Resonance, PN Junction, Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT), Field Effect Transistor (FET), Analog Circuits and Communications

  • MSc Geography

Part A (40 marks) - Human and Economic Geography, Regional Geography of India with special reference to Telangana, Mapping Techniques

Part B (60 marks) - Elements & Principles of Physical Geography, Economic Geography

  • MSc Geology

Part A (40 marks) - Paleontology, Indian Geology, Economic Geology

Part B (60 marks) - Physical Geology, Crystallography, Mineralogy, Optical Mineralogy, Petrology, Igneous rocks, Sedimentary Rocks, Metamorphic Rocks, Structural Geology

  • M.SC. Psychology Section 

Part A - Indian Heritage & Culture & Current Affairs, Regional, Natural and International events who-Sports, Books, Awards. 

Part B - General Knowledge – Inventions, Discover, Capital Cities.  Abbreviations and Social Problems.

What is the necessity to know TS CPGET Syllabus 2020?

The TS CPGET Syllabus 2020 is significant for every entrant as it gives a pre-look for the preparation of the test. Students must go through the entire web page to get an inclusive idea of the TS CPGET Syllabus 2020 of the exam to focus on the subjects' rightful chapter to score high on the entrance exam. As the three subjects are extensive and in order, lay focus on the right areas. Students must read the TS CPGET Syllabus 2020 wholly and practice mock tests on those.

What are the preparation tips for the TS CPGET 2020?

Preparing for a postgraduate entrance exam requires more time and dedication. There are more topics to cover. If you are pursuing the same course you did in your Bachelor's, go through what you have studied once again. The course and TS CPGET Syllabus 2020 will be relatively easier to understand. Preparation tips for TS CPGCET 2020 which are as follows: 

Solve Previous Years' Question Papers: The best way to know about the entrance exam is by solving the previous years' question papers. The exam pattern, marking scheme, type of questions asked, the sections, the weightage of marks, which topics are given more importance, and much more. 

Get Books for preparation: Purchase as many prep books as possible as it can only help you gain more knowledge about the TS CPGET Syllabus 2020 and topics. Books also have questions based on the TS CPGET Syllabus 2020, which can help you test your ability. 

Revise: Try and revise what you have studied earlier. Not immediately, but at the end of the day when you are wrapping up. Glance through the topics you studied. In all likeliness, you could have missed out on a point or could have understood a topic much better. Revision is vital. 

When will the TS CPGET Admit Card 2020 be released?

The admit card of TS CPGET 2020 is available online and has to be downloaded from the website; hence it won't be sent to the candidates via post/courier. TS CPGET admit card 2020 will contain important information such as a candidate's name, date of birth, roll no, test centre, and exam date. The students are asked to take print of the TS CPGET 2020 Admit Card not just for the exam purpose but until admissions are completed.

When will the TS CPGET Exam 2020 be conducted?

Osmania University states the TS CPGET 2020 Exam dates. Common Post Graduate Entrance Tests (CPGET 2020) Application Form is issued from April 2020. The last date to submit the applications will be 12th July 2020. After this Admit Card shall be released, and between the 8th and 22nd of July, the examination is expected to occur. Post which the result and counselling will happen on tentative dates, which are yet to be announced.

When will the TS CPGET Result 2020 be released?

  • All the participants have to verify the TS CPGET Result from the official portal or the official website. Besides, the officials will release the TS CPGET Result tentatively in July 2020. Besides, we will update the link to check the TS CPGET Result once the officials release it.
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TS CPGET 2020 Syllabus 2021 - FAQ

1. What is the TS CPGET Exam Pattern?

The TS CPGET Exam will be of 90 minutes duration. Except in M.P.Ed. entrance test, the question paper consists of 100 objectives (multiple choice only) type questions for 100 marks. For M.P.Ed., the entrance test will be of 75 multiple choice objective questions for 75 marks.

2. Is it possible for the exam dates to be changed?   

The above-mentioned dates are tentative. As it is an exam conducted in online mode, the dates might differ due to the pandemic situation. Hence students are duly asked to refer this page in future for updated dates of the exam.

3. What is the last date to submit the TS CPGET 2020 application form?

The last date to fill TS CPGET 2020 application form is still to be declared. Students to keep ready their personal and education details.

4. When is the application form of the TS CPGET releasing?

The Application form of the TS CPGET 2020 is issued from June 2020. Students can right away start applying before the last date ends.


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