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SRMJEEE Syllabus, 2020. Check out the details of Syllabus here.

| Updated: Dec 12, 2019, 11:29 IST

SRM University has released the syllabus of SRMJEEE 2020 for all the subjects. The institute has made subsequent changes in the exam pattern of SRMJEEE with the inclusion of the English and aptitude section in the entrance exam. Students can find here the SRMJEEE 2020 syllabus for English and ability along with all other subjects to prepare for the exam. The SRMJEEE program 2020 mentions all the topics covered in the review from which questions will ask. Applicants to start preparing for the exam as per the SRMJEEE syllabus 2020. More information regarding the SRMJEEE 2020 Syllabus is provided below to help candidates prepare for the exam.

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SRMJEEE Syllabus, 2020. Check out the details of Syllabus here.

SRMJEEE Syllabus, 2020. Check out the details of Syllabus here.

About SRMJEEE 2020 Syllabus

Students who will attempt Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in the SRMJEEE will be eligible for B. Tech, Biotechnology, Biomedical Engineering, Bioinformatics, and Genetic engineering programs, and also for various applications in Health Sciences. Candidates must thoroughly learn all the topics mentioned under Syllabus for SRMJEEE. The syllabus will include subjects from Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics/ Biology, English and Aptitude. To know the content of the SRMJEEE syllabus, read the information given below.

SRMJEEE 2020 Physics Syllabus @srmist.edu.in

In this section, your analytical skills will test in solving the questions. To obtain a good score, practice conceptual problems. Make notes of essential formulae, concepts, and theorems. Aspirants generally find the Physics section difficult since it contains a wide variety of theoretical concepts and numerical problems. The syllabus of the SRMJEEE for all the subjects mentions below:



Units and Measurement

System of units, measurements – errors in measurement

Gravitation, Mechanics of Solids and Fluids

Universal law of gravitation, Mechanics of solids – elastic behavior, stress-strain

Heat and Thermodynamics

Postulates, Thermodynamics

Electricity and Magnetism

Electrostatics, Current electricity, Magnetism & magnetic effects of current and Electromagnetic induction and alternating current

Dual Nature of Matter and Nuclear Physics

Matter waves & Nuclear radius, mass, binding energy


Kinematics, laws of Motion, Work, energy and power and Rotational motion

Oscillations and Wave Motion

Periodic motion & longitudinal and transverse waves

Ray and wave Optics and Magnetism

Reflection & refraction of light and wavefront

Atomic Physics and Relativity

Atomic structure and Einstein mass-energy relation-variation of mass with velocity.

Electronics and Communication

Semiconductors & space communication propagation

SRMJEEE 2020 Chemistry Syllabus

The organic chapter on general organic chemistry is significant. It further divided into three sections – Physical, Organic, and Inorganic. It is an essential section of SRMJEEE. The syllabus of the SRMJEEE for the Chemistry subject discussed below. Students who wish to crack SRMJEEE 2020 Exam have to concentrate on SRMJEEE 2020 Chemistry Syllabus Topic-wise.



Atomic structure

Matter and its nature Precision and accuracy Laws of chemical combination, Discovery of sub-Atomic particles, Spectrum of hydrogen atom, Dual nature of matter, Quantum numbers, Aufbau principle

States of Matter

Classification of matter, Solid state, Liquid state

Chemical Families – Periodic Properties

Modern periodic law and present form of the periodic table

Chemical Bonding, Molecular Structure, and s-&p- block elements

Covalent bonding, Molecular orbital theory s-, p- block elements

Chemical Thermodynamics & Energetics

First law of thermodynamics, Second law of thermodynamics


Different methods for expressing concentration of solution

Chemical Equilibrium

Meaning of equilibrium, Ionic equilibrium


Electrolytic and metallic conduction

Surface Chemistry, Chemical Kinetics, Catalysis and Nuclear Chemistry

Absorption, Catalysis Colloidal state, Rate of reaction, Temperature on the reaction rate, Units of rates and specific rate constants, Nuclear chemistry

Purification & Characterization of organic compounds

Purification Quantitative analysis

Some basic Principles of organic chemistry

Tetravalency of carbon, Nomenclature Covalent bond, fission Common types of organic reactions


Classification, isomerism Alkanes - Conformations, Alkenes - Geometrical isomerism, Alkynes – Acidic character, Mechanism of electrophilic substitution

Organic Compounds Containing Oxygen

General methods of preparation, Alcohols Phenols Ethers Aldehyde & Ketones

Organic compounds containing nitrogen

General methods of preparation, Amines Diazonium salts


General introduction and classification of polymers


Carbohydrates Nucleic acids

SRMJEEE 2020 Mathematics Syllabus

It evaluates the mathematical knowledge and problem-solving skills of applicants. To score better in this section, the candidates need to practice hard and analyze the theoretical aspect rather than going hard at the examples and learning formulas. I've described below the overall syllabus of Mathematics. While preparing for Mathematics, candidates should follow their curriculum. 



Sets, Relations, and Functions

Sets and their representations, Trigonometrical identities

Complex Numbers and Quadratic equations

Complex numbers, Quadratic equations

Matrices, Determinants & their applications

Determinants and matrices of order two and three Computing the rank of a matrix–test


Permutations and Combinations, Mathematical Induction and its Applications


Binomial theorem and its Applications, Sequences and Series

Differential Calculus & its applications

Polynomials, rational, trigonometric Applications of Differential Calculus

Integral Calculus & Differential Equations of first order

Integral as an anti-derivative, Ordinary differential equations

Analytical Geometry

Straight Lines in Two Dimensions, Circles in Two Dimensions, Conic Sections in Two Dimensions

Vector Algebra

Vectors and scalars, addition of vectors

Statistics and Probability

Measures of Central Tendency and Dispersion Probability

SRMJEEE 2020 Biology Syllabus

In this section which carries the highest score and can help you excel in SRMJEEE if you prepared well. Prepare wisely for topics that are time-consuming and exhaustive. The following item must be covered by the candidates while preparing for the SRMJEEE 2020 Exam.



Taxonomy of Angiosperm

Types of classifications

Plant anatomy

Tissues & tissue system

Cell Biology and Genetics



Recombinant, DNA technology

Plant Physiology

Photosynthesis Respiration, Plant growth and development

Biology in Human welfare

Food production

Human Physiology

Nutrition Bones and joints (major types) fractures, Muscles Respiration, Circulation Physiological Coordination System, Receptor Organs, Reproductive System


Introduction – history of medical microbiology


Innate immunity

Modern Genetics and Animal Biotechnology

Introduction – scope – human genetics karyotyping chromosome gene mapping

Environmental Science

Human population and explosion-issue

Applied Biology

Livestock and management dairy

Theories of Evolution

Lamarckism – Darwinism

SRMJEEE Syllabus for Aptitude

This Section Evaluates the Candidates's Numerical knowledge, profit and loss, reasoning ability, and more topics. Applicants should check the following topics covered in the aptitude session. 



Number System

Properties of numbers, Divisibility rules, Unit digit, Euclid’s algorithm, LCM and GCD


Arithmetic mean, weighted mean, Geometric mean


Percentage change-increase or decrease

Profit and Loss

Computing percentage of profit or loss and profit/loss value

Quadratic Equation

Nature of roots, Relationship between roots and coefficients, Solutions of quadratic equations


Similar triangles, Lines and angles, Circles and Quadrilaterals


Ordering, Grading and Ranking, coding and decoding

Direction Sense test

Finding direction, distance or both

Linear Equation

Solving simultaneous equations, Test of consistency, problems on ages


Values of trigonometric ratios, Identities, Heights and distances

Recommended Books for SRMJEE 2020

A good book can assist students in getting a solid understanding of any subject. You must have a good base of the subject matter to pass the SRMJEE 2020 exam. Some of the right books for SRMJEEE 2020 are mentions below.

Maths Books for SRMJEE: 

  • Trigonometry, Geometry Books-S.L. Loney.
  • Problems in Calculus-I.A. Maron.

Physics Books for SRMJEE:

  • The concept of Physics Part 1. & The idea of Physics Part 2. -HC Verma.
  • Understanding Physics Series-D. C Pandey. 

Biology Books for SRMJEE:

  • S Chand Biology for Class 12-Sarita Aggarwal.
  • Pradeep: A text for Biology for Class 12-H.N. Srivastava, P.S. Dhami, G. Chopra.

Chemistry Books for SRMJEE:

  • Organic Chemistry-Morrison Boyd.
  • A modern approach to chemical calculations-R.C. Mukherjee. 

SRMJEEE Exam Day Tips:

  • All Students are recommended not to bring any electronic items such as mobile phones, laptops, iPad inside the examination hall.
  • SRMJEEE exams will conduct online, so each candidate will be allocated a computer system to give the entrance test.
  • Candidates can bring only a pen or pencil in the exam hall.
  • All Students must have to carry SRMJEEE 2020 admit card.
  • Candidates will get a sheet for rough work.





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