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CPGET Syllabus 2021 - Check and Download CPGET Subject Wise Syllabus PDF, Exam Pattern at osmania.ac.in

CPGET Syllabus 2021 - The Osmania University specifes the CPGET 2021 syllabus for making students familiar with the units and topics of the entrance test. In addition to the admission notice and official notice, the CPGET 2021 syllabus is published. Before planning any strategy for the entry test carried out in Osmania University you must be very conscious of and look at the CPGET programme 2021. Depending on the programmes, the curriculum of the CPGET2021 entrance exam may vary. Candidates are informed of important subjects and questions, which can arise through the CPGET 2021 programme, in the Common Postgraduate Entry Test.

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CPGET Syllabus 2021 - Check and Download CPGET Subject Wise Syllabus PDF, Exam Pattern at osmania.ac.in

CPGET Syllabus 2021 - Check and Download CPGET Subject Wise Syllabus PDF, Exam Pattern at osmania.ac.in

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CPGET Syllabus 2021

New Update on 22.09.2021: CPGET Syllabus 2021 - The Osmania University specifes the CPGET 2021 syllabus for making students familiar with the units and topics of the entrance test. In addition to the official admission notification, the CPGET 2021 syllabus will be published. Before planning any strategy for the entrance test conducted by the University of Osmania, one must be aware of and look at CPGET 2021. Depending on the programmes selected by the applicants, the programme of the entry test for CPGET 2021 may vary. By using the CPGET 2021 curriculum, candidates will be informed in a joint postgraduate entry test about the important topics and questions which may arise.

Check - CPGET Syllabus 2021

CPGET Syllabus 2021 - Overview

CPGET Syllabus 2021 Particulars

CPGET Syllabus 2021 Details

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Osmania University


CPGET Syllabus 2021





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CPGET Syllabus 2021

M.A Philosophy

Part -A (40 Marks)

1. Definition of Philosophy -Different branches of Philosophy Introduction to Greek Philosophy 2. Characteristics of Indian Philosophy -Vedas, Upanishads, and Bhagavad Gita.

3. Definition, nature, and scope of Ethics. Moral concepts -Relation of Ethics to Religion and Politics.

4. Definition, scope, and value of logic -knowledge and its sources -Forms of knowledge -The uses of logic.

Part -B (60 Marks)

1. Problem of substance -the problem of Being and Becoming sophists -Socrates and his method -Plato and his theory of ideas -Aristotle and his theory of causation.

2. Modern Western Philosophy -Rationalism of Descartes, Spinoza and Leibniz. Empiricism of Locke, Berkeley and Hume. Synthesis of rationalism and empiricism in Kant.

3. Hegel's Dialectical method. Marxian approach to History. Existentialism -Linguistic analysis and Pragmatism.

4. Carvaka Philosophy, Buddhism and Jainism. Sankhya and Yoga School of Thought

5. Nyaya and Vaisheshika theory of knowledge. Mimamsa and Vedanta School of Philosophy

6. Ethics of Bhagavad Gita -Ashramadharmas -Doctrine of Purusharthas -Ethics of Gandhi -Concept of Ahimsa and Satyagraha.

Master of Commerce Syllabus

Part-A (40 Marks)

Business Laws (10 Marks):

Law of contracts including essential elements of a valid contract, contingency contracts, performance, discharge, breach and remedies for breach of contract-Quasi contracts-Special contracts including Bailment contracts, Agency contracts-Sale of Goods Act-Conditions and warranties Consumer Protection Act- District, State and National level councils-Companies Act 1956 including appointment, duties, powers of directors, doctrine of Ultra Vires-Doctrine of indoor management.

2. Financial Accounting (10 Marks): Introduction to Accounting including accounting concepts and conventions-Accounting Process-journalizing, posting to ledger accounts- subsidiary books including cashbook. Bank Reconciliation Statement-Preparation of trial balance and Final Accounts-Errors and Rectification-Consignment and joint ventures- Depreciation and reserves. Hire purchase and installment system-Single Entry and non trading concerns partnership Accounts including admission, retirement, death of a partner and dissolution of a firm-Branch and Departmental Accounts-Company Accounts including issue of shares and debentures, forfeiture, reissue of forfeiture shares-Redemption of Debentures.

3. Corporate Accounting (10 Marks): Company final accounts-Issue of Bonus Shares-Acquisition of Business and Profit Prior to incorporation-Accounting Standards, Need, Importance and overview of Indian Accounting Standards-valuation of good will-need and methods-valuation of shares, need for valuation and methods of valuation-Bank Accounts Legal Provision Preparation of Final Accounts-Accounts of Insurance companies-Amalgamation and reconstructions (Simple problems).

4. a) Auditing (5 Marks): Types of Audits-Advantages & Limitation of Audit-Personal Qualities of an auditor-Audit planning & Control-Audit of Limited Companies-Investigation-Difference between Investigation and Auditing-Organizational vouching and verification. Business Correspondence and report writing.

b) Fundamentals of Information Technology (5 Marks): Elements of Computers-Dos, Windows operating system, word processing, Spreadsheet, MS Excel, MS Power Point

Part-B (60 Marks)

5. Business Economics (10 Marks): Introduction to Economics, Nature, scope and importance including micro and macro Economics-Demand, supply and market equilibrium, production costs, Market structure and factors of production, national income, Trade cycles and International trade.

6. Business Organization And Management (10 Marks): Concepts of business industry, commerce, trade, plant and firm-forms of business organizations-joint stock company, Management, Different approaches to management and functions of management-Planning and Organizing, Delegation of authority, Centralization.

7. Business Statistics (10 Marks): Introduction of Statistics-Meaning, functions and limitations of statistics-Collection of Data-Primary and Secondary sources-classification, Tabulation and Diagrammatic Presentation of Data-Data analysis interpretation of tables and graphs. Measures of Central Tendency- Mode, Median-Arithmetic, Geometric and Harmonic mean-Measures of dispersion, range, quartile deviation, mean deviation and standard deviation-Karl Pearson and Bowley’s Measures of Skewness-Simple Correlation and Regression analysis-Analysis of time series includes trend analysis and seasonal variations. Index numbers including time and factor reversal tests of price index numbers.

8. Financial Services-Banking and Insurance (10 Marks): Types of banks-Banking System in India- Function & Credit Creations-Banking Sectors Reforms-Impact of Reforms-Money Market Reforms and Capital Market Reforms in India-Merchant Banking-Banker & Customer Relationship-Classification and Characteristics of Cheques consequence of wrongful dishonor-Lending policies for loans and advances- modes of creating charge-Pledge-Hypothecation-lien. Life Insurance, Non-life insurance and its regulation.

9. General English (Comprehension) (10 Marks): Synonyms, antonyms and comprehending a passage; Report Writing-Types of reports-Parts contents-Format of report-Business report and academic report- Essentials of good report writing.

10. General knowledge and current affairs (10 Marks): In the field of Commerce & Business.

M.A Mathematics Syllabus

Part-A (40 Marks)

Groups: Binary operations-Definitions and properties, Groups-Definition and elementary properties, Finite groups and group composition tables, Subgroups and cyclic subgroups. Permutations-functions and permutations, groups of permutations, cycles and cyclic notation, even and odd permutations, The alternating groups. Cyclic groups-Elementary properties, The classification of cyclic groups, subgroups of finite cyclic groups. Isomorphism-Definition and elementary properties, Cayley’s theorem, Groups of cosets, Applications, Normal subgroups - Factor groups, Criteria for the existence of a coset group, Inner automorphisms and normal subgroups, factor groups and simple groups, Homomorphism - Definition and elementary properties, The fundamental theorem of homomorphism, applications.

Rings: Definition and basic properties, Fields, Integral domains, divisors of zero and Cancellation laws, Integral domains, The characteristic of a ring, some non-commutative rings, Examples, Matrices over a field, The real quaternions, Homomorphism of Rings - Definition and elementary properties, Maximal and Prime ideals, Prime fields. Rings of Polynomials - Polynomials in an indeterminate form, The evaluation of homomorphism.

Linear Algebra: Vector spaces, General properties of vector spaces, vector subspaces, Algebra of subspaces, linear combination of vectors.

Linear span, linear sum of two subspaces, Linear independence and dependence of vectors, Basis of vector space, Finite dimensional vector spaces, Dimension of a vector space, Dimension of a subspace.

Linear transformations, linear operators, Range and null space of linear transformation, Rank and nullity of linear transformations, Linear transformations as vectors, Product of linear transformations, Invertible linear transformation.

The adjoint or transpose of a linear transformation, Sylvester’s law of nullity, characteristic values and characteristic vectors, Cayley-Hamilton theorem, Diagonalizable operators. Inner product spaces, Euclidean and unitary spaces, Norm or length of a vector, Schwarz inequality, Orthogonality, Orthonormal set, complete Orthonormal set, Gram - Schmidt Orthogonalisation process.

Part-B (60 Marks)

Differential Equations: Differential equations of first order and first degree:- Linear differential equations: Differential equations reducible to linear form; Exact differential equations; integrating factors; Change of variables.

Differential equations of the order but not of the first degree: Equations solvable for p; Equations solvable for y; Equations solvable for x; Equations that do not contain x (or y); Equations of the first degree in x and y-Clairaut’s equation.

Applications of first order differential equations: Orthogonal trajectories. Higher order linear differential equations: Solution of homogeneous linear differential equations of order n with constant coefficients.

Solution of the non-homogeneous linear differential equations with constant coefficients by means of polynomial operators. Method of undetermined coefficients; Method of variation of parameters; Linear differential equations with non-constant coefficients; The Cauchy-Euler equation.

System of linear differential equations: Solution of a system of linear equations with constant coefficients; an equivalent triangular system.

Solid Geometry: The Plane: Equation of plane in terms of its intercepts on the axis, Equations of the plane through the given points, Length of the perpendicular from a given point to a given plane, Bisectors of angles between two planes, Combined equation of two planes, Orthogonal projection on a plane.

The Line: Equations of a line, Angle between a line and a plane, The condition that a given line may lie in a given plane, The condition that two given lines are coplanar, Number of arbitrary constants in the equations of a straight line of conditions which determine a line, The shortest distance between two lines. The length and equations of the line of shortest distance between two straight lines, Length of perpendicular from a given point to a given line, Intersection of three planes, Triangular Prism.

The Sphere: Definition and equation of the 2 sphere, Equation of the sphere through four given points, Plane sections of a sphere. Intersection of two spheres; Equation of a circle. Sphere through a given circle; Intersection of a sphere and a line. Power of a point; Tangent plane. Plane of contact. Polar Plane, Pole of a plane, Conjugate points, Conjugate planes; Angle of intersection of two spheres. Conditions for two spheres to be orthogonal; Radical plane. Coaxial system of spheres; Simplified from of the equation of two spheres. Cones, Cylinders and conicoids: Definitions of a cone, vertex, guiding curve, generators. Equation of the cone with a given vertex and guiding curve. Enveloping cone of a sphere. Equations of cones with vertex at origin are homogenous. Condition that the general equation of the second degree should represent a cone. Condition that a cone may have three mutually perpendicular generators Intersection of a line and a quadric cone. Tangent lines and tangent plane at a point. Condition that a plane may touch a cone. Reciprocal cones. Intersection of two cones with a common vertex. Right circular cone. Equation of the right circular cone with a given vertex, axis and semi-vertical angle. Definition of a cylinder. Equation to the cylinder whose generators intersect a given conic and are parallel to a given line, Enveloping cylinder of a sphere. The right circular cylinder. Equation of the right circular cylinder with a given axis and radius. The general equation of the second degree and the various surfaces represented by it; Shapes of some surfaces. Nature of Ellipsoid. Nature of Hyperboloid of one sheet.

Real Numbers: The Completeness Properties of R, Applications of the Supremum Property. Sequences and Series-Sequences and their limits, Limit theorems, Monotonic Sequences, Sub- sequences and the Bolzano-Weierstrass theorem, The Cauchy’s Criterion, properly divergent sequences, Introduction to series, Absolute convergence, test for absolute continuous Functions—continuous functions, combinations of continuous functions, continuous functions on intervals, Uniform continuity.

Differentiation and Integration: The derivative, The mean value theorems, L’Hospital Rule, Taylor’s Theorem. Riemann integration - Riemann integral, Riemann integrable functions, fundamental theorem.

Multiple integrals and Vector Calculus: Multiple integrals: Introduction, the concept of a plane, Curve, line integral-Sufficient condition for the existence of the integral.

The area of a subset of R2 , Calculation of double integrals, Jordan curve, Area, Change of the order of integration, Double integral as a limit, Change of variable in a double integration. Lengths of Curves, surface areas, Integral expression for the length of a curve, surfaces, surface areas. Vector differentiation.

Ordinary derivatives of vectors, Space curves, Continuity, Differentiability, Gradient, Divergence, Curl operators, Formulae involving these operators. Vector integration, Theorems of Gauss and Stokes, Green’s theorem in plane and applications of these theorems.

M.Sc Physics Syllabus

Part-A (40 Marks)

Electrostatics-Gauss’s Law and its applications. Dielectrics and Capacitance. Magnetostatics. Moving charge in electric and magnetic fields-Hall effect, Cyclotron and Synchrocyclotron, Biot Savart’s law. Electromagnetic induction-Faraday’s laws and applications, Lenz law.

Varying and alternating currents-LCR circuits and related concepts, Resonant circuits. Maxwell’s equations and electromagnetic waves.

Semiconductor devices-diodes, transistors, oscillators. Digital principles. Atomic and Molecular physics-atomic spectra, theories; Zeeman effect; X-ray spectra; Molecular spectra, Raman effect and spectroscopic techniques.

Elements of quantum theory wave nature of matter, uncertainty principle, wave mechanics; Schrodinger’s wave equation and its applications.

Nuclear Physics-Nucleus, its properties and models; Radioactive decay-Laws and theories; Radiation detectors, Nuclear Reactors.

Crystals structures and X-ray diffraction; bonding in crystals; Magnetic properties of materials; Superconductivity - Nano-materials.

Part-B (60 Marks)

Vector analysis-Vector integration, Stokes, Gauss and Green's theorems. Mechanics of particles- Laws of motion, conservation of energy and momentum, and collisions. Dynamics of a rigid body.

Mechanics of continuous media- Elastic constants of isotropic solids and their relations.

Dynamics of a rigid body. Mechanics of continuous media - Elastic constants of isotropic solids and their relation, Equation of continuity. Central forces-nature; Gravitational field; Kepler’s laws. Special theory of relativity. Fundamentals of Vibrations- Simple harmonic oscillators.

Damped and forced Oscillations. Complex Vibrations-Fourier theorem, analysis of periodic, square, triangular and sawtooth wave functions. Coupled Oscillators. Vibrating strings transverse wave propagation, strings clamped at both the ends, overtones and energy transport.

Vibrations of bars - longitudinal wave propagation in bars. Ultrasonic- properties, methods of production and detection, and applications. Kinetic theory of gases- Law of distribution of molecular speeds, Application to Viscosity, thermal conduction and diffusion of gases. Laws of thermodynamics, entropy and disorder.

Thermodynamic potentials and Maxwell’s equations, specific heats and Joule Kelvin effect. Low temperature Physics. Quantum theory of Radiation- Blackbody, Wien's law, Rayleigh Jeans law and Planck's law, and measurement of Radiation. Elements of Statistical Mechanics.

Concept of ensembles - MB, BE and FD Statistics, Matrix Methods in paraxial optics. Aberrations and methods of their minimization. Interference and its theories; Interference by films and interferometry. Fraunhofer diffraction and Fresnel diffraction. Polarization-production and analysis. Phenomenon of double refraction. Babinet’s compensator.

Optical activity. Lasers, fibre optics and holography.

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Syllabus 2021 - FAQ

1. Where can I check the CPGET Syllabus 2021?

You can check the CPGET Syllabus 2021 on the official website.

2. Which is the official website?

osmania.ac.in is the official website.

3. How does the CPGET Syllabus 2021 help?

CPGET Syllabus 2021 to make the candidates aware of the topics to focus on.

4. What is the full form of CPGET?

The full form of CPGET is Common Postgraduate Entrance Test .

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