Current Affairs Quiz 9th September 2016 - Fresherslive Current Affairs Quiz

9th September 2016 Current Affairs questions and answers for exam preparation and Interview.


  1. Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) has nominated the two-time Olympic-medallist wrestler Sushil Kumar for which of the following Award
  2. A. Arjuna Award
    B.Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna
    C.Padma Bhushan
    D. Dronacharya Award

  3. Which of the following state Government has announced a cash reward of Rs 75 lakh to steeplechase specialist from the state Lalita Babar recently
  4. A.Maharashtra
    B. Karnataka
    C. Odisha
    D. Telangana

  5. Which of the following state has record the highest dengue deaths in country
  6. A.West Bengal
    B. Odisha
    C. Kerala
    D. Karnataka

  7. World's biggest river island Majuli gets district status.Majuli island located in which river
  8. A.Ganga
    B. Yamuna
    C. Kaveri
    D. Brahmaputra

  9. Who has been appointed as the next Ambassador of India to the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria
  10. A.Satbir Singh
    B.Nutan Guha Biswas
    C. Dharmendra Sharma
    D.Raajiv Yaduvanshi

  11. Which of the following Ministry has launched a new service -integration of DigiLocker with Driving Licenses (DL) & Vehicle Registration Certificates (RC).
  12. A.Ministry of Shipping Road Transport and Highways
    B.Ministry of Human Resource Management
    C.Ministry of Health & Family Welfare
    D.None of these

  13. Which of the following Indian snooker has once again recommended for Padma Bhushan Award recently
  14. A.Geet Sethi
    B.Ashok Sandilya
    C. Michael Ferreira
    D. Pankaj Advani

  15. The UN Charter was recently translated into which language for the first time
  16. A.Mandarin
    B. Sanskrit

  17. Who is the author of book Into the Hidden Valley
  18. A.Anurag Mathur
    B. N. R. Narayana Murthy
    C.Susmita Das Gupta
    D.Stuart Blackburn's

  19. What is the name of tenth flight of India's GSLV
  20. A.GSLV-D1
    B. GSLV-F06
    C. GSLV-D6
    D. GSLV-F05

  21. What is the name of advanced weather satellite,that was successfully launched by Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) on 8 September 2016
  22. A.INSAT-3DR
    B. INSAT-SD3
    C. INSAT-6MR
    D. INSAT-8GH

  23. What is the theme for International Literacy Day 2016
  24. A.‘Reading the Past, Writing the Future‘
    B.Literacy and Sustainable Societies
    C. Literacy and Health
    D. Literacies for the 21st Century

  25. Who has been appointed as the president of Henkel India
  26. A.Shilip Kumar
    B. Hans Van Bylen
    C. Carsten Knobel
    D. Pascal Houdayer

  27. Famous Author Stuart Blackburn's "Into the Hidden Valley", a book based on which state and he won the MM Bennetts Award for Historical Fiction 2016 in the UK.
  28. A.Mizoram
    B. Tamil Nadu
    C. Arunachal Pradesh
    D. Manipur

  29. Mahindra and Mahindra (M&M) has rebranded electric mobility portfolio as
  30. A.Mahindra Electric
    B. Mahindra Electronics
    C.Mahindra Electrical
    D.Mahindra Power

  31. Which of the following state has decided to amend the Hydropower Policy 2006
  32. A.Himachal Pradesh
    B. Madhya Pradesh
    C. Karnataka

  33. Union Government has launched a new program called NIDHI on 6 September 2016.What is does stand for NIDHI
  34. A.National Initiative for Developing and Harnessing Innovations
    B.National Information for Developing and Harnessing Innovations
    C.National Initiative for Developing and Harnessing Information
    D.National Initiative for Develop and Harness Innovations

  35. Name the state that decided to link students' examination forms with their Aadhaar numbers
  36. A.Bihar
    B. Odisha
    C. Uttar Pradesh
    D. Maharastra

  37. Who has assumed charge as the Chairman and Managing Director (CMD) of Uranium Corporation of India Limited (UCIL) on 7 September 2016
  38. A.Ramendra Gupta
    B. V. Sadasivam
    C.Anjan Chaki
    D. CK Asnani

  39. The Union Government in September 2016 announced a Special Financial Package for which State
  40. A.Andhra Pradesh
    B. Maharashtra
    C. Odisha
    D. Kerala

  41. India has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with which country to allow unlimited number of flights into each other’s countries and also has initiated the air service agreement for open skies.
  42. A.Oman
    B. Argentina

  43. Who was appointed as the Director General of Police (Intelligence) of Tamil Nadu recently
  44. A.TK Rajendran
    B.Siva Kumar
    D. Ashok

  45. Which city hosted the the first edition of ‘IoT' India Congress 2016
  46. A.Bengaluru
    C. New Delhi
    D. Hyderabad

  47. The International Literacy Day is observed on which date
  48. A.8 September
    B. 4 January
    C. 23 December
    D.7 July

  49. Who won the Best Actor award for his role in 'Manjhi-The Mountain Man' at Lonavla International Film Festival India 2016
  50. A.Anant Mahadevan
    B.Anamika Sharma
    C. Nawazuddin Siddiqui
    D.Shahrukh Khan

  1. C.Padma Bhushan
  2. A.Maharashtra
  3. A.West Bengal
  4. D. Brahmaputra
  5. A.Satbir Singh
  6. A.Ministry of Shipping Road Transport and Highways
  7. D. Pankaj Advani
  8. B. Sanskrit
  9. D.Stuart Blackburn's
  10. D. GSLV-F05
  11. A.INSAT-3DR
  12. A.‘Reading the Past, Writing the Future‘
  13. A.Shilip Kumar
  14. C. Arunachal Pradesh
  15. A.Mahindra Electric
  16. A.Himachal Pradesh
  17. A.National Initiative for Developing and Harnessing Innovations
  18. A.Bihar
  19. D. CK Asnani
  20. A.Andhra Pradesh
  21. D.Greece
  22. A.TK Rajendran
  23. A.Bengaluru
  24. A.8 September
  25. C. Nawazuddin Siddiqui

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