Current Affairs Quiz 6th September 2016 - Fresherslive Current Affairs Quiz

6th September 2016 Current Affairs questions and answers for exam preparation and Interview.


  1. Who has assumed charge as the 24th Governor of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on 4 September 2016.
  2. A.N. S. Vishwanathan
    B. R. Gandhi
    C. Urjit Patel
    D. S. S. Mundra

  3. Who became the the first Asian to be awarded the prestigious Heritage Heroes Award by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).
  4. A.Raman Sukumar
    B.Edward J. Laurent
    C.Monica Turner
    D.Bibhuti Lahkar

  5. Who has been appointed brand ambassador of his home state Tasmania
  6. A.Ricky Ponting
    B. David Warner
    C. George Bailey
    D. Glenn Maxwell

  7. Which country was declared malaria-free by the World Health Organization
  8. A.India
    B. Sri Lanka
    C. Bangladesh
    D. Russia

  9. Which state will host the first “Bird Festival”
  10. A.Goa
    B. Tamil Nadu
    C. Kerala
    D. Andhra Pradesh

  11. The Jan Shikshan Sansthan (JSS), Malappuram, has won the Unesco Confucius Prize for ____________
  12. A.Literacy
    B. Teaching
    C. Science
    D. Social Service

  13. Which of the following IT sector has entered into a joint venture with the Saudi Prerogative Company to offer IT services in the middle eastern country .
  14. A.Infosys
    B. Wipro
    D. Apple

  15. Who will be honoured with the 37th edition of prestigious Sarala Award
  16. A.Dr Hrushikesh Mallick
    B. Sitakanta Mohapatra
    C. Ramakanta Rath
    D. Haraprasad Das

  17. National Teachers Day observed on which date
  18. A.3 October
    B. 26 December
    C. 15 January
    D. 5 September

  19. Name the Assamese poet,Who has passed away in Guwahati
  20. A.Nalinidhar Bhattacharyya
    B.Kashmiri Lal Zakir
    C.Yunus Jaffery
    D.V. S. Mani

  21. Who has won the 2016 Brazil Open Grand Prix
  22. A.Pranaav Jerry Chopra and N Sikki Reddy
    B. Toby Ng and Rachel Honderich
    C.Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton
    D.None of these

  23. The Union Government has recently approved the use of chilli-based PAVA shells for crowd controlling. What does “PAVA” stands for
  24. A.Para aminobenzoic Acid Vanillyl Amide
    B. Pantothenic Acid Vanillyl Amide
    C.Palmitic Acid Vanillyl Amide
    D. Pelargonic Acid Vanillyl Amide

  25. Whose death anniversary is observed as International Day of Charity
  26. A.Mother Teresa
    B. Kuriakose Elias Chavara
    C. Euphrasia
    D. Alphonsa

  27. The Nomad Film Festival has started in which of the following cities
  28. A.Mumbai
    B.New Delhi
    C. Bangalore
    D. Chennai

  29. Who has been appointed as the Wrestling Director of Rohtak University by the Haryana Government
  30. A.PV Sindhu
    B. Saina Nehwal
    C. Sakshi Malik
    D.None of these

  31. Which of the following species of great apes has been recently declared as Critically Endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature
  32. A.Bonobo
    B. Chimpanzee
    C.Mountain Gorilla
    D.Eastern Gorilla

  33. Which of the following former Indian Cricketers has been appointed as brand ambassador for anti- liquor and drug campaign by the Kerala
  34. A.Sachin Tendulkar
    B. Sourav Ganguly
    C.Rahul Drvid
    D.Yuvraj Singh

  35. Which of the following state has decided to develop 340 villages as Horticulture Villages during the Golden Jubilee year of the State.
  36. A.Haryana
    B. Odisha
    C. Madhya Pradesh
    D. Uttar Pradesh

  37. Whose birthday celebrated as the National Teacher's Day
  38. A.Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan
    B. M. Visvesvaraya
    C. Jawaharlal Nehru
    D.Subramania Bharati

  39. Mother Teresa was recently proclaimed a Saint by Pope Francis in a ceremony at the Vatican. She was beatified, a first step towards canonisation, in which year
  40. A.2003
    B. 2004
    C. 2000
    D. 2005

  41. Recently,which of the following cricket team has won the one-day cricket series against Australia-A
  42. A.India -A
    B. Bangladesh - B
    C. South Africa - A
    D. Sri Lanka -A

  43. Who won the 2016 Italian Grand Prix on 4 September 2016
  44. A.Nico Rosberg
    B. Lewis Hamilton
    C. Nelson Piquet
    D. Sebastian Vettel

  45. The International Day of Charity was observed on which date
  46. A.5 September
    B.10 April
    C. 4 October
    D. 23 November

  47. Which of the following state has signed a long-term lease agreement with Falcon Marine Exports for the operation of Jagatjore Shrimp Culture Project
  48. A.Odisha
    B.Madhya Pradesh
    D. Rajasthan

  49. Which of the following Indian shooter has announced his retirement from shooting.
  50. A.Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore
    B. Gagan Narang
    C. Abhinav Bindra
    D.Anjali Bhagwat

  1. C. Urjit Patel
  2. D.Bibhuti Lahkar
  3. A.Ricky Ponting
  4. B. Sri Lanka
  5. A.Goa
  6. A.Literacy
  7. A.Infosys
  8. A.Dr Hrushikesh Mallick
  9. D. 5 September
  10. A.Nalinidhar Bhattacharyya
  11. A.Pranaav Jerry Chopra and N Sikki Reddy
  12. D. Pelargonic Acid Vanillyl Amide
  13. A.Mother Teresa
  14. B.New Delhi
  15. C. Sakshi Malik
  16. D.Eastern Gorilla
  17. A.Sachin Tendulkar
  18. A.Haryana
  19. A.Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan
  20. A.2003
  21. A.India -A
  22. A.Nico Rosberg
  23. A.5 September
  24. A.Odisha
  25. C. Abhinav Bindra

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