Current Affairs Quiz 4th October 2016 - Fresherslive Current Affairs Quiz

4th October 2016 Current Affairs questions and answers for exam preparation and Interview.


  1. Who has been appointed Chevalier de l’Ordre National du Mérite (Knight in the National Order of Merit) by the French government recently.
  2. A.Martha Carolyn Matheny
    B. Thomas A. Benes
    C. Prajna Chowta
    D.Paul Alexander Wijnberg

  3. Which of the following domestic bank will open branch in Myanmar
  4. A.SBI
    B. ICICI Bank
    C. PNB
    D. Axis Bank

  5. What is theme for the World Space Week 2016
  6. A.Remote Sensing: Enabling our Future
    B.50 Years in Space
    C.Exploring the Universe
    D.Space for Education

  7. World Space Week is an annual event that is observed from 4 October to ____________
  8. A.8 October
    B.4 November
    C. 23 October
    D.10 October

  9. Which of the following state rural areas have achieved more than 90% of toilet construction in households.
  10. A.Himachal Pradesh
    B. Sikkim
    C. Sikkim
    D. All of these

  11. Which of the following state has declared as the open defecation free (ODF) recently by the Union Urban Development Ministry
  12. A.Gujarat
    B. Andhra Pradesh
    C. Bihar
    D. Both A & B

  13. Who has been appointed as the Ambassador of India to the Republic of Guinea
  14. A. R Ravindra
    B. Nancy J. Powell
    C. Timothy J. Roemer
    D.Richard R. Verma

  15. Polythene banned at all national monuments from ____________
  16. A.January 26
    B.October 2
    C. August 15
    D. November 14

  17. Which of the following private sector bank has acquired BSS Microfinance in an all-cash deal for Rs 139.2 crore.
  18. A.ICICI Bank
    B.Yes Bank
    C. Axis Bank
    D. Kotak Mahindra

  19. A 34-feet long 'Lamp of Humanity' was inaugurated by which state Chief Minister
  20. A.Madhya Pradesh
    B. Rajasthan
    C. Goa

  21. Which of the following state became India’s first state to implement Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) in Kerosene on 1 October 2016.
  22. A.Bihar
    B. Rajasthan
    C. Assam

  23. Which of the following Indian golfer won the Korea Open 2016
  24. A.Anirban Lahiri
    B. S S P Chowrasia
    C.Rashid Khan
    D.Gaganjeet Bhullar

  25. Who is the current chairman of 21st Law Commission of India
  26. A.S. Sivakumar
    B. Balbir Singh Chauhan
    C.Ravi R Tripathi
    D.Bimal Patel

  27. Who has been appointed as the Chairman and Managing Director of Power Finance Corporation (PFC)
  28. A. A K Agarwal
    B. Arun Kumar Verma
    C. R. Nagarajan Director
    D.Rajeev Sharma

  29. Yoshinori Ohsumi of Japan won the Nobel Prize 2016 in which of the following field
  30. A.Literature
    B. Chemistry
    D. Medicine

  31. Which of the following state on 2 October 2016 notified Prohibition and Excise Act, 2016 that says that drinkers could land drinkers in jail for up to 7 years with a fine of at least 1 lakh rupees
  32. A.Bihar
    B. Madhya Pradesh
    C. Haryana
    D. Odisha

  33. The Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) has received total disclosure of __________________ black money in the form of cash and other assets under the Income Disclosure Scheme, 2016.
  34. A.Rs. 100,750 crore
    B. Rs. 45,650 crore
    C. Rs. 65,250 crore
    D.Rs. 44,300 crore

  35. What is theme for the the World Habitat Day 2016
  36. A.Voices from Slums
    B. Shelter is My Right
    C. Cities without Slums
    D. Housing at the Centre

  37. The World Habitat Day was observed on which date
  38. A.2 September
    B. 4 May
    C. 9 January
    D. 3 October

  39. Which of the following Indian-origin South African won the Google Science Fair prize 2016
  40. A.Kumi Naidoo
    B. Amina Cachalia
    C. Kader Asmal
    D.Kiara Nirghin

  41. Who has been appointed as the full-time member of 21st Law Commission of India recently
  42. A.Ravi R Tripathi
    B. Bimal Patel
    C. Ajay Singh
    D.S. Siva kumar

  43. Colombian voters rejected FARC peace plan in a referendum.What does stands for FARC
  44. A.Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia
    B. Revolution Armed Field of Colombia
    C. Revolutionary Armed Forces of China
    D. Revolution Aim For of Colombia

  1. C. Prajna Chowta
  2. A.SBI
  3. A.Remote Sensing: Enabling our Future
  4. D.10 October
  5. D. All of these
  6. D. Both A & B
  7. A. R Ravindra
  8. B.October 2
  9. D. Kotak Mahindra
  10. D.Gujarat
  11. D.Jharkhand
  12. D.Gaganjeet Bhullar
  13. B. Balbir Singh Chauhan
  14. D.Rajeev Sharma
  15. D. Medicine
  16. A.Bihar
  17. C. Rs. 65,250 crore
  18. D. Housing at the Centre
  19. D. 3 October
  20. D.Kiara Nirghin
  21. D.S. Siva kumar
  22. A.Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia

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