Current Affairs Quiz 26th October 2016 - Fresherslive Current Affairs Quiz

26th October 2016 Current Affairs questions and answers for exam preparation and Interview.


  1. Who became the first US author to win the Man Booker Prize 2016
  2. A.Deborah Levy
    B.Ottessa Moshfegh
    C.Madeleine Thien
    D. Paul Beatty

  3. Recently,the High Court has ordered to complete ban on the sale of whitener in which of the following state
  4. A.New Delhi
    B. Assam

  5. The 2018 FIFA World Cup will be hosted by
  6. A.Russia
    B. Argentina
    C. Canada
    D. Brazil

  7. Name the Mobile app,that can help fight air pollution by reporting incidences of leaf and garbage burning, and dust generated by construction activities
  8. A.DelhiPol
    B. PolluRem
    C. DisPollu
    D. HawaBadlo

  9. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched the Urja Ganga in which of the following city
  10. A.New Delhi
    B. Chandigarh
    C. Jaipur
    D. Varanasi

  11. India’s first startup magazine “Cofounder” has been launched by which of the following personalities
  12. A.Krishna Raj and Arunraj Rajendran
    B.Adhish Verma and Arunraj Rajendran
    C.Adhish Verma and Rajesh Varma
    D. Ajay Singh and Rajendran

  13. Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the first National Tribal Carnival in which of the following city
  14. A.Ahmedabad
    B. Chandigarh
    C. Ranchi
    D.New Delhi

  15. Disarmament Week is an annual event that is observed from _______________
  16. A.October 24 -30
    B. May 12-18
    C.June 3-9
    D. August 1-7

  17. Haji Ali Dargah Trust told Supreme Court (SC) that it will grant equal access to women to the inner sanctorum of the Haji Ali shrine.This shrine located in which city
  18. A.Agra
    B. Ahmedabad
    C. Mumbai

  19. Who is the author of book “The Sellout”
  20. A.Deborah Levy
    B. Ottessa Moshfegh
    C.Graeme Macrae Burnet
    D.Paul Beatty

  21. Recently,a team of scientists discovered a secret Nazi base of German dictator Adolf Hitler at which place
  22. A.Asia-Pacific region
    B. Greenland
    C. Arctic Circle
    D.Antarctic Circle

  23. The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has started a series of ground and aerial tests linked to the critical Moon landing of which of the following mission
  24. A.SMART-1
    B. Chang'e 1
    D. Chandrayaan-2

  25. What is the India’s rank in female literacy as per International Commission on Financing Global Education Opportunity
  26. A.41
    B. 67
    C. 23
    D. 38

  27. Who has been appointed as the head of SoftBank Vision Fund
  28. A.Ken Miyauchi
    B. Ronald D. Fisher
    C. Yun Ma
    D.Rajeev Misra

  29. Name the Anti-Vietnam War activists,who has passed away on 23 October 2016
  30. A.Bob Hoover
    B. Pete Burns
    C. Richard Nicoll
    D. Tom Hayden

  31. Who won the Mr Asia title at the 5th Phil-Asia bodybuilding championships in the Philippines.
  32. A.S Rama Krishana
    B. Rajesh Varma
    C. Ajay Singh
    D.G Balakrishna

  33. Who won the 2016 European Golden Boy award
  34. A.Leroy Sane
    B. Dele Alli
    C.Renato Sanches
    D.Marcus Rashford

  35. The china's experimental space lab Tiangong-2 was successfully launched by which of the following micro-satellite
  36. A.Taiyuan
    B. Leonardo
    D. Astro-2

  37. Who was honoured with the Mark Twain Prize for American Humour
  38. A.Bruce Altman
    B.George Alvarez
    C. Jonathan Ahdout
    D.Bill Murray

  39. Who has been appointed as the chairperson of Jammu & Kashmir Human Rights Commission
  40. A.V.N. Khare
    B. S. Rajendra Babu
    C. Y.K. Sabharwal
    D.Bilal Nazki

  41. According to the World Meteorological Organization report,average level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere across the globe passed how many parts per million (ppm) in 2015.
  42. A.100
    B. 200
    C. 300
    D. 400

  1. D. Paul Beatty
  2. D.Uttarakhand
  3. A.Russia
  4. D. HawaBadlo
  5. D. Varanasi
  6. B.Adhish Verma and Arunraj Rajendran
  7. D.New Delhi
  8. A.October 24 -30
  9. C. Mumbai
  10. D.Paul Beatty
  11. C. Arctic Circle
  12. D. Chandrayaan-2
  13. D. 38
  14. D.Rajeev Misra
  15. D. Tom Hayden
  16. D.G Balakrishna
  17. C.Renato Sanches
  18. C.Banxing-2
  19. D.Bill Murray
  20. D.Bilal Nazki
  21. D. 400

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