Current Affairs Quiz 25th October 2016 - Fresherslive Current Affairs Quiz

25th October 2016 Current Affairs questions and answers for exam preparation and Interview.


  1. Who is the author of book "Andhere Se Ujale Ki Aur"
  2. A.Amit Shah
    B. Arun Jaitley
    C.Narendra Modi
    D. Suresh Prabhu

  3. Who has been appointed as the Regional Representative for SAARC countries
  4. A.Ajay Singh
    B.Ravi Krishna
    C. Rajesh Varma
    D. P.S. Raman

  5. The former google search head Amit Singhal will join which of the following e- commerce company
  6. A.Flipkart
    B. Paytm
    C. Freecharge
    D. Amazon

  7. Which of the of the following dam in India was chosen for the World Bank’s Award of Excellence for best utilisation of funds for renovation to enhance the strength of the dam.
  8. A.Bhakra Dam
    B. Mullaperiyar Dam
    C. Almatti Dam
    D. Krishna Raja Sagara

  9. Which of the following state to launch its own brand olive oil
  10. A.Kerala
    B. Andhra Pradesh

  11. The G20 Anti-Corruption Working Group (ACWG) meeting was held in which of the following city
  12. A.Paris
    B. New York
    C. Moscow
    D. New Delhi

  13. Tawang festival celebrated in which of the following state
  14. A.Assam
    B. Manipur
    C. Arunachal Pradesh
    D. Meghalaya

  15. Which of the following country army team won the gold medal at one of the most gruelling exercises in the world.
  16. A.England
    B. US
    C. China
    D. India

  17. What is the theme for United Nations Day 2016
  18. A.One Humanity, Shared Responsibility
    B.Strong UN. Better World
    C.Freedom First
    D. Solutions for a Prosperous World

  19. The World Development Information Day was observed on which date
  20. A.12 July
    B. 3 December
    C. 21 August
    D.24 October

  21. Who has been appointed as the interim chairman of Tata Sons Ltd for four months
  22. A.Ratan Tata
    B. Ishaat Hussain
    C. Sankaranarayanan
    D.Cyrus Mistry

  23. How many personalities selected for the UP's Yash Bharti Awards 2016
  24. A.23
    B. 54
    D. 35

  25. Which of the following organization has provided help to countries including India to shift away from coal for energy purpose.
  26. A.Asian Development Bank
    B.World Bank
    C. IMF
    D.Both a & b

  27. The 22nd meeting of the Western Zonal Council was recently held in which of the following city
  28. A.Kolkata
    B. Mumbai
    C. New Delhi

  29. The Indo Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) celebrated its ______ raising day on 24 October.
  30. A.27th
    B. 63rd
    C. 48th
    D. 55th

  31. The Union Government is planning to fast-track four projects in Indus river basin to increase irrigation area in which of the following state
  32. A.Punjab
    B. Gujarat
    C. Rajasthan
    D. Jammu and Kashmir

  33. Which of the following cricketer has been selected for the UP's Yash Bharti Awards 2016
  34. A.Suresh Raina
    B. Mohammed Shami
    C. Bhuwaneshwar Kumar
    D. MS Dhoni

  35. Which of the following bollywood actor has been selected for the UP's Yash Bharti Awards 2016
  36. A.Raj Babbar
    B. Amitabh Bachchan
    C.Salman Khan
    D.Naseeruddin Shah

  37. The United Nations Day 2016 was observed on which date
  38. A.12 May
    B. 4 July
    C. 5 December
    D. 24 October

  39. Which of the following has been selected for the 2016 Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy Award
  40. A.CS Yadav
    B. D S Rana
    C. Randeep Guleria
    D. All of these

  41. Recently,which country has passed a law banning the sale, import and production of alcohol in the country
  42. A.Germany
    B. Iran
    C. Cuba
    D. Iraq

  1. B. Arun Jaitley
  2. D. P.S. Raman
  3. B. Paytm
  4. C. Almatti Dam
  5. C.Rajasthan
  6. A.Paris
  7. C. Arunachal Pradesh
  8. D. India
  9. C.Freedom First
  10. D.24 October
  11. A.Ratan Tata
  12. B. 54
  13. D.Both a & b
  14. B. Mumbai
  15. D. 55th
  16. D. Jammu and Kashmir
  17. C. Bhuwaneshwar Kumar
  18. D.Naseeruddin Shah
  19. D. 24 October
  20. D. All of these
  21. D. Iraq

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