Current Affairs Quiz 21st October 2016 - Fresherslive Current Affairs Quiz

21st October 2016 Current Affairs questions and answers for exam preparation and Interview.


  1. Which of the following IT sector company has developed first human-like speech recognition system
  2. A.IBM
    B. Apple Inc
    C. Cisco

  3. Which one of the following state bank group has won the "Special Award for Excellence in MSME lending" for the year 2014-15
  4. A.State Bank of Hyderabad
    B.State Bank of Mysore
    C. State Bank of Patiala
    D. State Bank of Travancore

  5. Which online travel company has acquired rival Indian travel company Ibibo
  6. A.Yatra
    B. Cleartrip
    C. Travelguru

  7. Which of the following company has won the Sustainable Manufacturing of Make in India Award at the Make in India Awards 2016.
  8. A.Jindal Stainless (Hisar) Ltd
    B. Birla Copper
    C.Hindalco Industries
    D.Tata Steel

  9. Which of the following union minister has launched logo for IPR cell in patent push
  10. A.Sushma Swaraj
    B. Arun Jaitley
    C. Venkaiah Naidu
    D.Nirmala Sitharaman

  11. The Krishna Water Disputes Tribunal II (KWDT-II) headed by Justice Brijesh Kumar, has decided to maintain status quo on the allocation of Krishna River water among all four riparian states.which of the following state not a part of among four states.
  12. A.Maharashtra
    B.Tamil Nadu
    C. Karnataka
    D. Telangana

  13. Which of the following railway sections of Gujarat as Green Train Corridors declared by the Ministry of Railways
  14. A.Okha-Kanalus
    B. Porbandar-Wansjaliya
    C. Both a & b
    D. None of these

  15. Who has assumed office as the Commandant of the Indian Naval Academy in Kerala
  16. A.William Edward Parry
    B.Robin K Dhowan
    C. SV Bhokare
    D. None of these

  17. The State Bank of India (SBI) has declared Silchar as it's __________ Zone in North-East India.
  18. A.3rd
    B. 2nd
    C. 5th
    D. 1st

  19. Which of the following country has decided to enforce a complete ban on Indian TV and radio contents from 21 October 2016.
  20. A.Bangladesh
    B. Sri Lanka
    D. Pakistan

  21. Who has been appointed as the Chief Information Commissioner (CIC) of Odisha
  22. A. PL Punia
    B. KJ Alphons
    C.Yashwant Sinha
    D. Sunil Kumar

  23. Which of the following Indian-American was appointed as member of the US Department of Homeland Security's Academic Advisory Council.
  24. A.Kaushik Basu
    B. Sugata Bose
    C.Bhairavi Desai
    D.Renu Khator

  25. The Ministry of Urban Development and which ministry signed an MoU under which railway stations and adjoining areas will be redeveloped on smart city lines for enhancing passenger amenities
  26. A.Ministry of Finance
    B.Ministry of Road and Transport
    C.Ministry of Railways
    D. Ministry of Water Resource

  27. Which of the following Organisation has pledged 2 billion US dollars aid package to Bangladesh to tackle climate change over the next three years.
  28. A.RBI
    B.Asian Development Bank
    C. World Bank

  29. India has shown keen desire to initiate a joint venture (JV) arrangement with which country for a multi-billion dollar fertilizer plant located in the North African country.
  30. A.Libya
    B. Sudan
    C. Egypt

  31. The International Conference on Voter Education held in which city
  32. A.Banglore
    B. Chennai
    D.New Delhi

  33. India has signed agreement with which country to lease second Akula-II class nuclear attack submarine (SSN)
  34. A.US
    C. Iraq

  35. Recently,which of the following state has launched Kaushalya SETU (Self-Employment and Talent Utilisation) initiative
  36. A.Odisha
    B. Maharashtra
    D. Uttar Pradesh

  37. The Indian Boxing Council was recently inducted into the World Boxing Organisation with voting rights. Where is the headquarters of World Boxing Organisation located
  38. A.London, United Kingdom
    B. Zurich, Switzerland
    C.Puerto Rico
    D.San Juan, Puerto Rico

  39. Recently,Regulator IRDAI has imposed a penalty of Rs 6 lakh in which of the following insurance company
  40. A.Birla Sun Life Insurance Co. Ltd
    B. Shriram Life Insurance
    C.Bharti AXA Life Insurance Co. Ltd
    D.Aegon Life Insurance Co. Ltd.

  41. Which of the following team won the 2016 World Railway Shooting Championship Cup
  42. A.Pakistan Railways
    B. West Indies Railways
    C. France Railways
    D.Indian Railways

  1. D.Microsoft
  2. C. State Bank of Patiala
  3. D.MakeMyTrip
  4. D.Tata Steel
  5. D.Nirmala Sitharaman
  6. B.Tamil Nadu
  7. C. Both a & b
  8. C. SV Bhokare
  9. C. 5th
  10. D. Pakistan
  11. D. Sunil Kumar
  12. D.Renu Khator
  13. C.Ministry of Railways
  14. C. World Bank
  15. D.Algeria
  16. D.New Delhi
  17. D.Russia
  18. B. Maharashtra
  19. C.Puerto Rico
  20. B. Shriram Life Insurance
  21. D.Indian Railways

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