Current Affairs Quiz 17th October 2016 - Fresherslive Current Affairs Quiz

17th October 2016 Current Affairs questions and answers for exam preparation and Interview.


  1. What is the theme for the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty 2016
  2. A.Moving from humiliation and exclusion to participation: Ending poverty in all its forms.
    B.We Can End Poverty
    C.Building a sustainable future: Coming together to end poverty and discrimination
    D.Leave no one behind: think, decide and act together against extreme poverty

  3. Which of the following cricket team becomes the first team to play 900 ODIs
  4. A.Australia
    B. South Africa
    C. West Indies
    D. India

  5. Who has been appointed as the brand ambassador of Valvoline Cummins India
  6. A.Sachin Tendulkar
    B. Virat Kohli
    C. Shikhar Dhawan
    D.Ravindra Jadeja

  7. According to the World Economic Forum (WEF) report ,what is the rank in Safety and Security in the world
  8. A.63rd
    B. 77th
    C. 13th
    D. 5th

  9. According to the World Economic Forum (WEF) report ,which country is the top rank in Safety and Security country in the world
  10. A.UK
    C. UAE
    D. Finland

  11. According to the RBI Report ,India banking system reported total deposits of ____________ for the first time ever in September month of this year.
  12. A.Rs 100 lakh crore
    B. Rs 1000 lakh crore
    C. Rs 10000 crore
    D.Rs 100000 crore

  13. The second edition of Rashtriya Sanskriti Mahotsav (RSM)-2016 started in which city
  14. A.Sri Nagar
    B. New Delhi
    C. Chandigarh
    D. Jaipur

  15. Name the system,that has launched by the Union Government to check illegal mining using latest satellite technology.
  16. A.Mining Surveillance System
    B. Mining Super System
    C.Mining Service System
    D. Mining System Surveillance

  17. Russian consortium led energy giant Rosneft Oil Company has agreed to acquire which indian oil Company for $13 billion
  18. A.Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd
    B. Hindustan Oil Exploration Company Ltd
    C. Gujarat Gas Co Ltd
    D. Essar Oil

  19. Which of the following committee has its report submitted to the Union Water Resources Ministry has concluded that Saraswati River so far considered mythical, existed.
  20. A.Arvind Mayaram Committee
    B. G N Bajpai Committee
    C.K.S. Valdiya committee
    D.ML Dantwala Committee

  21. International Day for the Eradication of Poverty was observed on which date
  22. A.12 July
    B. 3 April
    C. 26 January
    D. 17 October

  23. Which of the following Indian shuttler has clinched the men's singles title at the Chinese Taipei Open badminton.
  24. A.Srikanth Kidambi
    B. Parupalli Kashyap
    C.Aparna Popat
    D.Sourabh Verma

  25. India and which country has signed 16 agreements including procurement of the S-400 air defence system
  26. A.Russia
    B. US
    C. China
    D. Japan

  27. Recently,which country has decided to leave the 53-member Commonwealth of Nations
  28. A.Tonga
    C. Maldives

  29. Which of the following country has won the first BRICS U-17 football tournament
  30. A.South Africa
    B. Russia
    C. China
    D. Brazil

  31. Which of the following country has suspended co-operation with the UN's cultural agency, UNESCO, accusing it of denying Judaism's connections to the religion's holiest sites.
  32. A.Iraq
    B. Afghanistan
    C. Indonesia
    D. Israel

  33. The World Student Day was observed on which date
  34. A.4 December
    B. 16 January
    C. 17 July
    D.15 October

  35. Who has been appointed as the Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT)
  36. A.Rajendra Prabhu
    B. Sanjay Singh
    C.Ram Kannan
    D.Ajay Kumar

  37. Name the journalist,who has been declared India's oldest working journalist
  38. A.M. J. Akbar
    B. T. J. S. George
    C.Ashok Malik
    D. Lalbiakthanga Pachuau

  39. The Union Government has decided to utilise which vast network to sell subsidised pulses
  40. A.Tech Mahindra
    B. National Securities Depository Ltd
    C. Fino Paytech
    D.Post Office

  41. Which of the following Institute researcher has developed a cost-effective, high-performance, self-powered UV photodetector.
  42. A.IISc Bangalore
    B. IIT New Delhi
    C. IIM Ahmedabad
    D. IIT Bombay

  43. Which of the following countries have agreed to elevate their bilateral relations to ‘strategic partnership’.
  44. A.Bangladesh, India
    B. India, China
    D. Bangladesh, China

  45. Which of the following state government has released Rs. 99.62 crore under AMRUT scheme
  46. A.Andhra Pradesh
    B. Odisha
    C. Jharkhand
    D. Bihar

  47. The Minister of Women & Child Development ,Maneka Sanjay Gandhi has inaugurated the ‘Women of India Festival 2016’ in which city
  48. A.Jaipur
    D.New Delhi

  1. A.Moving from humiliation and exclusion to participation: Ending poverty in all its forms.
  2. D. India
  3. B. Virat Kohli
  4. C. 13th
  5. D. Finland
  6. A.Rs 100 lakh crore
  7. B. New Delhi
  8. A.Mining Surveillance System
  9. D. Essar Oil
  10. C.K.S. Valdiya committee
  11. D. 17 October
  12. D.Sourabh Verma
  13. A.Russia
  14. C. Maldives
  15. D. Brazil
  16. D. Israel
  17. D.15 October
  18. D.Ajay Kumar
  19. D. Lalbiakthanga Pachuau
  20. D.Post Office
  21. A.IISc Bangalore
  22. D. Bangladesh, China
  23. A.Andhra Pradesh
  24. D.New Delhi

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