Current Affairs Quiz Questions and Answers – 13th October 2016

13th October 2016 Current Affairs questions and answers for exam preparation and Interview.


  1. Which bank became the the first Indian lender to complete a banking transaction using Blockchain technology.
  2. A.SBI
    B. ICICI Bank
    C. HDFC Bank
    D. Axis Bank

  3. What is the rank of India in International Food Policy Research Institute’s (IFPRI) Global Hunger Index (GHI) in 2016
  4. A.111th
    B. 82nd
    C. 79th
    D. 97th

  5. Who is the author of book 'The Legend Of Lakshmi Prasad'.
  6. A.Akshay Kumar
    B.Aamir Khan
    C. Shahrukh Khan
    D. Twinkle Khanna

  7. The first BRICS trade fair and exhibition was held in which city
  8. A.Ahmedabad
    C. New Delhi
    D. Jaipur

  9. What is the rank of India in highest growth in science research
  10. A.1st
    B. 4th
    C. 2nd
    D. 59th

  11. Which of the following state has launched the ‘Samajwadi Smart Phone Yojana’, under which smartphones will be distributed among people in the state.
  12. A.Odisha
    B. Jharkhand
    C. Rajasthan
    D.Uttar Pradesh

  13. Which of the following country is the top rank in International Food Policy Research Institute’s (IFPRI) Global Hunger Index (GHI) in 2016
  14. A.Iran
    B. China

  15. What is theme for International Day for Disaster Reduction 2016
  16. A.Live to Tell : Raising Awareness, Reducing Mortality
    B.Raising Awareness about Disaster Reduction
    C.Step Up initiative about Disaster Reduction
    D.None of these

  17. The Entrepreneurship Development Institute (EDI) complex attacked by two militants in second week of October 2016.The complex located in which place
  18. A.Pathankot
    B. Katra
    C. Leh
    D. Pampore

  19. International Day for Disaster Reduction was observed on which date
  20. A.October 13
    B. October 5
    C. July 23
    D. December 5

  21. The First World Tsunami Awareness Day will be celebrated on which date
  22. A.October 13
    B.November 5
    C. April 23
    D.December 5

  23. Supreme Court in its decision on 6th Oct 2016 held that a Hindu son can divorce his wife if she:
  24. A.Is unfaithful
    B. Tries to separate him from his elderly parents
    C. Is mentally unstable
    D.None of the above

  25. Who won the UK Theatre Awards for his individual contributions to British theatre.
  26. A.Adam Brody
    B. Alec Guinness
    C. Anthony Hopkins
    D. Ian McKellen

  27. Who won the 2016 Champion of Champions pistol Award of the International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) for pistol shooting.
  28. A.Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore
    B. Vijay Kumar
    C.Jitu Rai
    D. Damir Mikec

  29. The 28th India and Indonesia Coordinated Patrol (CORPAT) and Second Bilateral Maritime Exercise have commenced in which place
  30. A.Kochi
    B. Belawan
    C. Visakhapatnam
    D. Port Blair

  31. Which of the following agency has developed a new high-tech electroactive bandage that uses electricity to significantly promote healing of injured wounds.
  32. A.RFSA
    B. CNSA
    C. NASA

  33. Who is the head of committee, that suggested an overhaul in transmission planning to facilitate transfer of power on economic principles.
  34. A.Nutan Guha Biswas
    B. Sanjay Pratap Singh
    C. Arun Goyal
    D.Mata Prasad

  35. The Union Government to adopt three-pronged approach to spur internal trade.Which of the following is a part of these approach
  36. A.Establishing a regulatory body for national internal trade
    B.Comprehensive domestic trade policy
    C.Board for Internal Trade.
    D.All of these

  37. Which of the following cricket team won the three-match test series against New Zealand
  38. A.Australia
    B. South Africa
    C. West Indies

  39. Which of the following state has introduction of a new textbook 'Kalipetty' ,that integrates even games through meaningful learning situations.
  40. A.Kerala
    C. Maharashtra
    D. Bihar

  1. B. ICICI Bank
  2. D. 97th
  3. D. Twinkle Khanna
  4. C. New Delhi
  5. C. 2nd
  6. D.Uttar Pradesh
  7. D.Argentina
  8. A.Live to Tell : Raising Awareness, Reducing Mortality
  9. D. Pampore
  10. A.October 13
  11. B.November 5
  12. B. Tries to separate him from his elderly parents
  13. D. Ian McKellen
  14. C.Jitu Rai
  15. B. Belawan
  16. C. NASA
  17. D.Mata Prasad
  18. D.All of these
  19. D.India
  20. A.Kerala

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