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  1. IMF has retained the growth forecast for India at ___ percent driven largely by private consumption.
  2. A.7.4 percent
    B.7.5 percent
    C.7.6 percent
    D.7.7 percent
  3. Mexican ambassador to Germany ________________ has been appointed as the new UN climate chief.
  4. A.Christiana Figueres
    B.Patricia Espinosa
    C.Christina Delgado
    D.Clarissa Figueres
  5. Who is the Director FTII
  6. A.Bhupendra Kainthola
    B.R K Laxman
    C.Mrinal Sen
    D.Saeed Akhtar Mirza
  7. Expansion of FTII
  8. A.Film Television and Institute of India
    B.Film and Television Institute of India
    C.Film Television of Institute and India
    D.Film of Television Institute and India
  9. Scientists create worlds smallest thermometer from ______
  10. A.Brain
    D.None of the above
  11. Who is the Managing Director of Bharti Retail
  12. A.Bharat Sumant Raut
    B.Kishore Biyani
    C.Leena Srivastava
  13. Which telescope is used to find the three planets
  14. A.Achromatic telescope
    B.TRAPPIST telescope
    C.Cassegrain telescope
    D.Argunov–Cassegrain telescope
  15. Which company has introduced an application that can block a user's phone while driving
  16. A.Singapore-based firm
    B.London-based firm Romex
    C.Both A & B
    D.None of the above
  17. Two Indian Naval Ships _________ and _________ were decommissioned at the Naval Dockyard in Mumbai.
  18. A.Tabar and Satbura
    B.Veer and Nipat
    C.Shardul and Magar
    D.Karmuk and Kirpan
  19. Who won prestigious Nelson Mandela Award
  20. A.Tabassum Adnan
    B.Malala Yousafzai
    C.Saina Nehwal
    D.Mamta Banerjee
  21. Expansion of APIL
  22. A.Avantha Power Infrastructure & Limited
    B.Avantha & Power Infrastructure Limited
    C.Avantha Power & Infrastructure Limited
    D.None of the above
  23. Who is the snooker chambion in 2016
  24. A.Mark Selby
    B.Stephen Hendry
    C.John Parrott
    D.Ronnie O'Sullivan
  25. Google has acquired which business technology start up on May 3rd
  26. A.Synergy
    D.None of the above
  27. Which public sector bank has ranked number 1 when it comes to the highest wilful defaulters
  28. A.Indian Overseas Bank
    D.Canara Bank
  29. Which Maharashtrian cricketer passed away on May 3rd
  30. A.Ajit Wadekar
    B.Sunil Gudge
    C.Sunil Gavaskar
    D.None of the above
  31. What is the aim of Kaleshwaram Irrigation Project
  32. A.Connecting the Godavari River
    B.Connecting the Yamuna River
    C.Connecting the Krishna river
    D.Connecting the Tungabhadra river
  33. Who is the Partner and CEO of KPMG Global Services
  34. A.John B.Veihmeyer
    B.Sameer Chadha
    C.Ms. Doughtie
    D.Manish Verma
  35. Railway ministry launched by ________application PMIS to monitor Railway projects.
  36. A.e-enabled
    B.Application form
    C.Both of the above
    D.None of the above
  37. India and _______ ink deal for direct flights
  38. A.Ingland
    C.New Zealand
  39. Name the Indian cricketer who is signed as Brand Ambassador for Hublot watches
  40. A.Harbhajan Singh
    C.Virat kohali
    D.Rohit Sharma
  41. Name the languages that have been stated as classical languages of India
  42. A.Telugu, Sanskrit, Bhojpuri
    B.Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam & Odia
    C.Rajasthani, Magadh
    D.Kamuni, Banjari, Malayalam

  1. B.7.5 percent
  2. B.Patricia Espinosa
  3. A.Bhupendra Kainthola
  4. B.Film and Television Institute of India
  5. C.DNA
  6. B.Kishore Biyani
  7. B.TRAPPIST telescope
  8. B.London-based firm Romex
  9. B.Veer and Nipat
  10. A.Tabassum Adnan
  11. C.Avantha Power & Infrastructure Limited
  12. A.Mark Selby
  13. C.Synergyse
  14. B.SBI
  15. B.Sunil Gudge
  16. A.Connecting the Godavari River
  17. B.Sameer Chadha
  18. A.e-enabled
  19. C.New Zealand
  20. D.Rohit Sharma
  21. B.Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam & Odia

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