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  1. Hockey India has recommended which players for the Arjuna Award
  2. A.Ritu Rani
    B.V R Raghunath
    C.Dharamvir Singh
    D.All of the above
  3. Which of the following Indian-American was named as 2016 Texas Elementary Teacher of the Year
  4. A.Revathi Balakrishnan
    B.Shailaja Balakrishnan
    C.Radha Kumar
    D.Sowmya Narayanan
  5. Who has signed the warrant for the appointment of four judges to the Supreme Court on 11 May 2016
  6. A.Supreme Court Chief Justice
    C.Vice President
    D.Ministry of Law
  7. Who is the author of book title "Chaos and Caliphate: Jihadis and the West in the Struggle for the Middle East"
  8. A.Patrick Cockburn
    B.Shun-Ru Chang
    C.Turner Kelso
    D.Shereen Bhan
  9. Who has presented with the National Florence Nightingale Awards to 35 nursing personnel at function in Rashtrapati Bhavan
  10. A.Narendra Modi
    B.Pranab Mukherjee
    C.Jagat Prakash Nadda
    D.Shripad Yesso Naik
  11. Who will be the new acting Chief Justice of Tripura High Court
  12. A.Deepak Kumar Gupta
    B.Tinlianthang Vaiphei
    C.Navin Sinha
    D.Ved Prakash Vaish
  13. Which of the following state has set to launch its much awaited project of grid-connected rooftop solar power units, wherein residential property owners will be encouraged to install this new system
  14. A.Andhra Pradesh
    B.Arunachal Pradesh
  15. What is the theme of National Technology Day 2016
  16. A.Technology enablers of Startup India
    B.Technologies for Better Quality of Life
    C.Gender Equity, Science & Technology for Sustainable Development
    D.None of the above
  17. In which year Uttar Pradesh has conducted the 'composite floor test'
  18. A.2005
  19. In which state government has approved bicycle highway between Taj and lion safari
  20. A.Madhya Pradesh
    C.Uttar Pradesh
  21. Which of the following states has conducted the 'composite floor test’
  22. A.Uttarakhand ,Jharkhand
    B.Bihar ,Rajasthan
    C.Uttarakhand ,Gujarat
    D.Arunachal Pradesh,Goa
  23. What is the name of Malaria vaccine Which is study by American researchers has shown to offer a protection against Malaria for more than one year
  24. A.Mosquirix
    B.PfSPZ vaccine
    C.Mumps Vaccine
    D.Poliomyelitis Vaccine
  25. The Controller General of Patents, Designs and Trademark has granted the patent to Gilead Sciences for its drug named Sovaldi, which is used in the treatment of
  26. A.Hepatitis A
    B.Hepatitis B
    C.Hepatitis C
    D.Hepatitis D
  27. The decommissioned fleet of iconic Sea Harriers of Indian Navy was replaced by
  28. A.MIG-29 K
    B.MIG-29 K
    C.MIG-27 R
    D.MIG-25 S
  29. What was the nickname of the fighter aircrafts Sea Harriers, which was decommissioned by Indian Navy
  30. A.Asiatic Lions
    B.White Elephant
    C.White Tigers
    D.Brown leopard
  31. The Indian major military training exercise ‘2016 Chakravyuh-II’ held in which state
  32. A.Rajasthan
    D.Madhya Pradesh
  33. Who is the author of book title 'Who Killed Swami Laxmanananda'
  34. A.Anto Akkara
    B.Teesta Setalvad
    C.Kuldip Nayar
    D.Husain Haqqani
  35. Who has been appointed as new head of Apple India Inc.
  36. A.Sue Wagner
    B.Sanjay Kaul
    C.D. Levinson
    D.James Bell
  37. India signed Protocol to Amend Taxation Methods with which country
  38. A.Japan
    D.United Arab Emirates
  39. Which of the following ministry has will sign a pact with the World Health Organization (WHO) to spread the significance of Ayurveda and Ayush all over the world
  40. A.Human Resource Development
    B.Women and Child Development
    C.Health and Family Welfare
    D.Ministry of AYUSH
  41. Which of the following football player has died on 7 May 2016, falling ill during match in Brazil
  42. A.Bernardo Ribeiro
    B.Jeanine Christelle Djomnang
    C.Patrick Ekeng
    D.Stefan Petrovski
  43. Where was the india's first Integrated Underwater Harbour Defence and Surveillance System (IUHDSS) was commissioned
  44. A.Mumbai
  45. Indian Navy has launched the state-of-the-art Harbour Defence Systems in which of the following port city
  46. A.Kochi
  47. Which of the following committee has to prepare policy framework for taxi and other transport operators
  48. A.Sanjay Mitra Committee
    B.Shyam Benegal Committee
    C.Ashok Dalwai Committee
    D.Mahesh Kumar Singla committee
  49. Who is the author of the book "India vs Pakistan : Why Can’t we just be Friends"
  50. A.Ata ul Haq Qasmi
    B.Husain Haqqani
    C.Ayaz Amir
    D.Ayesha Siddiqa
  51. How many wild life sanctuaries available in Madhya Pradesh
  52. A.20
  53. Which of the following Non-Banking Financial Companies certificate registration was approved by Reserve bank of India
  54. A.Eureka Finvest Private Ltd
    B.Novoflex Tradecom Private Limited
    C.Guide Investments and Trading Co. Pvt. Ltd
    D.Enol Ventures Private Limited
  55. Which of the following Non-Banking Financial Companies certificate registration was cancelled by Reserve bank of India
  56. A.Neelanjali Engineering Private Limited
    B.Hari Mahavin Investment Private Limited
    C.Samarth Doshi Investment Co. Private Limited
    D.V.H Doshi & Sons Investment Pvt. Ltd.
  57. Which state government has announced its Agri Business Policy-2016
  58. A.Rajasthan
    C.West Bengal
    D.Andhra Pradesh
  59. Bundi to get minute digital mapping, first in the country .Bundi belongs to which state
  60. A.Madhya Pradesh
    C.Uttar Pradesh
  61. RBI will issue INR 1000 banknotes with the inset letter ________________
  62. A.A

  1. D.All of the above
  2. A.Revathi Balakrishnan
  3. B.President
  4. A.Patrick Cockburn
  5. B.Pranab Mukherjee
  6. B.Tinlianthang Vaiphei
  7. C.Gujarat
  8. A.Technology enablers of Startup India
  9. C.1998
  10. C.Uttar Pradesh
  11. A.Uttarakhand ,Jharkhand
  12. B.PfSPZ vaccine
  13. C.Hepatitis C
  14. A.MIG-29 K
  15. C.White Tigers
  16. A.Rajasthan
  17. A.Anto Akkara
  18. B.Sanjay Kaul
  19. C.Mauritius
  20. D.Ministry of AYUSH
  21. A.Bernardo Ribeiro
  22. B.Cochin
  23. B.Visakhapatnam
  24. A.Sanjay Mitra Committee
  25. B.Husain Haqqani
  26. C.25
  27. A.Eureka Finvest Private Ltd
  28. A.Neelanjali Engineering Private Limited
  29. B.Gujarat
  30. B.Rajasthan
  31. D.R

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