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Take Current Affairs quiz January 7, 2017 to enhance your General Awareness. Practice with our esteemed Current Affairs quiz January 7, 2017 questions which covers all important events across India as well as World. Make use of all important Current Affairs quiz January 7, 2017 questions with answers updated here, at free of cost to succeed in all competitive Exams and Interviews.


  1. Which country has launched its longest bullet train “Shangri-la of the World”
  2. A.Japan
    B. USA
    C. UK
    D. China
  3. The 2017 Island Tourism Festival was held in which place
  4. A.Majuli
    B. Middle Andaman
    C. Car Nicobar
    D.Andaman and Nicobar Islands
  5. Which state has provide financial assistance of Rs. 1000 per month to poor single women in the state.
  6. A.Bihar
    B. Maharashtra
    C. Haryana
    D. Telangana
  7. The Fourth Assam International Agri-Horti Show was held in which city
  8. A.Silchar
    B. Dibrugarh
    C. Guwahati
    D. Jorhat
  9. Cycle is the symbol of which political party
  10. A.Indian National Congress
    B. Bahujan Samaj Party
    C. Bharatiya Janata Party
    D. All India Trinamool Congress
  11. Who has been appointed as the India ODI, T20 captain
  12. A.Ajinkya Rahane
    B. Suresh Raina
    C. Virat Kohli
    D.Ravindra Jadeja
  13. Who has been appointed as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Reliance Power
  14. A.V. K. Chaturvedi
    B.J Kakalia
    C. Rashna Khan
    D. Suresh Nagarajan
  15. Which country army has issued new regulations allowing servicemen and women sporting turbans, beards and hijabs to enrol in the military effective immediately.
  16. A.USA
    B. China
    C. Russia
    D. Afghanistan
  17. The 16th meeting of the Financial Stability and Development Council (FSDC) was held in which city
  18. A.Banglore
    B. Mumbai
    C. Ahmedabad
    D. New Delhi
  19. India and which country has signed a Protocol to amend the existing Double Taxation Avoidance Convention (DTAC) between the two countries
  20. A.Portugal
    B. Uruguay
    C. Kazakhstan
  21. The Union Government has approved Rs 1782 crore to drought-hit area of which state
  22. A.Maharashtra
    B. Tamilnadu
    D. Karnataka
  23. It is with this multilateral organisation Indian officials discussed issues regarding sharing of waters with Pakistan under the Indus Water Treaty.
  24. A.Asian Development Bank
    B.Reserve Bank of India
    C. World Bank
    D. Asian Infrastructure and Investment Bank
  25. The ninth edition of JIFF was held in which city
  26. A.Jaipur
    B. Banglore
    C. Ahmedabad
    D. Chennai
  27. Name the British economist,who has passed away on recently
  28. A.Franklin Allen
    B. Dan Ariely
    C.Tony Atkinson
    D. Ali Babacan
  29. Name the Astronaut,who is sending first African-American to space station in 2018
  30. A.Stephanie Wilson
    B.Bernard A. Harris Jr.
    C.Andrew Feustel
    D.Joan Higginbotham
  31. Which country has decided to associate itself with the development of Chennai, Varanasi and Ahmedabad as smart cities.
  32. A.Brazil
    B. China
    C. Singapore
    D. Japan
  33. Which company has launched new tools named 'My Business Website and Digital Unlocked' for Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) in India
  34. A.Yahoo
    B. IBM
    C. Apple
    D. Google
  35. Om Puri , who was passed away recently ,he was related to which field
  36. A.Scientist
    C.Sports Personality
  37. Name the place in India ,that is going to become a vehicle-free zone
  38. A.Bodh Gaya
    B. Connaught Place
    C. Gandhi Nagar
    D. Kanya Kumari

  1. D. China
  2. D.Andaman and Nicobar Islands
  3. D. Telangana
  4. C. Guwahati
  5. B. Bahujan Samaj Party
  6. C. Virat Kohli
  7. D. Suresh Nagarajan
  8. A.USA
  9. D. New Delhi
  10. C. Kazakhstan
  11. D. Karnataka
  12. C. World Bank
  13. A.Jaipur
  14. C.Tony Atkinson
  15. C.Andrew Feustel
  16. D. Japan
  17. D. Google
  18. D.Actor
  19. B. Connaught Place

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