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  1. The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) approved a new formula to calculate production subsidy for which sector/product
  2. A.Sugar
    B. Rice
  3. The United States declared Jamaat-ur-Ahrar (JuA) as a ‘terror group’ by adding it to its list of global terrorists . This group is associated with which country
  4. A.Pakistan
    D.Saudi Arabia
  5. Who will be the new deputy Chief Minister of Gujarat
  6. A. Nitin Patel
    B.Vijay Rupani
    C. Chhatrasinh Mori
    D. Ramanlal Vora
  7. Which of the following German automaker has started an in-house arm in Pune, to serve the information technology-related needs of all its global brands
  8. A.Audi
    B. Ford
  9. Which of the following state government will open 51 cyber laboratories across the state on August 15,2016
  10. A.Odisha
    B.Uttar Pradesh
    C. Andhra Pradesh
  11. Scientists have identified how many potentially habitable Earth like rocky planets from 4000 exoplanets discovered by NASA’s Kepler mission till date
  12. A.10
  13. Who will be the new Chief Minister of Gujarat
  14. A.Anandi Patel
    B. Nitin Patel
    C.Vijay Rupani
    D.hhatrasinh Mori
  15. Which of the following state is not included for new major ports proposed by the Government
  16. A.Tamil Nadu
    B.West Bengal
    C. Andhra Pradesh
    D. Gujarat
  17. Which of the following union minister has inaugurated the India International Footwear Fair (IIFF) on August 5,2016
  18. A.Nitin Jairam Gadkari
    B. Arun Jaitley
    C.Harsimrat Kaur Badal
    D. Smriti Zubin Irani
  19. Country’s first tiger cell will be formed under WII at which city
  20. A.Dehradun
  21. Federal Aviation Administration has given a license to a private US company for launching a spacecraft and landing on the moon in 2017. What is it called
  22. A.Moon Exploration
    B.Moon Trip
    C. Moon Express
    D.None of the above
  23. Who has inaugurated the South India's first Doppler weather radar
  24. A.Ratan Kumar Sinha
    B. A S Kiran Kumar
    C.Sekhar Basu
    D.Shailesh Nayak
  25. Name the Eminent Assamese litterateur who has passed away on recently
  26. A.Madhusudan Dhaky
    B. Lachhu Maharaj
    C.Arundhati Ghose
    D. Mahim Bora
  27. Government has proposed setting up of how many new major ports in August 2016
  28. A.3
  29. Which of the following is not a part of five new sports for Olympic Games Tokyo 2020
  30. A.Karate
    B. Skateboard
    C.Sports Climbing
    D. Cricket
  31. CSIR and Central Food Technological Research Institute developed the Nutrice Cream.What does stands for CSIR
  32. A.Council of Scientific and Industrial Research
    B.Communication of Science and Industrial Research
    C.Council of Scientific and Information Research
    D.None of the above
  33. Name the Egyptian-born Nobel-winning scientist , who has passed away on recently
  34. A.Ralph Steinman
    B.Mohamed Khan
    C.Arundhati Ghose
    D.Ahmed Zewail
  35. Which of the following state has started the 7th Pay Commission recommendations would be implemented in the state from November 1,2016
  36. A.Madhya Pradesh
    B. Maharashtra
  37. Who was appointed as the Chief Information Commissioner (CIC) of Meghalaya
  38. A.Santosh Kumar
    B. M.K.Chhabra
    C. P.B.O. Warjri
    D.Satyajit Mohanty
  39. Which state has dedicated 100 multi-purpose shelter houses to the people for use during floods and cyclones with an aim to ensure zero casualties during calamities
  40. A.Odisha
    D.Uttar Pradesh
  41. Which of the following state is to launch the awareness campaign against ISIS recently
  42. A.Punjab,Haryana
    B. Telangana, Andhra Pradesh
    C.Jammu and Delhi
    D. Mizoram and Manipur
  43. Which of the public sector bank has launched a ‘Group Credit Life Insurance Scheme’ of Life Insurance Corporation of India
  44. A.Canara Bank
    B.United Bank of India
    C.Corporation Bank
    D.Vijaya Bank
  45. The Gujarat high court has quashed ______________ percent reservation quota for the economically backward classes (EBCs).
  46. A.10
    B. 12
    C. 9
    D. 9

  1. A.Sugar
  2. A.Pakistan
  3. A. Nitin Patel
  4. C.Volkswagen
  5. D.Maharashtra
  6. B.20
  7. C.Vijay Rupani
  8. D. Gujarat
  9. B. Arun Jaitley
  10. A.Dehradun
  11. C. Moon Express
  12. B. A S Kiran Kumar
  13. D. Mahim Bora
  14. B.4
  15. D. Cricket
  16. A.Council of Scientific and Industrial Research
  17. D.Ahmed Zewail
  18. C.Goa
  19. C. P.B.O. Warjri
  20. A.Odisha
  21. B. Telangana, Andhra Pradesh
  22. C.Corporation Bank
  23. A.10

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