Current Affairs Quiz 20th August 2016 - Fresherslive Current Affairs Quiz

20th August 2016 Current Affairs questions and answers for exam preparation and Interview.


  1. Who become the first Indian woman to win silver medal at Rio Olympics 2016
  2. A.Saina Nehwal
    B. Jwala Gutta
    C. Ashwini Ponnappa
    D. PV Sindhu

  3. Which of the following Indian companies among the top 200 carbon clean firms
  4. A.Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd
    B.Suzlon Energy
    C.Thermax Ltd
    D.All of the above

  5. World Humanitarian Day was observed on which date
  6. A.19 August
    B. 3 April
    C. 25 September
    D.13 May

  7. How many Indian companies have made it to a carbon-clean list of 200 largest companies worldwide ranked by their total clean-energy revenues.
  8. A.10

  9. Edgar Lungu re-elected as President of which country
  10. A.Bahrain
    B. Greece
    C. Libya
    D. Zambia

  11. Who won the 200 metres gold for the third straight Games in 19.78 seconds at Rio Olympics 2016
  12. A.Andre de Grasse
    B.Christophe Lemaitre
    C. Usain Bolt
    D.None of these

  13. Who has been appointed as the Governor of Assam
  14. A.Loknath Mishra
    B. A K Singh
    C. Nikhil Kumar
    D.Banwarilal Purohit

  15. Vyas Samman Award award is given in which field
  16. A.literary
    B. Music
    D. Sports

  17. Which state in India has started a new beat of city police called Pink Police Patrol aimed at enhancing women’s security
  18. A.Kerala
    B. Karnataka
    C.Tamil Nadu
    D.Andhra Pradesh

  19. Government has slapped an additional penalty of $380 million (around Rs 2,500 crore) on which industry
  20. A.Ballarpur Industries Limited
    B. MECON Limited
    C.Reliance Industries
    D.Pidilite Industries

  21. Union Ministry of Power launched the e-Trans web portal to
  22. A.Track power availability for farmers
    B. Facilitate e-bidding of projects
    C.Develop green energy corridors
    D. Facilitate monitoring of thermal power plants

  23. Union Minister for Water Resources Uma Bharti has been made with the foundation laying of STP in Mathura which will provide treated water for which purpose
  24. A.Drinking Use
    B. Sewage Collection
    C.Agricultural Use
    D.Industrial Use

  25. Union Government launched the TARANG mobile application to
  26. A. Track power transmission projects
    B. Receive complaints from telecom users
    C.Monitor central sector schemes
    D. Facilitate business to business services

  27. Doha Bank is based on which country
  28. A.India
    C.Sri Lanka
    D. Qatar

  29. Who has been selected the prestigious 25th Vyas Samman 2015
  30. A.Vijay Kumar Roy
    B. Safdar Hashmi
    C. Sunita Jain
    D.Rangeya Raghav

  31. What is the theme for World Humanitarian Day 2016
  32. A.We are Humanitarian Workers
    B. People Helping People
    C. One Humanity
    D. The world needs more

  33. India has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with which country for Route Permit for carrying Petroleum Goods
  34. A.Bhutan
    B. Nepal
    C. China
    D. Bangladesh

  35. Who has been appointed as the Governor of Punjab
  36. A.Loknath Mishra
    B. VP Singh Badnore
    C. A K Singh
    D.Nikhil Kumar

  37. Doha Bank will open next branch in which of the following state
  38. A.Tamil Nadu
    B. Andhra Pradesh
    C. West Bengal

  39. Recently,which of the following state government has earmarked Rs 10,000 crore ($1.5 billion) for state-run and aided schools
  40. A.Odisha
    C. Kerala
    D.Madhya Pradesh

  41. Who is the author of book A Book of Light: When a Loved One Has a Different Mind
  42. A.Jerry Pinto
    B.Manjulla Sen
    C. Priyank Gupta
    D. Anupama Raju

  43. Which private sector bank has launched the payment service using a smartphone keyboard named ‘iMobile SmartKeys’.
  44. A.ICICI Bank
    B. Axis Bank
    C.IDBI Bank
    D. Kotak Mahindra

  45. Who has launched the web portal for star rating of major mineral mines
  46. A.Ramvilas Paswan
    B. Piyush Goyal
    C.Nitin Jairam Gadkari

  47. Which of the following state government became the first state in the country to launch India’s first comprehensive ‘Crime Criminal Tracking Network System’
  48. A.Andhra Pradesh
    C.New Delhi

  49. Which of the following entity was incorporated as the first PSU under the Department of Posts
  50. A.India Post Payments Bank Limited
    B.India Small Finance Bank Limited
    C.India Post and Telegraph Limited
    D. India Remittance Bank Limited

  1. D. PV Sindhu
  2. D.All of the above
  3. A.19 August
  4. C.7
  5. D. Zambia
  6. C. Usain Bolt
  7. D.Banwarilal Purohit
  8. A.literary
  9. A.Kerala
  10. C.Reliance Industries
  11. B. Facilitate e-bidding of projects
  12. D.Industrial Use
  13. A. Track power transmission projects
  14. D. Qatar
  15. C. Sunita Jain
  16. C. One Humanity
  17. D. Bangladesh
  18. B. VP Singh Badnore
  19. D.Kerala
  20. C. Kerala
  21. A.Jerry Pinto
  22. A.ICICI Bank
  23. B. Piyush Goyal
  24. D.Maharashtra
  25. A.India Post Payments Bank Limited

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