Current Affairs Quiz Questions and Answers – 19th August 2016

19th August 2016 Current Affairs questions and answers for exam preparation and Interview.


  1. Which of the following Indian Cricketer has been elected as the life membership of the Marylebone Cricket Club on 16 August 2016
  2. A.Virender Sehwag
    B.Sachin Tendulkar
    C.MS Dhoni
    D.Rahul Dravid

  3. Where has India’s first facility to produce niche metal of LME grade from primary resource been established on 17th August 2016
  4. A.Dumka
    B. Bokaro
    C. Dhanbad
    D. Ghatsila

  5. Which of the following Indian Wrestler has banned for four years by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS)
  6. A.Sushil Kumar
    B. Manish Singh
    C. Sandeep Kumar
    D.Narsingh Yadav

  7. Which of the following Australian city has been named the world's most liveable city for the sixth consecutive year.
  8. A.Sydney
    D. Melbourne

  9. ricket icon and Rajya Sabha MP Sachin Tendulkar has selected __________ village in Maharashtra or development under the Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana.
  10. A.Gaosud
    B. Kanagara
    C. Patoda

  11. Rani Laxmi Bai award is given by which state
  12. A.Haryana
    B. Uttar Pradesh
    D.Madhya Pradesh

  13. The Indian Railways and Gujarat government has signed an agreement to develop which railway station under the Public Private Partnership model.
  14. A.Bardoli Station
    B.Hapa Station
    C.Udvada Station
    D. Surat Station

  15. State bank of India has approved the merger of its operations with __________ of its associate banks.
  16. A.4

  17. According to the Global Liveability Ranking,Vienna ranked No 2 on the list for the eighth consecutive year.Vienna located in which country
  18. A. Austria
    B. Canada
    C. Brazil
    D. Japan

  19. Identify the city which was not one of the 10 cities selected under the Smart Ganga City Scheme of the Union Government.
  20. A.Haridwar
    B. Rishikesh
    C. Mathura
    D. Sonipat

  21. Which state government will honour Sakshi Malik, the first woman Indian wrestler to win a medal in Olympics, with the coveted Rani Laxmi Bai award.
  22. A.Haryana
    B.Uttar Pradesh
    D.West Bengal

  23. Which of the following institute has adopted five villages in Uttar Pradesh under the Namami Gange programme.
  24. A.Dr. B. R. Ambedkar University
    B.Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University
    C. IIT-Kanpur
    D. Amity University

  25. Which of the following union ministry has launched a mobile app that integrates various social media handles of over 170 Indian missions on a common platform.
  26. A.Union Ministry of External Affairs
    B.Union Ministry of Power
    C.Union Ministry of Railways
    D.Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting

  27. CSMCRI researchers develop photocatalyst to completely degrade industrial dyes.What does stands for CSMCRI
  28. A.Central Salt & Marine Chemicals Research Institute
    B.Central Salt & Marine Chemicals Research Information
    C.Council of Salt & Marine Chemicals Research Information
    D.None of the above

  29. Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis announced the setting up of how many cyber labs to crack down on cybercrime
  30. A.31

  31. Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana launched in which year
  32. A.2005
    B. 2014
    D. 2016

  33. Name the famous Odia actor, who has passed away on recently
  34. A.Moolsingh Peelaghata
    B. Charti Lal Goel
    C. Gobind Tej
    D.Gurdial Singh

  35. Who has been appointed as Chief Product and Technology officer for realty startup Housing dot com on 17th August, 2016
  36. A.V. Srinivasa Rangan
    B.Vivek Jain
    C. Renu Sud Karnad
    D.Rahul Yadav

  37. Dutch apparel brand Scotch & Soda which was being sold exclusively on which online shopping website
  38. A.Jabong
    B. Flipkart
    D. Shopclues

  39. NASSCOM has said India’s internet base will touch which figure by 2020
  40. A.720 million
    B.730 million
    C. 740 million
    D. 750 million

  41. Which of the following court has partly quashed a government ordinance abolishing the entire NRI quota in colleges offering medical courses in the state.
  42. A.Haryana High Court
    B. Odisha High Court
    C.Gujarat High Court
    D. Madhya Pradesh High Court

  43. ICHR is planning to document stories and legends relating to villages and towns across India into an encyclopedia.What does stands for ICHR
  44. A.Indian Council of Historical Research
    B.Information Council of History Research
    C. Institute of Common History Resource
    D. None of the above

  45. Which of the following union ministry has launched ‘e-Trans’ & ‘DEEP’ e-bidding web portals for electronic bidding and e-reverse auction of tariff-based electricity transmission projects.
  46. A.Union Ministry of Home Affairs
    B.Union Ministry of Power and Coal
    C.Union Ministry of Railways
    D.Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting

  47. The world’s largest (longest) aircraft Airlander 10 has released by which country
  48. A.England
    B. US
    C. Japan

  1. A.Virender Sehwag
  2. D. Ghatsila
  3. D.Narsingh Yadav
  4. D. Melbourne
  5. D.Donja
  6. B. Uttar Pradesh
  7. D. Surat Station
  8. B.5
  9. A. Austria
  10. D. Sonipat
  11. B.Uttar Pradesh
  12. C. IIT-Kanpur
  13. A.Union Ministry of External Affairs
  14. A.Central Salt & Marine Chemicals Research Institute
  15. D.34
  16. B. 2014
  17. C. Gobind Tej
  18. B.Vivek Jain
  19. C.Myntra
  20. B.730 million
  21. C.Gujarat High Court
  22. A.Indian Council of Historical Research
  23. B.Union Ministry of Power and Coal
  24. A.England

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