Current Affairs Quiz 13th August 2016 - Fresherslive Current Affairs Quiz

13th August 2016 Current Affairs questions and answers for exam preparation and Interview.


  1. According to TripAdvisor's sixth edition of annual TripIndex Cities,Which Indian city is the least expensive destination in the world
  2. A.Chennai
    B. New Delhi

  3. Hindustan Copper Limited (HCL) has inaugurated the country's first facility to produce __________ , a metal for which the country is completely dependent on imports.
  4. A.Copper
    B. Cobalt
    C. Nickel
    D. Iron

  5. Who has been appointed as the next High Commissioner of India to the West Africa’s Republic of Ghana
  6. A.Rajan Kumar Gupta
    B. Sunil Kumar Gulati
    C.Vijai Vardhan
    D. Birender Singh Yadav

  7. Which bank has enabled online shopping portal Flipkart in its mobile banking application in order to ensure a seamless shopping experience for its customers.
  8. A.Axis Bank
    B.ICICI Bank
    C. IDBI Bank
    D.Kotak Mahindra Bank

  9. Sixteen frog species and three snake species, which have not been spotted in the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary earlier.This Wildlife Sanctuary located in which state
  10. A.Tamil Nadu
    C. Andhra Pradesh

  11. Which of the following rocket can be used for Gaofen-3 Satellite
  12. A.EPOS
    B. ALV X-1
    C. Long March 4C
    D. None of the above

  13. Which of the following union minister has inaugurated the 'Independence Day Film Festival' at Siri Fort Auditorium in New Delhi.
  14. A.Ramvilas Paswan
    B.Manohar Parrikar
    C. Venkaiah Naidu
    D.Kalraj Mishra

  15. Sagarmala Programme of Ministry of Shipping has led to reports on CEZ under the programme. What are CEZ
  16. A.Coastal Economic Zone
    B.Central Economic Zone
    C. Coastal Economy Zone
    D. Central Economy Zone

  17. The Central Agricultural University (Amendment) Bill, 2016 passed in Parliament proposes to amend the Central Agricultural University Act of which year
  18. A.1989
    B. 2003
    C. 1999
    D. 1992

  19. Who has been appointed as the chief justice of Bombay
  20. A.Manjula Chellur
    B. G Rohini
    C. Susila Devi
    D. Narmada

  21. President Pranab Mukherjee has approved six new IITs across country and one National Institute Technology in which state
  22. A.Jammu and Kashmir
    C. Odisha
    D.Andhra Pradesh

  23. According to TripAdvisor's sixth edition of annual TripIndex Cities,Which city is the most expensive city internationally for a three-day break for Indians will cost Rs 1,24,201
  24. A.London
    C. Moscow
    D. New York

  25. Apple Inc has rehired Flipboard Co-founder Evan Doll to work on _________________ software after he quit Apple to found the digital news magazine app Flipboard.
  26. A.Science Related
    B. Whether Related
    C.Health Related
    D.News Related

  27. President Pranab Mukherjee has given his nod to set up six new Indian Institutes of Technology.Which state is not among the six states
  28. A.Jammu and Kashmir
    B. Kerala
    C. Goa

  29. Gamesa has received order from KCT Renewable Energy Pvt Ltd for a 40 MW wind power project located in which state
  30. A.Andhra Pradesh
    B. Madhya Pradesh

  31. In which state has recently inaugurated the state's first 'Sewa Kendra' where people will be able to avail 243 services under one roof.
  32. A.Punjab
    C. Chhattisgarh
    D. Jharkhand

  33. Which country has successfully launched a new high-resolution Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) dubbed as Gaofen-3.
  34. A.China
    B. Japan
    C. US

  35. The 15th report on the rules of e-waste management was released on 11th August 2016. Who headed the committee submitting the report
  36. A.R. Gandhi
    B.V. Gandhi
    C. D. Gandhi
    D. None of the above

  37. The FIPB is a national agency of Government of India.What does stands for FIPB
  38. A.Foreign Investment Promotion Board
    B. Foreign Information Promotion Board
    C. Foreign Institute Promotion Board
    D. Foreign Information Program Board

  39. Which of the following state Assembly has has passed a resolution to become the first state to ratify The Constitution (122nd Amendment) (GST) Bill, 2014 on 12 August 2016.
  40. A.Assam
    B. Odisha
    C. Gujarat
    D. Rajasthan

  41. Who has been appointed as the new Managing Director (MD) of India's Microsoft Research Lab on 11 August 2016 .
  42. A.Amit Sircar
    B. Anil Bhansali
    C. Gayatri Rath
    D.Sriram Rajamani

  43. Kristin Armstrong became the first rider to win the same road event at how many Olympic games
  44. A.1

  45. Who won the his fourth consecutive 200m individual medley Olympic title on 11 August 2016
  46. A. Kosuke Hagino
    B. Michael Phelps
    C. Wang Shun
    D.Leonidas of Rhodes

  47. The Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation (HUPA) has approved construction of 37013 houses for the urban poor in which of the following state
  48. A.Karnataka and Haryana
    B. Punjab and Jharkhand
    C.West Bengal and Madhya Pradesh
    D. Rajasthan and Andhra Pradesh

  49. Name the Legendary Pakistani cricketer who has passed away on 11 August 2016
  50. A.Ali Baba
    B. Aftab Ghulam Nabi Kazi
    C. Muhammad Ali
    D.Hanif Mohammad

  1. C.Mumbai
  2. C. Nickel
  3. D. Birender Singh Yadav
  4. D.Kotak Mahindra Bank
  5. B.Kerala
  6. C. Long March 4C
  7. C. Venkaiah Naidu
  8. A.Coastal Economic Zone
  9. D. 1992
  10. A.Manjula Chellur
  11. D.Andhra Pradesh
  12. D. New York
  13. C.Health Related
  14. D.Jharkhand
  15. A.Andhra Pradesh
  16. A.Punjab
  17. A.China
  18. C. D. Gandhi
  19. A.Foreign Investment Promotion Board
  20. A.Assam
  21. D.Sriram Rajamani
  22. C.3
  23. B. Michael Phelps
  24. A.Karnataka and Haryana
  25. D.Hanif Mohammad

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