Volcano Erupts in South Caribbean

La Soufriere means "sulphur sale" in French. It has erupted five times since 1718.

Updated: Apr 12, 2021 12:41:23 pm

12 April 2021 Current Affairs:After decades of inactivity, the La Sourfriere volcano on the eastern island of the Caribbean Sea recently erupted. The volcano forced thousands of people from surrounding villages to evacuate.

♦ Since 1979, the volcano has been dormant. It began to show signs of activity in December 2020. When the volcano erupted in 1979, it caused $100 million in damage. Before the eruption in 1979, La Sourfriere erupted in 1902 and killed thousands of people.
♦ La Soufriere means "sulphur sale" in French. It has erupted five times since 1718. La Sourfriere volcano is a stratiform volcano. It is the youngest and northernmost volcano on the island. La Soufriere volcano is located in the Caribbean tectonic plate.
♦ The Caribbean Sea is a region of the Americas, composed of the Caribbean Sea. There are more than 700 islands in this area. Climate change poses a major risk to islands in the Caribbean. The name Caribbean comes from the Caribbean. Caribs are one of the main Native American groups in the region.
♦ The Caribbean tectonic plates are mainly oceanic tectonic plates. The Caribbean plate is adjacent to the Nazca plate, the Cocos plate, the North American plate and the South American plate. The boundary is an area of strong seismic activity.
♦ The Caribbean borders Mexico to the west and Central America to the southwest. In the north of the Caribbean Sea are the Great Antilles, and in the east are the Lesser Antilles. The second largest barrier reef in the world is called the Mesoamerican barrier reef, in the Caribbean Sea. Coral reefs travel along the coasts of Honduras, Gotemara, Belize and Mexico.
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