United Nations Global Digital and Sustainable Trade Facilitation Survey

India received a perfect score on the Transparency index and a 66 percent on the Women in Trade component.

Updated: Jul 26, 2021 09:43:09 pm

26 July 2021 Current Affairs:India’s score in the United Nations Global Digital and Sustainable Trade Facilitation Survey has improved significantly.

♦ India scored 90.32% in the latest survey of global on digital and sustainable trade facilitation by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia Pacific (UNESCAP). 
♦ This is a significant increase from 78.49 percent in 2019.
♦ The survey of 2021 highlighted India’s significant improvement in scores on all 5 key indicators, after evaluating 143 economies, as follows:
♦ Transparency: 100% by 2021. (from 93.33 percent in 2019)
♦ Formalities: 95.83 percent by 2021 (from 87.5 percent in 2019)
♦ Institutional Arrangements and Cooperation: 88.89% by 2021 (from 66.67 percent in 2019)
♦ Paperless Trade: 96.3 percent in 2021 (from 81.48 percent in 2019)
♦ Cross-Border Paperless Trade: 66.67% by 2021 (from 55.56 percent in 2019)
♦ When compared to the South and South West Asia regions (63.12 percent) and the Asia Pacific region (65.85 percent), India is the best performing country 
♦ India's overall score is higher than that of many OECD countries, including France, the United Kingdom, Canada, Norway, and Finland, and it is higher than the average score of the European Union.
♦ India received a perfect score on the Transparency index and a 66 percent on the “Women in Trade” component.
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