Tony Blair Joins Top Royal Order

Tony Blair, the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, has been appointed to the highest royal order.
Abhinaya M

Updated: Jan 04, 2022 05:47:43 pm

04 January 2022 Current Affairs:Tony Blair, the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, has been appointed to the highest royal order.

  • Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, the Duchess of Cornwall, and Baroness Amos are all set to be inducted into the Order of the Garter, the country's oldest and most prestigious chivalric order. 
  • Former Prime Minister Tony Blair will now be referred to as "Sir Tony." 
  • The appointments are made at the Queen's discretion, as she has up to 24 "knight and lady companions." 
  • The ceremonial order, which dates back to 1348, honors substantial public service and is bestowed without the approval of the prime minister.
  • The UK decided to join the US-led invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan under Sir Tony's leadership, and an official inquiry into the 2003 Iraq war was deeply critical of his government and UK military chiefs.
  • After Diana, Princess of Wales died, he famously referred to her as the "people's princess."
  • Baroness Amos, a member of the House of Lords, is made a "lady companion" in recognition of her work as international development secretary, UN under-secretary-general for humanitarian affairs, and master of University College, Oxford.
  • She was born in Guyana and moved to the United Kingdom with her family in 1963, where she built a career working for equal opportunities, serving as the chief executive of the Equal Opportunities Commission from 1989 to 1994.
  • She is an individual non-executive director of the England and Wales Cricket Board and a lifelong cricket fan.
  • With the majority of the order's members in their seventies, eighties, and beyond, Baroness Amos, 67, and Tony Blair, 68, become two of the order's younger folk in a post held until death.
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