Srivilliputhur-Megamalai Tiger Reserve and Vaigai River - Tamil Nadu

The Megamalai WLS and the adjacent Srivilliputhur WLS were combined for this.

Updated: Jun 08, 2021 01:32:33 pm

08 June 2021 Current Affairs:They announced Srivilliputhur-Megamalai Tiger Reserve in Tamil Nadu will protect the Megamalai, Vaigai’s main catchment area, and help the river to rise.

About Vaigai River:
♦ Its origins can be traced back to the Western Ghats (Varushanad Hills).
♦ Suruliyaru, Mullaiyaru, Varaganadhi, Manjalaru, Kottagudi, Kridhumaal, and Upparu are its major tributaries.
♦ The Vaigai runs for 258 kilometres before emptying into the Palk Strait near the Pamban Bridge in Ramanathapuram district.
♦ The Vaigai was a river that ran through Madurai, the famous city that served as the capital (4th-11th century CE) of the ancient and prosperous Pandya kingdom in southern Tamil Nadu.
♦ The river is mentioned in Sangam literature dating back to 300 BC.
♦ The river supplies drinking water to five districts in Tamil Nadu: Theni, Madurai, Ramanathapuram, Dindigul and Sivagangai.

Srivilliputhur-Megamalai Tiger Reserve:
♦ It was founded in February 2021. It was jointly declared by the governments of the Centre and Tamil Nadu.
♦ The Megamalai WLS and the adjacent Srivilliputhur WLS were combined for this.
♦ Srivilliputhur-Megamalai Tiger Reserve is the 51st tiger reserve in India and the fifth tiger reserve in Tamil Nadu.
♦ Bengal tigers, elephants, gaurs, Indian giant squirrels, leopards, Nilgiri Tahrs, and other animals can be seen here.
♦ It is made up of tropical evergreen and semi-evergreen forests, dry deciduous and moist mixed deciduous forests, and grassland.
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