Philippines Got Approval for Golden Rice

Golden rice is the first genetically modified rice approved for commercial propagation in South and Southeast Asia.

Updated: Jul 27, 2021 12:03:35 pm

27 July 2021 Current Affairs:The Philippines has become the 1st country in the world to get approval for the commercial production of genetically modified golden rice. Golden rice is a variety of rice enriched with various nutrients that will helpful in reducing childhood malnutrition. 

♦ The Golden rice is developed by the Department of Agriculture-Philippine Rice Research Institute in partnership with the International Rice Research Institute, after contributing nearly two decades. It is named Golden Rice because of its bright yellow colour.
♦ One cup of golden rice can give as much as 40 per cent of vitamin A which is essential for children aged 6 months to 5 years, to combat childhood blindness & save lives in the developing world.
♦ Golden rice is the first genetically modified rice approved for commercial propagation in South and Southeast Asia.
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World Giving Index by CAF

Sep 24,2021 06:08:55 pm
Poor nations like Kenya, Nigeria, and Ghana determined vicinity amongst top-10 beneficent countries in CAF 2021 index.
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Arts & Culture

New Changes in Qutub Minar

Sep 24,2021 06:07:10 pm
Steep stairways and Wooden ramps amongst other changes have been delivered at the World Heritage Site of Qutub Minar that will make the region available for disabled and the elderly.
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The Cumbre Vieja Volcano on the Canary Island of La Palma Erupted

Sep 24,2021 06:04:59 pm
After repeated earthquakes throughout the weekend, the Cumbre Vieja volcano in La Palma, one of Spain's Canary Islands, erupted on 19 Sep 2021.
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The Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru (IISc) has discovered a means to create a single-use plastic substitute (SUP)

Sep 24,2021 06:03:07 pm
Researchers used non-edible oil and cellulose derived from agricultural stubble to create polymers.
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Japanese sisters were certified as Oldest Living Twins by Guinness Records

Sep 24,2021 06:02:13 pm
Umeno Sumiyama and Koume Kodama are twin twins who have set Guinness World Records.
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COP 26 - India Pushing for Climate Finance, Green Tech Transfer

Sep 24,2021 05:56:57 pm
In the Conference of Parties, India has been stressing and repeating its position on the transfer and finance of green technologies from developed countries to developing ones (COP 26).
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The First Edition Of The Himalayan Film Festival Hosted By Leh

Sep 24,2021 05:45:56 pm
Anurag Thakur, Information and Broadcasting Minister, will kick-start the Himalayan film festival (THFF) on 24 September at Leh.
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A plea filed by Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple has been declined by S.C.

Sep 24,2021 05:43:11 pm
The Supreme Court declined Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple Trusts Plea in 2020, Seeking to exempt it from the audit of 25 years as ordered by the court.
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National Conference On Agriculture For Rabi Campaign 2021-22 Inaugurated By Government Of India

Sep 24,2021 05:41:07 pm
The Govt. Of India launched National Conference On Agriculture For Rabi Campaign 2021-22 on 21 September.
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WHO Tightens Global Air Pollution Standards

Sep 24,2021 05:36:02 pm
On 24 September, the World Health Organisation revised its air quality guidelines for the first time since 2005 in keeping with WHO.
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