Northeast Frontier Railways' (NFR) PLAN BEE won the Best Innovation Award on 9 July

Last Updated: July 11, 2019

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Northeast Frontier Railways' (NFR) PLAN BEE won the Best Innovation Award on 9 July
11 July 2019 Current Affairs: The Northeast Frontier Railways' (NFR) PLAN BEE won the Best Innovation Award on 9 July. It has adopted a unique strategy to keep wild elephants away from train tracks.
In the forest area of Assam, elephants would often come in the way of speeding trains and die as a large portion of rail tracks passing through forested areas. In a bid to tackle the problem NFR came up with 'Plan Bee' in 2017. 

The project aims to save the lives of the elephants by installing devices at several level crossings in the state to play the sound of buzzing honey bees to drive away the pachyderms. Studies suggest elephants are scared of swarming bees.
Despite the 29 earmarked wildlife corridors, where trains slow down and drivers restrict speed as a norm, elephants have often ventured into train tracks beyond the corridors.
Trials were conducted successfully. An equipment was designed to generate amplified sound of honey bees from a distance of about 700-800 m.
With the first instrument installed at level crossing gate between Azara and Kamakhya stations under Rangiya division. It has been claimed that the strategy has been helpful in diverting herds of elephants, especially when trains are approaching.              

The Northeast Frontier Railway is one of the 18 railway zones in India. It is headquartered in Guwahati, Assam. NFR is responsible for rail operations in the entire Northeast and parts of West Bengal and Bihar.

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