National Mission on Oilseeds and Oil Palm

Palm oil imports from Indonesia and Malaysia meet a significant portion of India's edible oil requirements.

Updated: Jul 26, 2021 09:39:36 pm

26 July 2021 Current Affairs:The National Oilseed and Oil Palm mission is in news. In 2014-15, the Government of India launched the National Mission on Oilseeds and Oil Palm (NMOOP) with the goal of increasing the country's oilseed production.

About NMOOP:
♦ The NMOOP was launched as part of Mini Missions (MM) I, II, and III to accomplish the following specific goals:
♦ According to MM-I, the mission aims to increase oilseed production from the current average of 28.93 million tons to 35.51 million tons.
♦ Under MM-II, the goal of the mission is to expand the oil palm plantation area and increase the yield of fresh fruit bunches (FFB) from 4927 kg/ha to 15,000 kg/ha. 
♦ MM–III intends to increase the seed collection of Tree Borne Oilseeds (TBOs) such as olive, sal, mahua, kokum, wild apricot, Tung, and others from 9 lakh tonnes to 14 lakh tonnes, as well as provide the best planting materials for the expanded areas.
♦ India is one of the major oilseed growers and edible oil importers. India’s vegetable oil economy is the world’s fourth largest economy after the United States, China and Brazil. 
♦ Palm oil imports from Indonesia and Malaysia meet a significant portion of India's edible oil requirements.
♦ As a result, it is necessary to maximise domestic resources in order to ensure the country's edible oil security.

The Mission's implementation strategy includes the following components:
♦ Improving the Seed Replacement Ratio (SRR) by focusing on Varietal Replacement
♦ Increasing oil seed irrigation coverage from 26% to 36%
♦ Diversification of land use from low-yielding cereal crops to oilseed crops
♦ Oilseed intercropping with cereals/pulses/sugarcane
♦ Utilization of fallow land just after paddy/potato cultivation
♦ Expansion of Oil Palm and TBO cultivation in watersheds and wastelands
♦ Increasing the availability of high-quality oil palm and TBO planting materials
♦ Improving the procurement of oilseeds, as well as the collection and processing of TBOs
♦ The mission funds are shared 75:25 between the Central and State Governments and are distributed to the State Governments' Departments of Agriculture/Horticulture.
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