Knowing About Solarpunk

The iconography of solarpunk focuses on renewable energies as well as solar and alternative energy.

Updated: Aug 04, 2021 12:57:20 pm

04 August 2021 Current Affairs:Solarpunk is an associate degree movement that showcases, however, the longer-term may look if humanity gets success in finding major up to date challenges by emphasising on property issues like temperature change and pollution.

♦ Solarpunk describes a large number of media as well as fine arts, literature, design, music, fashion, tattoos, and video games in an exceedingly manner the same as adjacent movements like steampunk & cyberpunk and competent art movements like Baroque, school & Impressionism.
♦ The iconography of steampunk focuses on renewable energies as well as solar and alternative energy.
♦ Solarpunk is very involved with technology however conjointly embraces low-tech ways in which of living sustainably. as an example, gardening, positive scientific discipline and DIY culture.
Ideology of Solarpunk: Solarpunk contains many aspects of punk ideologies like doctrine, a philosophical system, anti-consumerism, anti-authoritarianism, anti-corporatism, anti-war, anti-racism, anti-sexism, group action, animal rights etc. It conjointly contains aspects of the free-culture movement, freedom of data and free computer code.

♦ Some of the samples of Solarpunk in speculative fiction include:
♦ Solarpunk: Ecological and Fantastical Stories in an exceeding property World.
♦ Sunvault: Stories of Solarpunk and Eco-Speculation.
Solarpunk name comes from the Nineteen Eighties phantasy genre cyberpunk. The earliest concepts of Solarpunk date back to 2008 once a diary named Republic of the Bees printed a post, “From Steampunk to Solarpunk.” The post started the conceptualization of Solarpunk as an expressive style. Following the trend, the primary solarpunk compendium known as “Solarpunk: Histórias ecológicas e fantásticas em um mundo sustentável” was discharged in Brazil in 2012, that English version was discharged in 2018.

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Sep 23,2021 05:26:01 pm
One hundred fifty leading companies and organizations, including oil majors & port authorities, called on September 22, 2021, by 2050, to decarbonize the global shipping industry completely.
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ARAI Develops Electric Vehicles Charger

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The Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) has developed its indigenous charger for electric vehicles (EV) to offer a push to the Electric Vehicles (EV) ecosystem in India.
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Education Ministry To Form National Steering Committee for Development of National Curriculum Frameworks.

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The Education Ministry forms a 12 member committee chaired by former ISRO chairman K. Kasturirangan to develop a new National Curriculum Framework (NCF).
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Two More Indian Beaches Received International Blue Flag certification

Sep 23,2021 02:08:52 pm
On September 21, 2021, two more beaches get International Blue Flag certification. Blue flag certification is a globally recognized eco-label. With the addition of two more beaches, India now has a total of ten such beaches.
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National Snakebite Awareness Summit Held on 19 September

Sep 23,2021 01:45:35 pm
Every year on September 19, the International Snakebite Awareness Day is observed. The Integrated Health and Wellbeing Council, New Delhi held the summit in virtual mode.
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World Rhino Day - To Save the Magnificent Creatures

Sep 23,2021 01:28:30 pm
World Rhino Day is celebrated on September 22, to make people more aware of rhinos and protect what is left of these magnificent creatures.
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Internal Displacement in East Africas Burundi Due to the Rise of Lake Tanganyika

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Discovery of Hybodont Shark - New Species

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A new extinct species of hybodontshark has been discovered in the Jaisalmer Basin of Rajasthan by researchers from the Geological Survey of India and the Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee by a team of officers.
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Promoting Pearl Farming to Develop Tribal Areas

Sep 23,2021 12:17:52 pm
Minister for Tribal Affairs Arjun Munda has taken a number of bold initiatives toward tribal empowerment and mainstreaming the tribal population. In this initiative, he has a partnership with TRIFED with BigBasket and Purty Agrotech.
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