Highlights of LinkedIn Opportunity Index

The LinkedIn survey further pointed out that women are now looking for employers who treat them as equals.

Updated: Mar 03, 2021 07:14:43 pm

03 March 2021 Current Affairs:

The "LinkedIn Opportunity Index 2021" was recently released. The report focuses on how women perceive their opportunities. It also focuses on how the gender gap slows the career development of working women in India during the Covid-19 pandemic.

♦ According to the index, the Covid-19 pandemic has hit the professional women in India the hardest compared to professional women in other countries.
♦ The index believes that in Asia-Pacific countries, Indian professional women continue to struggle with the strongest gender bias in terms of equal pay and opportunities for equal work.
♦ According to the report, about one-fifth of women (22% of Indian professional women) are dissatisfied with their career development opportunities. These women said that their company favored men.
♦ In addition, 85% of professional women claim that they have missed a salary increase, promotion or job opportunity in India. In the Asia-Pacific region, this figure is 60%.
♦ The report also emphasized that 37% of professional women in India have fewer opportunities than men. In addition, 37% of women’s wages are lower than men’s.
♦ The LinkedIn survey further pointed out that women are now looking for employers who treat them as equals. On the other hand, 56% of women want to be recognized at work. Other women want them to work according to their skills.

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