Biofortified carrot variety developed by farmer scientist benefits local farmers

The average yield of the carrot is 40-50 tonnes per hectare (t/ha). It has become the main source of income for the local farmers.
Vamsi Athreya

Updated: Apr 08,2020 04:48:20 pm

Biofortified carrot variety developed by farmer scientist benefits local farmers

08 April 2020 Current Affairs:A biofortified carrot variety named 'Madhuban Gajar' was developed by Shri Vallabhhai Vasrambhai Marvaniya, a farmer scientist from Junagadh district, Gujarat. The carrot has high β-carotene and iron content. 
Madhuban Gajar is benefitting more than 150 local farmers in the area. It is planted in an area of over 200 hectares in Junagadh. The average yield of the carrot is 40-50 tonnes per hectare (t/ha). It has become the main source of income for the local farmers. 

Madhuban Gajar:
♦ The variety is being cultivated in more than 1000 hectares of land in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh during the past three years.
♦ The Madhuvan Gajar is a highly nutritious carrot variety developed through the selection method with higher β-carotene content of 277.75 mg/kg and an iron content of 276.7 mg/kg dry basis.
♦ It biofortified crop can be used for various value-added products like juices, carrot chips, and pickles. 
♦ The carrot variety holds a higher root yield of 74.2 t/ha and plant biomass of 275 gm per plant as compared to check variety.

The validation trials for Madhuban Gajar variety were done by the National Innovation Foundation (NIF), India at Rajasthan Agricultural Research Institute (RARI), Jaipur, between 2016 and 2017. The trial was conducted in different states like Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Assam, Haryana, Punjab, and West Bengal.
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