Bi-cycle sharing scheme to be introduced in Puducherry

The Project is about 194 crore rupees.
Arjun Manjunadha

Updated: Jul 08,2019 03:51:26 pm

Bi-cycle sharing scheme to be introduced in Puducherry

08 July 2019 Current Affairs:Puducherry smart city development plan launched a bicycle sharing scheme
It is to be introduced in Puducherry in a couple of months.
The registered customers can use bicycles to hop from one place to another 
The bicycles can be left at any of the docking stations 
Around 100 spots have been identified for cycle docking stations. 
The 20 docking stations with 10 to 15 cycles are to be set up in places like the beach promenade, Bharathi Park, Gandhi Thidal, Aurobindo ashram and railway station.
It is a welcome step taken by the government under the smart city plan. 
It is a novel scheme suitable to Puducherry 
It is a boon to tourists who throng to Puducherry in thousands whose number swells to several thousand on weekends.
Puducherry is overcrowded now-a-days. 
The total population of the UT is over 11 lakhs 
The total number of vehicles on the road comes around 9 lakhs.
The project under the public-private partnership model will be operationalized after a suitable operator is found out through tender.
This scheme is one among the 22 prioritized schemes of the Puducherry Smart City.
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