Beginning of Bohag Bihu Bird Count

During Rongali Bihu, many migratory birds who visited Assam and its surrounding areas in winter began to fly home.

Updated: Apr 15, 2021 12:15:29 pm

15 April 2021 Current Affairs:On April 14, 2021, Count Bohag Bihu Bird began to appear in Assam. The Earl of Bohag Bihu was launched by the Earl of India (BCI). BCI is a non-governmental organization. This is the first time BCI has released the Bohag Bihu bird count.

♦ Bohag Bihu is also called Xaat Bihu. This is a traditional national holiday celebrated in Assam. This marked the beginning of the Assamese New Year. Pohag is the Assamese calendar. 
♦ The outbreak of Bohag marked the beginning of Rongali Bihu. Rongali Bihu is one of the three most important festivals in Assam. Kati Bihu and Kongali Bihu are the two other festivals.
♦ During Rongali Bihu, many migratory birds who visited Assam and its surrounding areas in winter began to fly home.
♦ The main findings of the 2020 State of Birds Report:
♦ In India, 50% of the 867 bird species have decreased in population. Since 2000, the number of birds in the Western Ghats has fallen by 75%.
♦ There are approximately 101 bird species in India that fall into the category of "high attention", of which 442 are in the category of "low attention" and 319 are in the category of "moderate attention."
♦ The population of sparrows is stable. However, in major cities, their population is decreasing. The sparrow has been declared the "National Bird of Delhi".
♦ The number of sparrows in cities is declining, mainly due to the decline in the number of insects.
♦ Mixed races in India are facing a severe population decline. The big Indian Bus, Macqueen’s Bustard and Bengal Florican are all suffering from population decline.
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