Around 40 percent environment-related crimes in Rajasthan Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG)

Around 40.59 percent of the crimes related to the environment in the country committed in Rajasthan during 2014-16.

Updated: Mar 08, 2020 09:00:07 am

08 March 2020 Current Affairs:

Around 40.59 percent of the crimes related to the environment in the country committed in Rajasthan during 2014-16. The crimes mostly related to violation of the Forest (Conservation) Act, such as uses of forest land for non-forest purposes without approval of the government and Wildlife Protect Act capturing, poisoning, snaring, or trapping of wild animals. The highest number of crimes related to the environment were committed in Rajasthan from 2014-2016. National Crime Records Bureau (October 2017), the report mentions that 15,723 cases of crimes related to the environment were registered in the country during 2014-16, and the number of cases in the state during this period was 6,382, which is 40.59 percent.

Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve (RTR) and Sariska Tiger Reserve (STR) could not be regulated in the absence of a local advisory committee (LAC), which caused disturbance to wild animals.Around five of the ten zones of core areas were not closed in monsoon seasons, contrary to the directions of the National Tiger Conservatory Authority (NTCA). The entire area of zone 1-10 of RTR is designated as the core area, the department closed only zone one-five of the RTR during monsoon season (July-September) during 2015-2018, while zone six-10 remained open.Scrutiny of records revealed that between July and September of these years, 24,647 tourists visited the park, and it would have caused disturbance to the eight tigers who had territories in these zones.


Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve (RTR)

Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve is located in the Sawai Madhopur district, while Sariska is in the Alwar district.The CAG report also states that the site selected for construction of the Abheda Biological park in Kota was not conducive due to adjoining garbage dumping yard, industrial areas, firing range of the Army, the existence of slums nearby. On the encroachment of forest land, the audit found that there were 18,577 cases of encroachment on forest land, involving an area of 255.05 sq km in the state as of 1st April 2013. Around 15,883 cases of illegal mining in forest areas were registered during 2013-18, of which, 8,004 cases were disposed of by levying penalty, and 7,879 cases were pending as of March 2018. It observed that 3,491 cases were pending for one-three years, and 1,534 cases were pending for more than three years. As many as 4,388 cases were pending for consideration before the court.

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