Amasebailu Becomes First 100% Solar Powered Village in Karnataka

This project around 50 lamps were given free to temples and schools.
Arjun Manjunadha

Updated: Jun 13,2019 03:00:43 pm

Amasebailu Becomes First 100% Solar Powered Village in Karnataka

13 June 2019 Current Affairs:Amasebailu, a small village situated on the left bank of Haldi river in Udupi.
It is the first village in Karnataka to have 100% solar-powered houses. 
The dream of the three-year-long project.
The closing ceremony of the project was organized on June 9.
The demand for decentralized small scale energy projects instead of centralized mega-projects is increasing due to growing environmental concerns. 
It is tagged as a Solar Gram Panchayat with about 1858 houses illuminated with solar lamps. 
The project launched three years ago in 2016.
It is implemented at a total cost of Rs. 2.13 crore. 
The project was funded by the Centre and the State Government 
The ratio 30:20 and the rest was paid by the Panchayat and charitable organizations.

The contract made with Selco company for the establishment of the project. 
The solar lamps have a guarantee of up to five years 
The population is around 3000. 
The installation cost of one solar lamp lies around Rs. 5000 but they were given to household at a subsidized rate of Rs. 1500.
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