List of National Flowers of all Countries

Last Updated: August 5, 2019

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National Symbols represents the culture and tradition of a country in symbolic form. Most of the countries are better known from their symbols rather than the country itself.

List of National Flowers in different Countries : 
Country National Flower
Afghanistan Tulip
Argentina Ceibo
Australia Golden Wattle
Austria Edelweiss
Bangladesh White Water Lily
Barbados Pride of Barbados
Belgium Red Poppy
Bermuda Sisyrinchium bermudiana
Bhutan Blue Poppy
Bolivia Cantuta
Brazil Cattleya labiata
Bulgaria Rose
Chile Copihue
Colombia Cattleya Orchid
Cuba Mariposa
Cyprus Cyclamen
Denmark Marguerite Daisy
Egypt Lotus
England Rose, Tudor Rose
Finland Lily of the Valley
France Iris
Germany Cornflower
Hungary Tulip
India Lotus
Indonesia Puspa Bangsa
Iraq Red Rose
Ireland Shamrock
Israel Cyclamen
Japan Cherry Blossom
Jordan Black Iris
Malaysia Hibiscus
Mexico Dahlia
Myanmar Padauk
Netherlands Tulip
New Zealand Kowhai
Norway Purple Heather (Callunna Vulgaris)
Pakistan Jasmine
Philippines Jasminum Sambac
Poland Corn Poppy
Portugal Lavender
Puerto Rico Flor de Maga
Romania Dog rose
Russia Chamomile
Scotland Thistle
Singapore Vanda Miss Joaquim
South Africa King Protea
South Korea Hibiscus
Spain Carnation
Sri Lanka Blue Lily
Switzerland Edelweiss
Taiwan Plum Blossom
Thailand Cassia Fistula Linn
United States of America Rose
Vietnam Lotus
Zimbabwe Flame Lily

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