Countries and their main Industries List

Production  of agricultural plant commodities has a diverse geographical distribution. Along with climate and corresponding types of vegetation, the economy of a nation also influences the level of agricultural production. Production of some products is highly concentrated in a few countries while other are widely produced. 
List of Countries and their main Produces / Industries
Afghanistan: Dry and fresh fruits, carpets, wool
Australia: Wood, Dairy products, Wheat, Meat, Lead, Zinc
Austria: Machinery, Textiles, Leather Goods
Brazil: Coffee
Belgium: Glass, Textiles
Chile: Copper Nitrate
Canada: Wheat, Newsprint, Machinery
China: Silk, Tea, Rice
Congo: Copper, Uranium, Cobalt, Ivory
Cuba: Sugar, Tobacco, Cigar
Denmark: Textiles, Paper
France: Textile, Wine, Silk
Germany: Machinery, Chemical, Iron and Steel equipment
Ghana: Coco, Gold, Coffee
India: Jute, Textiles, Sugar, Spices, Tobacco, Tea, Cement, Mica
Indonesia: Sugar, Spices, Rubber, Rice, Cinchona, Petroleum
Iran: Petroleum, Carpets, Dry Fruits
Iraq: Dates, Petroleum
Italy: Mercury, Textiles
Japan: Machinery, Textiles, Toys, Silk, Automobiles
Kenya: Coffee, Tea, Meat, Sisal, Hides and Skins, Cement, Soda ash
Kuwait: Petroleum
Malaysia: Rubber, Tin
Netherlands: Machinery, Aircraft, Electricals
Saudi Arabia: Oil, Date
Spain: Lead
Sweden: Matches, Timber
Switzerland: Watches, Chemicals, Electricals
Taiwan: Camphor, Rice
UK: Textiles, Medicines, Machinery, Cars
USA: Petroleum, Wheat, Machinery, Coal, Automobiles, Iron
Russia: Petroleum, Wheat, Chemicals, Heavy Machinery
Vietnam: Tin, Rice, Rubber, Teak
Uruguay: beef, soybeans, cellulose, rice, wheat, lumber, dairy products; fish
Uzbekistan: cotton, vegetables, fruits, grain; livestock
Vanuatu: copra, coconuts, cocoa, coffee, taro, yams
Venezuela: corn, sorghum, sugarcane, rice, bananas, vegetables, coffee
Vietnam:    paddy rice, coffee, rubber, cotton, tea, pepper, soybeans
Virgin Islands:  coconuts, breadfruit, yams, taro, bananas; pigs, goats; fish
Yemen: grain, fruits, vegetables, pulses, qat, coffee, cotton
Zambia: corn, sorghum, rice, peanuts, sunflower seed, tobacco, cotton
Zimbabwe: corn, cotton, tobacco, wheat, coffee, sugarcane
Singapore: orchids, vegetables; poultry, eggs, ornamental fish
Slovakia: grains, potatoes, sugar beets, hops, fruit; pigs, cattle
Slovenia: potatoes, hops, wheat, sugar beets, corn, grapes
South Africa: corn, wheat, sugarcane, fruits, vegetables
Somalia: bananas, sorghum, corn, coconuts, rice, sugarcane, mangoes
Namibia: millet, sorghum, peanuts, grapes; livestock; fish
Nauru : coconuts
Nepal: pulses, rice, corn, wheat, sugarcane, jute, root crops; milk
Netherlands: grains, potatoes, sugar beets, fruits, vegetables; livestock
New Caledonia: vegetables; beef, deer, other livestock products; fish
New Zealand: dairy products, lamb and mutton; wheat, barley, potatoes
Bahrain: fruit, vegetables; poultry, dairy products; shrimp, fish
Bangladesh: rice, jute, tea, wheat, sugarcane, potatoes, tobacco, pulse
Barbados: sugarcane, vegetables, cotton
Belarus: grain, potatoes, vegetables, sugar beets, flax; beef, milk
Belgium: sugar beets, fresh vegetables, fruits, grain, tobacco
Belize: bananas, cacao, citrus, sugar; fish, cultured shrimp; lumber
Benin: cotton, corn, cassava, yams, beans, palm oil, peanuts
Bermuda: bananas, vegetables, citrus, flowers; dairy products, honey
Bhutan: rice, corn, root crops, citrus, foodgrains; dairy products, eggs
Bolivia: soybeans, coffee, cocoa, cotton, corn, sugarcane, rice, 
Bosnia and Herzegovina: wheat, corn, fruits, vegetables; livestock
Burkina Faso: cotton, peanuts, shea nuts, sesame, sorghum, millet, corn, rice; livestock
Burma: rice, pulses, beans, sesame, groundnuts, sugarcane; hardwood; fish and fish products
Burundi: coffee, cotton, tea, corn, sorghum, sweet potatoes, bananas, manioc; beef, milk, hides
Oman: dates, limes, bananas, alfalfa, vegetables; camels, cattle; fish
Pakistan: cotton, wheat, rice, sugarcane, fruits, vegetables; milk
Palau: coconuts, copra, cassava, sweet potatoes; fish
Panam: bananas, rice, corn, coffee, sugarcane, vegetables; livestock; shrimp

Last Updated: August 21, 2019

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