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Last Updated: March 6, 2021

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  • Appointment of CBI Director

    38 days ago
    The Supreme Court has filed a writ petition requesting the appointment of a regular Director of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). The Director of CBI was appointed in accordance with Article 4A of the Delhi Special Police Establishment Act of 1946. Highlights: ♦ The Director of the CBI has obtained a two-year term guarantee under the 2003 CVC Act. ♦ The Lokpal & Lokayuktas Act (2013) amended the Delhi Special Police Establishment Act (1946) and made the following changes for the appointment of the CBI Director: ♦ The central government should appoint the Director of the CBI on the recommendation of the three-person committee consisting of Prime Minister as Chairperson, the Leader of Opposition party in the Lok Sabha, the Chief Justice of India  or Judge of the Supreme Court nominated by him. ♦ The Delhi Special Police Establishment (Amendment) Act of 2014 changed the composition of the committee related to the appointment of the Director of C.B.I. ♦ It pointed out that if there is no recognized opposition leader in the Lok Sabha, then the leader of the largest single opposition party in the Lok Sabha will become a member of the committee. About Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) ♦ The CBI was established in 1963 by a resolution of the Ministry of the Home Affairs. ♦ Currently, CBI is under the administration of the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) of the Ministry of Personnel, Public Appeals and Pensions. ♦ The Santhanam Anti-Corruption Commission (1962–1964) recommended the establishment of CBI. ♦ CBI is not a statutory body. ♦ CBI power comes from the Delhi Special Police Establishment Act of 1946. ♦ CBI is the main investigation agency of the Union Government. ♦ It also provides assistance to the Central Vigilance Commission and Lokpal. ♦ It is also the nodal police agency in India, coordinating investigations on behalf of INTERPOL member countries.  

    Chairman of the National Commission for Scheduled Castes Vijay Sampla

    46 days ago
    Vijay Sampla was appointed as the chairman of the National Committee of Scheduled Castes (NCSC). Highlights: ♦ NCSC is a constitutional body dedicated to safeguarding the interests of the predetermined caste (SC) in India. ♦ Article 338 of the Indian Constitution concerns the committee: It stipulates the predetermined caste and the predetermined tribal national committee, whose duties are to investigate and monitor all matters related to the safeguards provided for it, investigate specific complaints, and participate in and provide advice on the planning process of its socio-economic development. The Constitution initially provided for the appointment of a special official under Article 338. ♦ Special officials are appointed as commissioners for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes. ♦ 65th Amendment in 1990: It replaced a membership system with a national hierarchical social committee (SC) and a national hierarchical tribe (ST) composed of members. The Constitution (Article 65 Amendment) Act 1990 amended Article 338 of the Constitution. ♦ 89th Amendment, 2003: With this amendment, the former SC and ST National Committees were replaced by two independent committees in 2004: According to Article 338-A, the National Committee of the Scheduled Castes (NCSC) and the National Committee of the Scheduled Tribes (NCST). Structure: It includes President, Vice Chairman. The other three members are appointed by the president with a warrant and stamp. Features of NCSC: ♦ Monitor and investigate all issues related to the guarantees of the SC provided by the constitution. ♦ Investigate complaints about deprivation of SC rights and protections. ♦ Participate in SC's socio-economic development plan and provide suggestions to it. ♦ Regularly report the implementation of these safeguards to the president of the country. ♦ It is recommended that measures be taken to further promote the socio-economic development and other welfare activities of the Standards Committee. ♦ Any other function of the welfare, protection, development and progress of the SC community. ♦ The committee is also required to perform the same functions as the Standards Committee for the Anglo-Indian Community. ♦ By 2018, the committee is also required to perform similar functions as other obsolete categories (OBC). Amendment No. 102 of 2018 exempts this responsibility. Other Some Provisions for SCs: ♦ Article 15(4) refers to special provisions that promote these provisions. ♦ Article 16(4A) says: “Reserve posts promoted to any level in the state service to support SC/ST positions, and these positions are underrepresented in the state service.” ♦ Article 17 repealed Untouchability. ♦ Article 46 requires the state "to pay special attention to promoting the educational and economic benefits of disadvantaged groups, especially the untouchable castes and untouchable tribes, and to protect them from social injustice and all forms of exploitation. ♦ Article 330 and Article 332 of the Constitution stipulate that the seats of the castes and tribes listed in the schedule are reserved in the People's Chamber and the National Legislative Assembly, respectively. ♦ According to Part IX concerning Panchayats and Part IXA of the Constitution concerning municipalities, reservations to SC and ST in local institutions have been envisaged and provided.

    Preeti Sinha Appointed as Executive Secretary of UNCDF

    55 days ago
    The United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) has appointed Preti Sinha as its executive secretary. She is an investment and development banker of Indian origin.  Highlights: ♦ The Executive Secretary will focus on providing microfinance assistance to women, youth, and small and medium-sized enterprises in underserved communities. The executive secretary is the highest level of leadership of UNCDF.  ♦ Ms. Preeti will oversee the organization's efforts to provide scalable impact so that the international financial environment can serve the world's frontier and frontier markets. She will put special emphasis on supporting the sustainable development of youth, women, small and medium enterprises and small farmers. After being appointed, she emphasized that her goal is to obtain a "C" in UNCDF (capital). ♦ UNCDF was established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1966 to promote economic development throughout the world. Its headquarters are in New York. The organization helps provide microfinance to least developed countries (LDCs). It also has the task of unlocking the full potential of public and private funds. The organization provides public and private financing services to the poor in 47 least developed countries in the world.  ♦ Least Developed Countries (LDC) is a list of developing countries that show the lowest indicators of socio-economic development. The list is compiled by the United Nations.  ♦ The countries with the lowest human development index scores in the world are classified as least developed countries. This concept originated in the 1960s. The United Nations listed the first group of least developed countries in Resolution 2768 (XXVI) adopted in 1971.  

    First Woman to Lead WTO - Ngozi Okonjo Iweala

    55 days ago
    The economist of Nigeria Ngozi Okonjo Iweala was appointed as the head of the World Trade Organization. She has become the first woman to hold this position.  Highlights: ♦ With the rise of protectionism, she also became the first African to be responsible for it. Okonjo-Iweala was appointed Director General by representatives of the 164 member states of the WTO.  ♦ The WTO is an organization that handles trade rules between countries based on negotiated agreements. The appointment of African women was made after US President Joe Biden approved the candidacy.  ♦ The appointment will take effect on March 1, 2021. background Former U.S. President Donald Trump had earlier blocked his candidacy.  ♦ The United States also prohibits the appointment of any new judges to the WTO Appellate Body. It freezes the WTO’s ability to resolve wide-ranging and complex trade disputes. ♦ The US government blocked the appointment by arguing that the World Trade Organization was slow and bureaucratic. The government also emphasized that China does not have enough capacity to solve the problems caused by the Chinese state-led economy.  ♦ The World Trade Organization (WTO) is an intergovernmental organization. This agency is responsible for handling international trade between countries. It was established in January 1995 under the  ♦ Marrakesh Agreement. In April 1994, the "Marrakesh Declaration" signed the "Marrakesh Agreement." The agreement was signed in Marrakech, Morocco. The agreement was signed by 123 countries in April 1994.  ♦ The Marrakesh Agreement replaced the General Agreement on Tariffs & Trade. The agreement is a supplement to the agreement on sanitary and phytosanitary measures, service trade, intellectual property rights and other issues.

    Chairman Appointed for National Safety Council (NSC)

    66 days ago
    The Ministry of Labor and Employment has appointed Shri S.N. Subrahmanyan, CEO and Managing Director, L&T Ltd, as Chairman of the National Safety Council for a period of three years. About National Safety Council: ♦ The Ministry of Labour of the Government of India established the National Safety Council (NSC) in 1966 to initiate, develop and maintain voluntary campaigns on Safety, Health and the Environment at the national level. ♦ It is a non-profit tripartite body registered under the Societies Registration Act of 1860 and the Bombay Public Trust Act of 1950. ♦ Its activities include organizing and carrying out specialized training programs/courses, conferences, seminars and workshops; conducting consultancy studies, such as safety audits, safety levels, hazard evaluation and risk assessments; designing and developing HSE promotional materials and publications; promote Organizations to celebrate/observe various campagins, such as National Safety Day/Week, Fire Service Week, World Environment Day and Road Safety Week. ♦ It is located in Navi Mumbai. ♦ Its Board of Governors consists of members from the government, employers’ organizations and trade union organizations. ♦ The chairperson of the NSC is appointed by the government and is usually a prominent industrialist.  

    New Vice President ABU Was Elected

    115 days ago
    CEO, Prasar Bharati was elected as the Vice President of Asia Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU). Asia Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU): ♦ ABU was established in 1964 and is a non-profit, non-governmental, non-political professional association whose mission is to assist the development of broadcasting in the Asia-Pacific region. ♦ ABU promotes the collective interests of television and radio stations and major industry players, and promotes regional and international media cooperation. ♦ It is a member of the World Broadcaster’s Union and works closely with other regional broadcasting unions on other issues of common concern, such as reserving frequencies for broadcasters, harmonization of operating and technical broadcasting standards and systems, and finalizing the Broadcasting Treaty. ♦ Currently, ABU has more than 260 members in more than 70 countries on four continents. It is headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

    Indian-origin Anil Soni appointed as CEO for WHO Foundation

    126 days ago
    World Health Organisation (WHO) has appointed Indian-origin Anil Soni as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for the WHO Foundation. Global health expert Soni will assume his role as its inaugural CEO on 1st January 2020. He will be the first CEO of the newly launched WHO Foundation. In his new role, Soni will accelerate the WHO Foundation's work to invest in innovative, evidence-based initiatives that support WHO in delivering on its mission to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all. Anil Soni: Anil Soni has spent two decades in service of communities affected by HIV/AIDS and other infectious diseases. In his career, from 2002-2004, initially, he had served as the Executive Director (ED) at the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Malaria, and Tuberculosis. Soni is well-known for mobilizing resources and advocating for global health priorities. From 2004-2005, he had served as the Founding Executive Director of Friends of the Global Fight. He had served as the senior advisor at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the MDG Health Alliance.

    Lt Gen Rajeev Chaudhry took charge as Director General Border Roads

    129 days ago
    Lt Gen Rajeev Chaudhry assumed the charge as 27th Director General Border Roads (DGBR) on the 1st December 2020. Prior to this, he held the appointment of ADG LW&E in QMG’s Branch at Integrated Headquarters of Ministry of Defence (Army).  Lt Gen Chaudhry: Lt Gen Chaudhry was commissioned into the Corps of Engineers from Indian Military Academy (IMA), Dehradun in 1983. He has attended all prestigious courses of the Indian Army including staff Course at Defence Service Staff College, Wellington, Higher Command Course at Army War College, Mhow and the National Defence College, New Delhi. He also holds an M-Tech from IISc Bangalore. He initiated the first-ever and only Engineer Brigade Exercise with US Engineer Brigade as part of EX YUDH ABHYAS.  Lt Gen Chaudhry has held various staff, instructional, and command appointments including Command of an Independent Field Coy, Engineer Unit, and Command of an Engineer Brigade. He has also tenanted the appointment of Chief Engineer Southern Command. He was nominated as Exercise Director of EX FORCE 18, a multinational exercise involving 18 countries on Humanitarian Mine Action (HMA), in the year 2016.

    New Director For The Border Highway Bureau Was Appointed

    130 days ago
    Lieutenant General Rajeev Chaudhry took over as Director of the Border Highway Bureau (DGBR). Highlights: ♦ Initially, BRO operated under the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. But since 2015, it has been under the management of the Ministry of Defense and started to operate. ♦ BRO is operational in 21 States and 1 Union Territories in India. Moreover, it can also play a role in friendly countries such as Afghanistan, Bhutan, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka. ♦ The organization was established on May 7, 1960, to maintain and develop remote areas in northern and northeastern India located near the border. ♦ BRO raising Day is celebrated on May 7th every year. ♦ In June 2018, Lieutenant General Sanjeev Kumar Shrivastava took over as Director-General of the Border Highway Organization (DGBR).  ♦ The organization's members include officers and troops selected from the Indian Army Corps of Engineers, Army Service Corps, military police and other personnel.

    Tummala Srinivasa appointed as the new INCOIS Director

    164 days ago
    Tummala Srinivasa Kumar took charge as the new Indian National Centre for Ocean Information System (INCOIS) Director. INCOIS is an autonomous organization of the Government of India, under the Ministry of Earth Sciences. Highlights: ♦ India has a tsunami early warning system established at Indian National Centre for Ocean Information System (INCOIS). ♦ India can detect large undersea earthquakes in real-time and provide a tsunami warning in 10 – 20 minutes after the earthquake occurrence. ♦ For Indian Ocean earthquakes where the network of seismometers is reasonably good, quakes can now be detected in less than five minutes and a tsunami warning issued within 10 minutes if the quake occurs elsewhere in the globe ♦ Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO (IOC-UNESCO) accredited Indian Tsunami Early Warning Centre as Tsunami Service Provider (TSP) for 28 Indian Ocean rim countries, along with Indonesia and Australia in 2011, for issuing regional warnings. IOC-UNESCO: The Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO (IOC) is the United Nations body responsible for supporting global ocean science and services. The IOC enables its 150 Member States to work together to protect the health of the shared ocean. Since it was established in 1960, the IOC has provided a focus for all other United Nations bodies that are working to understand and improve the management of our oceans, coasts and marine ecosystems.

    Yashvardhan Kumar Sinha appointed as New Chief Information Commissioner

    164 days ago
    The Government of India is set to appoint former Indian Foreign Service (IFS) officer and Information Commissioner Yashvardhan Kumar Sinha as the new Chief Information Commissioner. Appointment: The commissioners are appointed by the President of India on the recommendation of a committee. As per the RTI Act, the appointment of commissioners in the Central Information Commission is recommended by a committee comprising the prime minister (chairperson), a cabinet minister and the leader of the single largest Opposition party in the Lok Sabha. Central Information Commission at present: The Central Information Commission consists of a chief and up to 10 commissioners. It has been headless twice this year and has not functioned at full strength for almost four years. Now, it has only five commissioners, leading to a backlog of 37,000 pending cases. In a February 2019 order, the Supreme Court had directed that appointments be made in a transparent and timely manner. The SC directed the government to put up all necessary information on its website, including particulars of the applicants and the composition of the search committee which shortlists candidates. Right to Information (Amendment) Act, 2019: ♦ The Act amended Sections 13 and 16 of the RTI Act, 2005.  ♦ Section 13 of the original Act sets the term of the central Chief Information Commissioner and Information Commissioners at five years (or until the age of 65, whichever is earlier). The amendment changed that the appointment will be for such term as may be prescribed by the Central Government.  ♦ According to the amendment act, the salaries, allowances and other terms of service of the Chief Information Commissioner and Information Commissioners shall be such as may be prescribed by the Central Government. Previously it was equivalent to that of the Chief Election Commissioner and Election Commissioners respectively. ♦ The government said that the amendment was required because the election commission is a Constitutional body while the information commission, formed under the Right to Information Act, is a statutory one.

    LT GEN Nanda Kishore Sahoo Assumes Appointment of Director General Dental Services

    171 days ago
    Lieutenant General Nanda Kishore Sahoo, assumed the appointment of Director General Dental Services and Colonel Commandant of Army Dental Corps on 12 Oct 2020. Highlights: ♦ During his distinguished military career of 37 years, he has held multiple important appointments including Command of a unit in Kashmir Valley, Command Advisor of Western, Central and Southern Commands. ♦ The General Officer is an alumnus of King George's Medical University and a Post Graduate from Mumbai University in the Specialty of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery.  ♦ Lt General has the unique distinction of being the Professor & Head of the Dental Department at Armed Forces Medical College, Pune and the Army Hospital (Research & Referral), Delhi. ♦ Lt Gen NK Sahoo is an internationally acclaimed author, teacher and winner of KS Master silver medal.  ♦ The General officer is a recipient of five Commendations and the Presidential Award, Vishisht Seva Medal(VSM) for his exceptional services of a high order. ♦ Lt Gen NK Sahoo exhorted all ranks to continue working with utmost zeal and enthusiasm. ♦ Lt Gen NK Sahoo urged them to continue on the path to strive for excellence and to keep ‘Nation First’ in all their endeavours.

    CSIR-CDRI Scientist Dr Saman Habib elected as a fellow of Indian National Science Academy

    172 days ago
    Dr Saman Habib, is elected as a fellow of Indian National Science Academy. Dr Saman Habib, Chief Scientist and Professor (AcSIR) in Molecular Biology Division, CSIR-CDRI, Lucknow brought her outstanding work for understanding the malaria parasite.  Highlights: Her research group’s interest in the malaria parasite is driven by the desire to understand  (a) the molecular workings and functions of the relict plastid (apicoplast) of Plasmodium,  (b) mechanisms of protein translation employed by Plasmodium organelles and  (c) human genetic factors and susceptibility to severe P. falciparum malaria in endemic and non-endemic regions of India. Other important honours and awards: Fellow of Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore (2016) Fellow of The National Academy of Sciences India, Allahabad (2015) National Women Bio-scientist Award, Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India (2012) Prof. BK Bachhawat Memorial Lecture Award, National Academy of Sciences, India (2008) CSIR Young Scientist Award, CSIR (2001) Indian National Science Academy: Indian National Science Academy was established in January 1935. The central theme of this academy was to promote science in India and harnessing scientific knowledge for the cause of humanity and national welfare. Promotion of scientific knowledge in India, including its practical application to problems of national welfare.

    SC appoints former justice Lokur to monitor steps to prevent stubble burning

    176 days ago
    The Supreme Court has appointed Justice Madan B Lokur, a former judge of the Supreme Court, as a one-person monitoring committee to prevent stubble burning in the states of Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh, amid rising levels of pollution in the national capital and adjoining regions. Highlights: ♦ The judgment was passed by the Supreme Court bench headed by Justice SA Bobde while hearing a PIL filed by two environmental activities as directions to ensure the implementation of the complete ban on stubble burning. ♦ Court-appointed Environment Pollution Control Authority (EPCA) and chief secretaries of Haryana, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh were directed to help the Lokur panel. ♦ The concerned state governments are asked to provide secretarial, security and financial facilities to this committee. The committee is directed to submit its report to the Supreme Court in 15 days, with the next hearing on October 26, 2020. ♦ The committee will be assisted by state chief secretaries and also by National Cadet Corps (NCC), National Service Scheme (NSS) and Bharat Scouts.

    Vishal V Sharma appointed as India's next permanent representative to UNESCO.

    176 days ago
    Vishal V Sharma has been selected as the next permanent representative of India to the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). He was selected with the rank of ambassador.  Highlights: ♦ Vishal V Sharma was appointed as the replacement of Jawed Ashraf. ♦ He was appointed to the Permanent Delegation of India to UNESCO. ♦ On November 16, 1945 UNESCO was founded and had its headquarters at Paris, France. ♦ Head of UNESCO is Audrey Azoulay.

    IWF appoint Michael Irani as interim President

    176 days ago
    The International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) on October 16, 2020, announced the appointment of Michael Irani as its interim President. Michael Irani was appointed after the resignation of IWF President Tamás Aján. International Weightlifting Federation (IWF): International Weightlifting Federation was founded in 1905 and had its headquarters at Budapest, Hungary. Michael Irani: Michael Irani was born in Bombay, who is a leading physician in Rheumatology and works as a Consultant Rheumatologist at Ashford Hospital NHS Trust. Irani was the former Chairman of the anti-doping Commission of IWF. And he was also a member of the IWF Medical Committee since 1992. He served as the President of the European Weightlifting Federation (EWF) Medical Committee from 1995 to 1999.

    Lt General M V Suchindra Kumar assumed command of Jammu-based 16 Corps

    181 days ago
    Lieutenant General M V Suchindra Kumar assumed charge as the General Officer Commanding (GoC) of the Indian Army's elite 16 Corps, known as White Knight Corps. He succeeded Lt Gen Harsha Gupta. XVI Corps (India): The XVI Corps of the Indian Army was established on 1 June 1972. It is headquartered at Nagrota Cantonment, Nagrota, Jammu district, Jammu & Kashmir. 16 Corps is a branch of the Indian Army. White Knight Corps is a Part of the Army Northern Command. 

    KVIC appointed Fashion Icon Sunil Sethi as Advisor

    199 days ago
    Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) has appointed Shri Sunil Sethi, a leading personality in the Indian fashion industry, as its advisor. Sethi will advise the Commission on latest design interventions in the readymade garments segment and promotion of Khadi in India and abroad. He appointment is be for a tenure of one year. Sunil Sethi: Mr Sethi has a career spannig of four decades of experience in global merchandising. He has contributed significantly to the growth of Indian design, handicrafts, and the textile industry via many innovative and successful initiatives. He is currently serving as the Chairman of the Fashion Design Council of India. Sethi has been working to take Indian fashion industry global. Sethi has played advisory roles in various government bodies like Ministry of Textile, Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Culture, the National Crafts Museum and Hastkala Academy, and HHEC.  He has also served as Member, Board of Governors, at the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT).

    Shri Narendra Singh Tomar assumed charge of Ministry of Food Processing Industries

    201 days ago
    Union Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Minister Narendra Singh Tomar assumed charge as the Minister of Food Processing Industries (MoFPI) in Panchsheel Bhawan on 23 September 2020. The Minister met all the senior officials and reviewed the schemes of the ministry. Tomar currently holds the charge of the Minister of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare, Minister of Rural Development, and Minister of Panchayati Raj. The main objective of the Ministry is to: ♦ Reduce the wastage at all stages in the food processing chain by developing infrastructure for storage, transportation and processing of agro-food produce Improve farmer's income by better utilization and value addition of agricultural produce ♦ Encourage Research & Development (R&D) in food processing for product and process development. ♦ It aims to improved package policy support, and support for the creation of Infrastructure ♦ To increase capacity expansion/ Upgradation and other supportive measures form the growth of these sectors; ♦ Introduce advanced & modern technology into the food processing industries from both external and domestic sources ♦ Promote the export of processed food products.

    UN named Indian teenager Udit Singhal to 2020 Class of Young Leaders for SDGs

    205 days ago
    The United Nations has named Udit Singhal, an 18-year-old youngster from India has been named to the 2020 Class of 17 Young Leaders for the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). It is the highest-profile recognition opportunity for youngsters in the UN. Udit Singhal: Udit Singhal is the founder of Glass2Sand, a zero-waste ecosystem that addresses the growing menace of glass waste in Delhi. Under the initiative, empty glass bottles are prevented from being dumped into landfills and are crushed into commercially valuable sand. His initiative has stopped over 8,000 bottles from being dumped in landfills and produced 4,815 kg of high-grade silica sand so far. Young Leaders for the SDGs initiative: The Office of the UN Secretary-General's Envoy on Youth organizes the Young Leaders for the SDGs initiative on a biennial basis. This initiative is the UN's highest-profile recognition opportunity for young people who are leading efforts to combat the world issues and whose leadership is catalyzing the achievement of the SDGs.

    Colonel Dr Girija Mungali appointed in Asian Football Confederation task-force

    205 days ago
    Retd. Colonel Dr. Girija Shanker Mungali has been appointed a member of the Asian Football Confederation's task force. Teh task force consists of 7 members. The force aims to regulate football clubs in Asia and Australia.  Colonel Dr Girija Mungali: Mungali is also currently serving as the Chairman of the Club Licensing Committee of the All India Football Federation (AIFF). He is the only Indian to be appointed on this committee. With this appointment, he plans to use the platform to create and promote opportunities for upcoming and young footballers especially from the rural areas of India. His appointment was made on September 15 by Dato' Windsor John, the General Secretary of the Asian Football Confederation. Mungali will be on the panel till 2023.

    Harivansh Narayan Singh elected as Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha

    209 days ago
    Shri Harivansh Narayan Singh has been elected as the Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha for the second time. Harivansh's name was proposed by the BJP president JP Nadda. The opposition had fielded Manoj Jha, an RJD member.    Shri Harivansh Narayan Singh: Shri Harivansh hails from a poor family based in a Bihar. The 64-year-old JD-U leader is a post-graduate in Economics from Banaras Hindu University. He holds a Diploma in Journalism. He worked for social causes for nearly four decades, he entered Parliament in 2014. He was elected as the deputy chairperson from August 2018 to April 2020 when his Rajya Sabha term ended. Harivansh has been re-elected for a six-year term of the Upper House. The way Harivansh conducted the proceedings of the House strengthens democracy.

    Former Finance Secretary Rajiv Kumar was appointed as the Election Commissioner

    233 days ago
    Former Finance Secretary Rajiv Kumar has been appointed as the new Election Commissioner. Mr Kumar will replace Commissioner Ashok Lavasa. Rajiv Kumar will assume office when the Commissioner Ashok Lavasa leaves his office on 31st August 2020. The outgoing Election Commissioner Ashok Lavasa will join Asian Development Bank (ADB) as its vice president. Rajiv Kumar: Rajiv Kumar is a retired Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer of the 1984 batch from Jharkhand cadre. Kumar has over 30 years of experience in public policy and administration across various sectors. He holds B.Sc and LLB degrees, along with a masters in public policy and sustainability. Kumar served as the secretary, Department of Financial Services in the month of September, when most of the public sector banks (PSBs) were in losses. In 2019, he was designated as finance secretary. He played a major role in the major merger of 10 PSBs into four. As financial services secretary, he took several policy decisions to promote responsive and responsible banking. Kumar also undertook a massive Rs.3 lakh crore recapitalisation of banks during his tenure. He also initiated and implemented the 59-minute loan scheme for the MSME sector. Prior to his experience in finance ministry, he served as the establishment officer (EO) in the personnel ministry. During his term in the personnel ministry, Kumar introduced a 360 degree appraisal system for promotion and empanelment of senior bureaucrats. He also worked to streamline the promotion and appointment process done by the Appointments Committee of the Cabinet (ACC). A compendium of guidelines pertaining to board-level appointments in the Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSE) was issued by Kumar when he worked as the EO in 2017.

    Satya Pal Malik appointed as Governor of Meghalaya

    237 days ago
    Satya Pal Malik took charge as Governor of Meghalaya on 18 August 2020. He replaced Tathagata Roy who completed his five-year tenure on the gubernatorial post. Satya Pal Malik who is currently serving as the Governor of Goa was transferred and appointed as Governor of Meghalaya. Governor of Maharashtra Bhagat Singh Koshyari has been asked to discharge the functions of the Goa governor in addition to his own duties. Roy completed his five-year tenure by serving as governor of Tripura for 3 years and the remaining 2 years in Meghalaya. Satya Pal Malik: Satya Pal Malik started his political career at Meerut University as a student leader. In 1974, he became the MLA of Charan Singh's Bhartiya Kranti Dal from Baghpat in Uttar Pradesh. In 1984, he joined the Congress and became its Rajya Sabha MP. In 1988, he switched to the VP Singh-led Janta Dal and became an MP from Aligarh. In 2004, Malik joined the BJP. He is the first career politician to be appointed as the governor of J&K in 51 years after Karan Singh, whose term had ended in 1967. He is the current governor of J&K. He was given the additional charge to serve as governor of Odisha till 28 May 2018.  

    IRS Patanjali assumed charge as Principal Chief Commissioner of Income Tax, Mumbai

    245 days ago
    Senior IRS Shri. Patanjali has assumed charge as Principal Chief Commissioner of Income Tax (Pr. CCIT), Mumbai on 10th August 2020. Prior to this, Patanjali served as the Director-General of Income Tax, Investigation Wing, Bengaluru for the state of Karnataka & Goa. Patanjali: Shri Patanjali is one of the senior-most Indian Revenue Service officers (IRS). He began his career in Mumbai from May 1997 to April 2007. He worked in Bhopal, Indore, Bengaluru, and Gwalior and has wide experience of different verticals in the Income Tax Department like Administration, Investigation, Assessment, and Tax Deducted at Source (TDS). He holds a Masters Degree in Economics from Delhi School of Economics. Shri Patanjali is the founder of 'Vanya Organic', a widely acclaimed food forest initiative. He is working extensively for the ‘Regenerative Farming’ for almost two decades as an ecological solution.

    Prof. Dr. Pradeep Kumar Joshi took oath as Chairman of UPSC

    247 days ago
    Prof. (Dr.) Pradeep Kumar Joshi took the oath of office and secrecy as Chairman of Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) on 7 August 2020. The oath office was administered by Shri Arvind Saxena, the outgoing Chairman of the Commission. Prior to this Prof.(Dr.) Joshi served as a Member of UPSC. Highlights: Prof.(Dr.) Joshi joined the Commission as Member on 12th May 2015. Prior to joining the Commission, he held the post of Chairman of Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission and Chhattisgarh Public Service Commission. He served as Director, National Institute of Educational Planning and Administration (NIEPA). In his illustrious academic career, Prof.(Dr.) Joshi taught more than 28 years at the post-graduation level and held several important posts in various policy-making, academic and administrative bodies. A specialist in the field of Financial Management, Prof.(Dr.) Joshi has published and presented research papers in several national and international conferences and seminars.

    Sashidhar Jagdishan to be the new CEO of HDFC Bank

    250 days ago
    Sashidhar Jagdishan is to be the next Managing Director (MD) and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of HDFC Bank. He will replace Aditya Puri as the head of the private sector lender. The RBI on August 4 approved the appointment of Sashidhar Jagdishan as MD & CEO of HDFC Bank for three years. Sashidhar Jagdishan: Sashidhar Jagdishan has worked with the bank for nearly 25 years. He has played a critical role in supporting the growth trajectory of the lender. Jagdishan is currently serving as the Group Head and Change Agent of the Bank. Jagdishan became HDFC's Business Head–Finance in the year 1999. Sashidhar was appointed as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in 2008.

    Ashwini Kumar Tewari assumes charge as MD and CEO of SBI Card

    251 days ago
    Ashwini Kumar Tewari has assumed as its new Managing Director (MD) and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of SBI Cards & Payment Services (SBI Card) with effect from 1 August 2020. Tewari has replaced Hardayal Prasad who retired on July 31, 2020. His appointment will further strengthen the SBI Card's market share and propel the business to new milestones. Ashwini Kumar Tewari: Prior to the appointment, since 2017, Ashwini Kumar Tewari held the position of the country head of US Operations at State Bank of India (SBI), based in New York. He started his banking career with SBI in 1991 as a probationary officer. He began his banking career with SBI in the year 1991 as a probationary officer (PO). He held several leadership roles, extending across significant business functions like credit, international and retail banking including business process re-engineering.

    Vice Admiral MA Hampiholi assumed Charge as commandant INA

    259 days ago
    Vice Admiral MA Hampiholi, AVSM, NM assumed charge as the Commandant, Indian Naval Academy (INA) on 27 July 2020. Vice Admiral Dinesh K Tripathi, AVSM, NM handed over charge as the Commandant, Indian Naval Academy (INA) after a successful tenure of over 13 months. Vice Admiral MA Hampiholi: Vice Admiral MA Hampiholi is an alumnus of the National Defence Academy, Khadakvasala, Defence Services Staff College, Wellington, the erstwhile College of Naval warfare, Karanja and the prestigious National Defence College, New Delhi. The Flag Officer is a specialist in Anti-Submarine Warfare and has commanded IN Ships Nashak, Magar, and Talwar. His shore commands include Commandant, National Coast Guard, Mauritius during 2003 to 2005. He served as the Commandant, Naval Academy, and Commanding Officer, INS Mandovi, Goa during 2007-2009. He has the rare distinction of commanding the Indian Naval Academy twice, albeit at different locations, and in different ranks. Vice Admiral Dinesh K Tripathi: Vice Admiral Dinesh K Tripathi assumed charge as the Commandant of Indian Naval Academy on 12 June 2019. During his tenure, INA saw a huge transformation in infrastructure and training facilities. Under the Flag Officer’s leadership, on 12 November 2019, INA was bestowed with the President’s Colour for rendering 50 years of yeoman service in shaping Naval leaders for the Indian Navy, Coast Guard, and Friendly Foreign Countries. 

    Injeti Srinivas was appointed as the first chairman of the International Financial Services Centre Authority

    279 days ago
    Senior bureaucrat Injeti Srinivas was appointed as the first chairman of the International Financial Services Centre Authority (IFSCA) for the Gujarat International Finance Tech (GIFT) City. Highlights: ♦ The Department of personnel and training (DoPT), under the Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions, appointed Injeti Srinivas, the former corporate affairs secretary, as the chairman of the newly set up regulator for three years. ♦ Srinivas retired on 31 May 2020. ♦ The appointment comes as the Union government has notified the setting up of the IFSCA on 28 April.  ♦ IFSCA will serve as a unified authority to regulate all financial services in international financial services centres (IFSCs) across the country. ♦ Until now, the regulations for entities and financial services at IFSCs were governed by Reserve Bank of India (RBI), Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) and Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI).  ♦ The appointment will now typically lead to several key regulations and development work falling between regulatory bodies. Injeti Srinivas: Injeti Srinivas is a 1983 batch IAS officer from the Odisha cadre. He served at the corporate affairs ministry for nearly 3 years. Prior to that, he served as secretary, department of sports, and director-general of SAI.

    Parminder Chopra took charge as Director of Finance, PFC

    284 days ago
    Smt. Parminder Chopra assumed charge as the Director of Finance in the Government-owned Power Finance Corporation (PFC), India's leading NBFC, on 1 July 2020. She will replace Shri N.B. Gupta, who superannuated on June 30, 2020. It was approved by the  Parminder Chopra: Prior to this appointment, Parminder Chopra was associated with key organizations in the power sector like the National Hydroelectric Power Corporation of India (NHPC) and Power Grid Corporation of India (PGCIL). She joined PFC in 2005 and spearheaded the key initiative to diversify PFC's fund mobilization to international markets that allowed the lender to raise money at lower costs. With her focussed approach, the share of fund mobilization in foreign currency grew from a meager 2% to 15% within a short span of 2 years. She also serves as Director on the Board of Coastal Tamil Nadu Power Limited and Cheyyur Infra Limited.

    Vini Mahajan becomes the first Woman Chief Secretary of Punjab

    290 days ago
    Senior IAS officer Vini Mahajan assumed charge as Punjab’s first woman chief secretary on 26 June 2020. She replaced Karan Avtar Singh. She has become the first Woman Chief Secretary of Punjab. Vini Mahajan: Vini Mahajan is a 1987-batch IAS officer. Mahajan is the wife of the state’s director-general of police (DGP) Dinkar Gupta. Vini Mahajan will hold the additional charge of principal secretary, personnel, and vigilance. Mahajan is an Economics graduate from Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi University. She did her post-graduation from the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta. Karan Avtar Singh: Karan Avtar Singh is a 1984-batch IAS officer. He was shunted out of the top bureaucratic position two months before his superannuation, which was due on 31 August 2020. Singh is tipped to be the first chairman of the Punjab Water Regulatory Authority set up by the Punjab state government.

    Vice Admiral Biswajit Dasgupta assumes charge as Chief of Staff of ENC

    304 days ago
    Vice Admiral Biswajit Dasgupta, AVSM, YSM, VSM assumed the charge as Chief of Staff, Eastern Naval Command (ENC), Visakhapatnam on 12 June 2020. Vice Admiral Biswajit Dasgupta replaced Vice Admiral SN Ghormade, the outgoing Chief of Staff, has proceeded on transfer as Controller Personnel Services at Integrated Headquarters, Ministry of Defence (Navy), New Delhi. Vice Admiral Biswajit Dasgupta: Vice Admiral Biswajit Dasgupta is an alumnus of the National Defence Academy. In 1985, he was commissioned into the Indian Navy. He is a specialist in Navigation and Direction. He has commanded 4 frontline ships including INS Nishank, INS Karmuk, INS Tabar, and INS Viraat. He has held other appointments such as Commander Work Up at Headquarters at Indian Naval Workup Team, Kochi; Directing Staff at the Defence Services Staff College, Wellington; Officer-in-Charge of the Navy's Navigation and Direction School, Naval Assistant to the Chief of the Naval Staff and Fleet Operations Officer of the Western Fleet. He was promoted to Flag Rank and was appointed as Chief Staff Officer (Operations) at Headquarters, Western Naval Command at Mumbai. During 2017-18, he held command of the prestigious Eastern Fleet at Visakhapatnam and was appointed as Additional Director General at NCC Headquarters, New Delhi. He also served as the Controller Personnel Services at Integrated Headquarters, Ministry of Defence (Navy) at New Delhi. Dasgupta is a recipient of the Ati Vishisht Seva Medal and Vishisht Seva Medal for distinguished service. He was awarded the Yudh Seva Medal for coordinating evacuation operations from Yemen in 2015 under Operation Raahat.

    Uday Kotak takes over as CII president

    313 days ago
    Banker Uday Kotak assumed office as the president of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) for the year 2020-21. He will replace Vikram Kirloskar, who is the chairman and managing director (MD) of Kirloskar Systems Ltd and vice-chairman of Toyota Kirloskar Motor. Also, T V Narendran, CEO & MD of Tata Steel Limited, is now the president-designate of CII for 2020-21.  Sanjiv Bajaj assumed office as CII vice president for the year 2020-21. He is the chairman and MD of Bajaj Finserv Limited. Uday Kotak: Uday Kotak is the MD and CEO of Kotak Mahindra Bank Limited. He is associated with CII for over two decades. Also, he has served in many capacities in the chamber. Kotak has served as a non-executive chairman of the new IL&FS board to steer the company out of its financial crisis. He served as the chairman of the SEBI panel on corporate governance. He holds a bachelor's degree in commerce. He holds an MBA from Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai.

    VN Datt takes over as Chairman and MD of National Fertilizers Limited

    314 days ago
    Virendra Nath Datt, Director (Marketing), National Fertilizers Limited (NFL) has taken over the additional charge of Chairman & Managing Director (MD) of the Company on 3 June. Datt is associated with Company as Director (Marketing) since October 2018. Virendra Nath Datt: Virendra Nath Datt has a professional experience of over 35 years with premier Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs) such as GAIL and Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) besides the Fertilizer Industry. Prior to the appointment, he served as the Executive Director (ED) in GAIL Limited. He handled all India marketing operations of the company in addition to Corporate Strategy, Planning, and Advocacy. He was also a Director on the Board of Mahanagar Gas Ltd., Mumbai.  As Marketing Director of NFL, Datt is credited with sustained growth in fertilizer sale of the company from 43 Lakh MT in 2017-18 to 57 Lakh MT in 2019-20, an increase of 32% over the previous two years. During this period, the NFL established a pan India footprint in the fertilizer industry. He also had a 10-year stint with ONGC before joining GAIL in 1995.

    RK Chaturvedi assumed charge as Secretary, Department of Chemicals and Petrochemicals

    315 days ago
    RK Chaturvedi assumed charge as Secretary in the Department of Chemicals and Petrochemicals, Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers, Government of India. Chaturvedi has replaced P.Raghavendra Rao who superannuated on 31 May 2020. RK Chaturvedi: RK Chaturvedi is a 1987-batch Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer of Madhya Pradesh cadre. Prior to this, he served as an Additional Secretary and Financial Advisor in the Ministry of Culture. He has worked as Chairman of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and as DG in the National Skill Development Authority (NSDA). Department of Chemicals and PetroChemicals: Department of Chemicals and PetroChemicals was established by GoI in 1991. The department functions under the Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilisers. The department is responsible to make policy, planning, development, and regulation of Chemicals and Petrochemicals Industries.

    Pradip Kumar Tripathi Assumes Charge as Secretary in Ministry of Steel

    316 days ago
    Shri Pradip Kumar Tripathi has assumed charge as Secretary, Ministry of Steel, Govt. of India on 1 June 2020. He took over as Secretary upon the superannuation of present incumbent Binoy Kumar. The appointment was approved by the Appointment Committee of Cabinet. Binoy Kumar is a 1983 batch officer who had taken over as Secretary, Ministry of Steel on 1 September 2018. He retired on 30 May 2020.  Pradip Kumar Tripathi: Pradip Kumar Tripathi is an Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer of the 1987 batch of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) cadre. Prior to this appointment, Tripathi had been posted as Special Secretary and Establishment Officer in Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT), Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions.

    Lt. Gen. Manoj Pande took over as the 15th Commander-in-Chief of the Andaman and Nicobar Command

    316 days ago
    Lieutenant General Manoj Pande assumed charge as the 15th Commander-in-Chief of the Andaman & Nicobar Command (CLINICIAN) on 1 June 2020. He will replace Lieutenant General Podali Shankar Rajeshwar PVSM, AVSM, VSM, ADC. Shankar Rajeshwar was the 14th CINCAN and retired from service on 31 May 2020. He had his distinguished career spanning four decades. He had taken over the appointment on 1 December 19. Lt. Gen. Manoj Pande: Lt. Gen. Manoj Pande was commissioned into the Corps of Engineers, The Bombay Sappers, in December 1982. He graduated from Staff College, Camberley, United Kingdom and attended the Higher Command Course at Army War College, Mhow, and National Defence College (NDC) at Delhi. He had a good experience of 37 years of distinguished service. He has taken an active part in Operation Vijay and Parakram. He commanded an Engineer Regiment along the Line of Control (LoC) in Jammu & Kashmir, an Engineer Brigade as part of the Strike Corps, an Infantry Brigade along LoC, a Mountain Division in High Altitude Area of Western Ladakh and a Corps deployed along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) as also in Counter Insurgency Operations area in the North East. He dealt with subjects of Discipline, Ceremonial and Welfare, prior to assuming the present appointment.

    Abhas Jha appointed by World Bank to Key position on Climate Change, Disaster Management in South Asia

    325 days ago
    Indian economist Abhas Jha has been appointed by the World Bank to a key position on climate change and disaster management in South Asia. Jha's appointment comes during the time when Cyclone Amphan has badly hit West Bengal, Orissa in India, and Bangladesh. Roles and Duties: ♦ Jha will help the South Asia region (SAR) Disaster Risk Management and Climate Change team to connect and collaborate across Global Practice boundaries. ♦ He will also guide the World Bank to conceive and deliver innovative and high-quality development solutions to respond to client demands and strengthen disaster risk management and climate action in the region. ♦ He will work with other Global Leads, Practice Managers, and Global Solutions Groups to incubate, pilot and scale-up innovative and high-quality development solutions, and to promote the generation and flow of global knowledge to serve the affected countries. Abhas Jha: Abhas Jha joined the Bank in 2001 in the office of the Executive Director (ED) for Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, and Sri Lanka. Since then, he has worked in Latin America and the Caribbean, Europe and Central Asia, and East Asia and the Pacific regions. Prior to his appointment, he served as a Practice Manager for Urban Development and Disaster Risk Management in East Asia and the Pacific region. His area of jurisdiction includes Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and the Maldives.

    Health Minister Harsh Vardhan named as chairman of WHO Executive Board

    327 days ago
    The Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan has been elected as the chairman of the World Health Organisation's (WHO) Executive Board. He will assume the charge on 22 May 2020. He will succeed Dr. Hiroki Nakatani of Japan, who is the current Chairman of the WHO Executive Board. The proposal to appoint India's nominee to the executive board was signed by the 194-nation World Health Assembly (WHA). WHO Executive Board: ♦ The Executive Board is composed of 34 individuals who are technically qualified in the field of health, each one designated by a member state elected to do so by the WHA. The Member States are elected for a tenure of three-year. ♦ The Executive Board meets at least twice a year and the main meeting is normally held in the month of January. The second meeting will be held in May, immediately after the Health Assembly. ♦ The main function of the Executive Board is to decide policies of the Health Assembly, to advise it, and generally to facilitate its work.

    WTO Chief Roberto Azevedo to resign a year before his term expires

    333 days ago
    The Head of the World Trade Organization (WTO) Roberto Azevedo has announced his resignation, a year before his term expires. He will step down on 31 August 2020. Roberto Azevedo: Roberto Azevedo is a former diplomat from Brazil. He is cutting short a seven-year tenure marked in recent years by intense pressure from US President Donald Trump. had accused WTO of an anti-US bias and other complaints.  Under Azevedo's leadership, there have been important practical moves towards reform, including through the use of flexible negotiating structures, were done. World Trade Organization: Established on: 1 January 1995 Headquarters: Geneva, Switzerland Membership: 164 member states Official languages: English, French, Spanish

    Indu Shekhar Chaturvedi assumes charge as Secretary, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy

    337 days ago
    Indu Shekhar Chaturvedi assumed charge as new Secretary, Ministry of New & Renewable Energy on 11 May 2020. Chaturvedi met senior officers of the Ministry and took stock of the work and issues before the Ministry. Chaturvedi succeeded Anand Kumar in the Ministry who earlier took charge as Secretary, Ministry of Culture. Indu Shekhar Chaturvedi: Chaturvedi is a 1987 Batch IAS officer and belongs to Jharkhand cadre. Prior to this appointment, Chaturvedi was serving as Additional Chief Secretary and Additional Secretary, Department of Climate Change of the Ministry of Climate Change Department, Environment & Forest, Government of Jharkhand. Chaturvedi is B.Tech in Electrical Engineering from IIT-Kanpur and holds a PG in International Development from Harvard University (USA). He has worked in the Government of Jharkhand and Government of India at various positions including field and policy level. He has served as Joint Secretary or equivalent in PMO, Department of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance. He has extensive experience of working in other departments like Planning Commission, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions. He has also undergone training in  Financial Management, Community Mobilisation & Participatory Management Techniques.

    Wipro CEO and MD Abidali Z Neemuchwala steps down

    338 days ago
    Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Managing Director Abidali Z Neemuchwala of Wipro Limited has decided to step down due to family commitments. Neemuchwala will continue to hold the office of CEO and Managing Director until a successor is appointed for a smooth transition and to ensure that business continues as usual.  Abidali Z Neemuchwala: Abidali Z Neemuchwala has served as the CEO & MD of Wipro since February 2016. For over four years, Abid helped build a strong execution mindset, drove key acquisitions, and scaled the Digital business globally. Previously, he worked as the CEO of the BPO division of Tata Consultancy Services Limited.  Wipro is a leading global information technology, consulting, and business process services company. It has over 175,000 employees serving clients across six continents.

    UNEP extends Actress Dia Mirzas term as Goodwill Ambassador

    340 days ago
    The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) extended environmentalist and actor-producer Dia Mirza's term as its National Goodwill Ambassador for another two years till the end of 2022. Dia is also a United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Advocate. Dia Mirza: Dia Mirza has contributed and taken an active part in the campaign "Beat the Pollution". She has made significant contributions towards World Environment Day celebrations, Circular fashions, and other UNEP campaigns. Under Beat the Pollution Campaign India works to become completely free from single-use plastics by 2022. United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP): UNEP was established on 5 June 1972. It is headquartered at Nairobi, Kenya. It is responsible to coordinate the UN's environmental activities. It also assists developing countries in implementing environmentally sound policies and practices. UNEP also provides funds and implements specific environmental development projects worldwide including reforestation and wetlands restoration.

    Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury took charge as Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee

    341 days ago
    Congress leader Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury took charge as Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of Parliament in Delhi on 6 May amid the COVID-19 lockdown. He has been appointed as the Chairperson of the Committee for the term beginning on 1 May 2020 and ending on 30 April 2021. The appointment was made by Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla. Functions of PAC: The functions of PAC include the examination of accounts showing the appropriation of sums granted by Parliament for the expenditure of the GoI. The annual financial accounts of the government and other accounts are laid before the House as the Committee may think fit. PAC members: PAC has 15 members from the lower house and 7 members from Rajya Sabha.  Lok Sabha members in the committee from BJP include Jayant Sinha, Ajay (Teni) Misra, Darshana Vikram Jardosh, Subhash Chandra Baheria, Sudheer Gupta, Satya Pal Singh, Vishnu Dayal Ram, Jagdambika Pal and Ram Kripal Yadav The members from other parties include T R Baalu, Rahul Ramesh Shewale, Rajiv Ranjan Singh, Balashowry Vallabbhaneni and Bhartruhari Mahtab.  The members from Rajya Sabha to the PAC are Rajeev Chandrasekhar, C M Ramesh, Naresh Gujral, Sukhendu Sekhar Roy, and Bhupender Yadav. Two seats are kept vacant.

    Centre nominates Economic Affairs Secretary as Director RBI Central Board

    342 days ago
    Government of India has nominated Secretary of Economic Affairs Department Ministry of Finance Tarun Bajaj as a director on the Central Board of Reserve Bank of India (RBI). The nomination of Bajaj is effective from 5 May 2020. Tarun Bajaj: Tarun Bajaj is a 1988-batch Haryana cadre IAS officer. He assumed charge as the Economic Affairs Secretary on 1 May. He has served as the Additional Secretary in Prime Minister's Office and worked as Joint Secretary and Director in the Department of Financial Services.

    US President Trump nominates Indian-American lawyer as US representative for IBRD

    343 days ago
    The US President Donald Trump has nominated Indian-American lawyer Ashok Michael Pinto as a representative to the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), the World Bank's lending arm. He was nominated for the post of the US Alternate Executive Director of IBRD for a term of two years. If confirmed, he would replace Erik Bethel, who has resigned from the post. Michael Pinto: Pinto has worked as a Special Assistant and Associate Counsel to former President George W Bush. He also served as a law clerk to Judge F A Little, Jr. of the US District Court for the Western District of Louisiana. Pinto is currently serving as the Counsellor to the Under Secretary for International Affairs at the US Department of the Treasury. He holds a BA degree from Stanford University and a Juris Doctor from the University of Illinois College of Law. He served as a Counsellor to General Counsel at Treasury.

    Lt Gen Raj Shukla assumed command of ARTRAC

    343 days ago
    Lieutenant General Raj Shukla assumed command of the Army Training Command (ARTRAC) on 1 May 2020.  Lieutenant General Raj Shukla: Lieutenant General Raj Shukla is a graduate of the National Defence Academy (NDA), Khadakwasla and the Indian Military Academy (IMA), Dehradun. He was commissioned into the Regiment of Artillery in December 1982. He has a career spanning over four decades and has seen extensive service in the field. He commanded a Medium Regiment in the Eastern and Desert Theatres, an Infantry Brigade in Counter Insurgency Operations, an Infantry Division along the Line of Control in the Valley, and a Corps along the Western Borders. Lt Gen Raj Shukla is an alumni of the Defence Services Staff College Wellington, the College of Defence Management Secunderabad, and the National Defence College New Delhi. He has served two tenures at the Military Operations Directorate and as the Director-General, Perspective Planning at Army HQ. He has also been Commandant of the Indian Army War College.

    Yes Bank appointed Neeraj Dhawan as its Chief Risk Officer

    345 days ago
    Yes Bank appointed Neeraj Dhawan as its Chief Risk Officer (CRO) with immediate effect. Neeraj was appointed for a period of three years. He assumed charge on 2 May. He replaced Ashish Agarwal, the current CRO, who will be transitioning to a new role in the bank. Neeraj Dhawan: Neeraj Dhawan held the position of chief risk officer for retail and business banking at Yes Bank. He has experience of over 29 years of financial services and banking industry.

    Giridhar Aramane assumed charge as Secretary, Ministry of Road Transport and Highways

    346 days ago
    Shri Giridhar Aramane assumed charge as Secretary, Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. He held briefing meetings with senior officers to review the work of the Ministry and discussed pressing issues especially in the light of the impact of COVID-19 pandemic. Giridhar Aramane: Giridhar Aramane is a 1988 batch IAS officer of Andhra Pradesh cadre. Shri Aramane was earlier serving as Additional Secretary in the Cabinet Secretariat. He has also been a Joint Secretary in the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas from 2012-14. Shri Aramane has worked in the Government of Andhra Pradesh at various positions including field and policy level and has vast experience in organizational and finance matters. He is an MTech in Civil Egg from IIT Madras and holds a Masters Degree in Economics. He has undergone training in finance and banking matters at Singapore and France, apart from the IIM Bangalore, IIFT New Delhi and Tata Mgt Trg Centre, Pune.

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