Top Current Affairs of the day: 21 January 2021


Last Updated: Jan 21, 2021 22:11 IST

Top Current Affairs of the day: 21 January 2021
Top Current Affairs of the Day:
Top Current Affairs of the day: 21 January 2021. Instantly obtain Latest Current Affairs with all essential info, Be the first to know all the Today Current affairs 21 January 2021 top news, Major Issues, Current News, Important events in National Current News as well as International level with clear explanation. For all competitive exams and Interviews, equip yourself with the Latest Current Affairs 21 January 2021 granted here.
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  • Quantum Computing Application Lab by GoI and Amazon Partnership

    40 days ago
    The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, in cooperation with Amazon Web Services, will establish a quantum computing application laboratory. The laboratory will determine the quantum computing problems faced by the central government, state governments, and research institutions.
    Highlights: ♦ Proposals selected from these entities will have access to Amazon Web Services to use Amazon's computing cloud platform. In addition, it will provide access to simulators... Read More

    Council of Palm Oil Producing Countries

    40 days ago
    For the first time, top palm oil producers are seeking opportunities to launch promotional campaigns in Europe. Indonesia and Malaysia, the world’s largest oil producers, have issued proposals for an advocacy company to conduct a campaign in Europe through the Committee of Palm Oil Producing Countries. Highlights: ♦ According to the European Union, the main producer of palm oil is Malaysia, and it has exploited the biodiversity-rich tropical rain forests in Southeast Asia and... Read More
    Category: International

    Climate Change to Alter its Position

    40 days ago
    Researchers at the University of California recently predicted that future climate change will cause uneven movement of tropical rain belts. This could threaten the food security of billions of people.
    Highlights: ♦ According to this study, the transfer of tropical rain belts in the Indian Ocean and East Africa will cause drought pressure in Southeast Africa and Madagascar. In addition, it will increase flooding in southern India.
    ♦ The tropical rain belt spreads south... Read More

    Abell 370 Picture Shared by NASA

    40 days ago
    NASA recently shared photos of the huge galaxy cluster named Abell 370. It is a cluster of galaxies four billion light-years away from the earth. The galaxy cluster is located in a constellation called Cetus. Highlights: ♦ The core of Abell 370 is composed of hundreds of galaxies. The galaxy was catalogued by George Abell, hence the name. ♦ Abell 370 has several beams of light. These arcs are phantoms created by gravitational lensing on dark and huge objects between the... Read More

    IMD May Introduce A New Monsoon Models

    40 days ago
    The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) may introduce a new monsoon pattern in 2021 to better predict changes in rainfall. Highlights: ♦ Three different models can be tested this year. ♦ Two of them are dynamic models and one is statistical models. ♦ In the former, the climate of any day is simulated on a supercomputers, and meteorologists observe changes in daily output. ♦ The other is a traditional statistical model, which equates the relationship between... Read More

    National Conference Of States On Logistics

    40 days ago
    The Union Minister of Commerce & Industry delivered a speech at the First National Conference of States on Logistics. Highlights: ♦ The National Logistics Policy, which is being negotiated with the National Logistics Council and the State Logistics Coordination Committee, will serve as a template to better coordinate and integrate logistics centers. ♦ Logistics consists of 5R’s: Get the Right products-under the Right conditions-At the Right place-At the Right time-to... Read More

    India Innovation Index 2020 by NITI Aayog

    40 days ago
    NITI Aayog launched the second edition of "India Innovation Index 2020". The Indian Innovation Index 2020 seeks to rank States and Union Territories. Highlights: ♦ The Indian Innovation Index 2020 seeks to rank States and Union Territories based on their relative performance in supporting innovation, and to highlight their strengths and weaknesses to enable them to improve their innovation policies. ♦ The first edition of the India Innovation Index was released in... Read More
    Category: Index / List

    India-EU IPR Dialogue was Held

    40 days ago
    The first India-EU IPR dialogue was held to strengthen relations and promote cooperation in the field of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). Highlights: ♦ The EU Commission and India’s Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) conducted the first India-EU dialogue virtually. ♦ The purpose of the dialogue is to further strengthen the relationship between India and the European Union and promote cooperation in the field of Intellectual Property... Read More
    Category: International

    National Startup Advisory Council by the Central Govt

    40 days ago
    The Central Government has now decided to nominate non-official members of the National Startup Advisory Council. Highlights: ♦ The nominated members represent various stakeholders, such as founders of successful start-up companies, veterans who develop and grow companies in India, people who can represent the interests of emerging companies, people who can represent the interests of incubators and accelerators, the Stakeholders Association Representatives of startup companies and... Read More
    Category: Indian Affairs

    Beneficiaries of Pradhan Mantri Awaas Yojana Gramin

    40 days ago
    The Prime Minister will provide financial assistance to the 6 lakh beneficiaries of UP under Pradhan Mantri Awaas Yojana – Gramin. Pradhan Mantri Awaas Yojana – Gramin (PMAY-G): ♦ The PMAY-G scheme was launched in 2016, and its goal is to provide pucca houses with basic facilities for all homeless households and families living in kutcha and dilapidated houses by 2022. ♦ Convenience facilities include water, gas, toilet and electricity supply for all... Read More

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