Top Current Affairs of the day: 20 January 2021


Last Updated: Jan 20, 2021 20:38 IST

Top Current Affairs of the day: 20 January 2021
Top Current Affairs of the Day:
Top Current Affairs of the day: 20 January 2021. Instantly obtain Latest Current Affairs with all essential info, Be the first to know all the Today Current affairs 20 January 2021 top news, Major Issues, Current News, Important events in National Current News as well as International level with clear explanation. For all competitive exams and Interviews, equip yourself with the Latest Current Affairs 20 January 2021 granted here.
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  • DRDO Handed Over The Motor Bike Ambulance Rakshita To CRPF

    41 days ago
    DRDO handed over the Motor Bike Ambulance “Rakshita” to CRPF. Highlights: ♦ Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences (INMAS) of the DRDO Laboratory in Delhi handed over Rakshita to the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF). ♦ This is a bike-based emergency vehicle for transportation of the wounded. ♦ Rakshita is equipped with a custom-made reclining Casualty Evacuation Seat (CES), which can be installed and removed as required. ♦ The bike... Read More

    Uncontrolled Flow Of Untreated Industrial Wastewater Increases Pollution In Gujarat Rivers

    41 days ago
    Untreated industrial wastewater flows into the rivers of Gujarat without control, leading to increase the pollution in Sabarmati, Mahisagar, Narmada, Vishwamitri and Bhadar  Highlights: ♦ According to data from the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF), Sabarmati is one of the most polluted rivers in the country. ♦ Gujarat is ranked fourth among the top five states with most polluted rivers with as many as 20 rivers in the critically polluted category. ♦... Read More
    Category: Environment

    Kalaripayattu teach at Vellar Crafts Village in Kerala Tourism

    41 days ago
    With the establishment of a academy in the capital of Kerala, the popularity of Kalaripayattu will surge. Highlights: ♦ Now, on the way to Kovalam at Vellar Craft Village of the Kerala Tourism Authority, Kalaripayattu will be taught. ♦ 3,500 square feet of the village’s college is planned to be completed within two months. ♦ The Chief Minister of Kerala recently released the syllabus of Kalaripayattu Academy at the inauguration ceremony of the renovated Crafts... Read More
    Category: Arts & Culture

    Mukundpura CM2 Geological Survey

    41 days ago
    A new study by the Geological Survey of India revealed that Kolkata revealed the mineralogy of the meteorite that fell in Mukundpura village near Jaipur in 2017. Highlights: ♦ The meteorite named Mukundpura CM2 is classified as a carbonaceous chondrite. ♦ The composition of carbonaceous chondrites is also similar to that of the Sun. ♦ This is a stony meteorite, considered the most primitive meteorite, and the first solid remnant accumulated in the solar system. ♦... Read More

    GoI Strengthened the Chabahar Port

    41 days ago
    The Indian government has strengthened the cargo handling capacity of Iran's Chabahar port. Highlights: ♦ India has provided cargo of two Mobile Harbour Cranes (MHC) to Iran’s Chabahar Port. According to the contract agreement, the total value of the contract exceeds USD 25 million and a total of 6 MHCs are supplied. ♦ This is a stage towards India's responsibility towards infrastructure development of ‎Shahid Beheshti Port of Chabahar.
    ♦ The... Read More

    Sushruta Father of Indian Medicine

    41 days ago
    Sushruta (around 7th or 6th century BC) was a doctor in ancient India, presently known as the "Father of Indian Medicine" and "Father of Plastic Surgery" for designing and developing surgical procedures. Highlights: ♦ Sushruta (around 7th or 6th century BC) was a doctor in ancient India. His work on Sushruta Samhita (Sushruta's Compendium) is considered the oldest plastic surgery work in the world, and  is recognized as one of the Great Trilogy of... Read More
    Category: Persons

    GST Compensation Shortfall Finance Ministry

    41 days ago
    The 12th instalment of Rs. 6,000 crore was issued as back-to-back loans to the states to make up for the shortfall in GST compensation. Highlights: ♦ The Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure released the 12th weekly instalment of Rs. 6,000 crore was allocated to the states to make up for the shortfall in compensation for GST. ♦ The funds have been provided to 23 States and 3 UTs of GST council members. ♦ Due to the implementation of GST, the remaining 5 states... Read More
    Category: Business & Economy

    India France Military Exercise

    42 days ago
    India and France will hold ex-Desert Knight 21 exercises. This is a bilateral air exercise between the Indian Air Force and the French Air Force. Desert Knight 21 will be held in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. Rafale fighters will participate in the exercise. Highlights: ♦ Under the leadership of the Indo-French Defense Cooperation Organization, the French Air Force and the Indian Air Force have so far conducted six air exercises called the "Eagle."  ♦ The last of the six... Read More
    Category: International

    Davos Agenda Summit by the World Economic Forum

    42 days ago
    Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping will attend the Davos Agenda Summit. The Davos Agenda Summit was organized by the World Economic Forum.
    Highlights: ♦ The "Great Reset Initiative" of the World Economic Forum will be launched during the Davos Agenda Summit. ♦ The theme of the Davos Agenda Summit in 2021 is "Stakeholders Build a Cohesive and Sustainable World". ♦ US First: The US priority policy of the United States has... Read More

    WE Hub Announced its Partnership with i-HUB

    42 days ago
    WE Hub recently announced a partnership with i-Hub. I-Hub operates under the leadership of the Gujarat government. WE Hub operates under the leadership of the Telangana government. Highlights: ♦ WE Hub is a centre for women entrepreneurs. This is a business incubator, that is, it provides an environment for women entrepreneurs to develop their business. It aims to provide female entrepreneurs with solutions, innovative ideas, and qualified to focus on emerging fields.
    ♦ It... Read More

    Bird Festival in Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary

    42 days ago
    The Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary in West Bengal will organize a bird festival. This holiday is the first time. It is organized by the Darjeeling Wildlife Department. Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary is known as an important bird and biodiversity area.
    Highlights: ♦ Important bird and biodiversity areas have been identified as an internationally recognized set of standards that are vital to bird protection. The important bird sanctuary concept was developed by Birdlife... Read More
    Category: Environment

    GI Tag for Gucchi Mushroom

    42 days ago
    Jammu and the Kashmir government sought a GI label for Gucci mushrooms. Gucchi mushrooms are expensive and good for health. The price of 500 grams of Gucchi mushrooms is 18,000 rupees. Recently, GI tags were provided to saffron in Jammu and Kashmir. Highlights: ♦ Gucchi mushroom is a fungus belonging to the Morchellaceae family. They are light yellow, with large ridges and pits on the hat.  They grow on large white stems. Gucchi mushrooms are called "Thuntoo"... Read More

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