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Last Updated: May 04, 2021 16:28 IST

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  • Species in news - Xylophis Deepaki

    12 days ago
    Deepak Veerappan (Herpetologist) has a snake named after him Highlights: ♦ The Western Ghats introduced new butterflies, frogs, fruit flies, and even a freshwater crab in the first four months of 2021. ♦ Xylophis Deepaki, a tiny snake with iridescent scales that is only 20 cm long, has been added to the list. ♦ It was discovered... Read More

    Public Buildings and Fire Safety - Covid

    12 days ago
    There have been fatal fires in hospital buildings in the last year, including those treating COVID-19 patients. Highlights: ♦ According to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), 330 people were killed in fires in commercial buildings in 2019. There are 6,329 fatalities in residential or dwelling buildings ♦ The leading cause of fires... Read More

    P-8I Patrol Aircraft US State Department

    12 days ago
    The proposed sale of six P-8I patrol aircraft and associated equipment to India, valued at $2.42 billion, has been approved by the US State Department. Highlights: ♦ The Defence Acquisition Council authorised the purchase of Boeing's long-range maritime surveillance aircraft in November 2019. ♦ The proposed sale would be made... Read More
    Category: Defence

    Launch of Operation Samudra Setu

    12 days ago
    The Indian Navy has initiated Operation Samudra Setu-II to support the ongoing national mission to meet the country's oxygen needs. Highlights: ♦ In support of India's battle against COVID-19, mission-deployed Indian Naval Warships will ship liquid Oxygen-filled cryogenic containers and related medical equipment. ♦ Two ships,... Read More

    Quality Standards for Four Spices Finalised

    12 days ago
    At its recent fifth session, the Codex Committee on Spices and Culinary Herbs (CCSCH) finalised and recommended quality requirements for four spices: cloves, oregano, basil, and ginger. Highlights: ♦ The committee sent these four new standards to the Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC) for consideration as full-fledged Codex standards. ♦... Read More

    Legal Metrology 2011 Packaging Rules

    12 days ago
    According to the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, importers of medical devices, including those used to provide oxygen support to Covid-19 patients, can now import them without making a mandatory declaration for the next three months. Highlights: ♦ Importers can make all necessary declarations after customs clearance but before selling to consumers. ♦... Read More
    Category: Indian Affairs

    For the Years 2021-22, There Will Be A Scheme to Provide Special Assistance to States for Capital Expenditures

    12 days ago
    The Government of India's Ministry of Finance has agreed to provide States with an additional amount of up to Rs. 15,000 crores in the form of an interest-free 50-year loan for capital projects. Highlights: ♦ For the 2021-22 financial year, the Department of Expenditure has released new guidelines on the "Scheme of Financial Assistance... Read More
    Category: Business & Economy

    Drone Delivery of Covid-19 Vaccines

    12 days ago
    The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) and the Ministry of Civil Aviation (MoCA) have granted the Telangana government conditional drone deployments for the delivery of experimental Covid-19 vaccines. Highlights: ♦ The permission was given to use drones within the visual line of sight (VLOS) range. ♦ The validity period is... Read More

    SUTRA Model to Map COVID

    12 days ago
    Scientists who study the SUTRA model to map the trajectory of COVID-19. Highlights: ♦ The ‘Susceptible, Undetected, Tested (positive), and Removed Approach' (SUTRA) model was used by scientists from the IITs of Kanpur and Hyderabad to predict the COVID graph in India. ♦ To forecast the pandemic's course, the model relies... Read More

    Tonnes of Fish Died in Lebanon

    12 days ago
    The Ritani River is the longest river in Lebanon. It has an artificial lake created by the Litani River Dam, called Qaraoun Lake. Due to excessive pollution, about 40 tons of fish have been washed away on the shore of the lake. Pollution is mainly caused by sewage. This has attracted international attention. Such a huge disaster is the first time that... Read More

    Stratolaunch Test Flies - World Largest Airplane

    12 days ago
    The world's largest aircraft manufactured by Stratolaunch recently completed its second test flight from the Mojave Aerospace Port in California. Highlights: ♦ The flight reached an altitude of 4,267 meters during the test flight. It got a top speed of 320 kilometres per hour. This aircraft can carry a payload of more than 220 tons. The... Read More

    State Assembly Elections in Tamilnadu

    12 days ago
    On May 2, 2021, the recent state assembly elections in Assam, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal were counted. The following result is the result of counting. Highlights: ♦ Assam: Despite the protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act, the DPP defeated the parliamentary election. Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal won from the Majuli Constitution.... Read More
    Category: Indian Affairs

    World Tuna Day is on 2nd May

    12 days ago
    The United Nations commemorates World Tuna Day every year to spread the importance of protecting tuna fish. Tuna and tuna-like species have important economic significance for both developing and developed countries. Highlights: ♦ The United Nations (UN) passed a resolution in 2016 that will usher in World Tuna Day from 2017. The purpose of... Read More
    Category: Important Days

    World Asthma Day is on 4th May

    12 days ago
    Every year, the Global Asthma Initiative organizes World Asthma Day. It aims to increase people's awareness of asthma. The first Tuesday of May every year is this day. In 2021, the day is celebrated on 4th May. Highlights: ♦ According to the World Health Organization, about 235 million people worldwide have asthma. It is one of the non-communicable... Read More
    Category: Important Days

    World Press Freedom Day is on 3rd May

    12 days ago
    May 3 is World Press Freedom Day to celebrate the basic principles of press freedom and defend the media from the attacks on its independence every year. Highlights: ♦ World Press Freedom Day is also known as World Press Day. This day also pays tribute to the reporters who lost their lives. ♦ The UN General Assembly announced the news... Read More

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